Yu Ren

By E Mei

049 She is not a general woman

049 She is not a general woman

In the past two years, the imperial court has been delaying the detainment of the military and military needs. The town’s northern army is still full of food and clothing, and there is no less than one penny. Not only will the wounded soldiers be settled by the good, but their families can also be taken care of. This kind of welfare, let alone The other armies of Laos are looking at the world and no one can do it.

Lu Ying can provide such a generous treatment because of Bai’s full support. Bai’s family is almost equivalent to the food and clothing parents in the minds of the Zhenbei Army. The single-rooted and the mustard are now listening to the representative of the food and drink parents. The impact, what is it? !

When the next two people talked about it, they immediately said that they would fully support all the arrangements of Bai Yu during the period of martial law, and provide maximum convenience as far as possible without affecting the military affairs of the city and the security of the city.

Bai Yu got their promise, and they finalized the details they thought of, and they took people away from the generals to go to Tongxiang.

Cui Zhenyi listened to the orange-red report, and quickly sent Deng’s mother to go out and inquire about Lu Ying’s movements. The two men did not hide, and truthfully said. Cui Zhenyi heard that Lu Ying was able to return within three days, and Deng Mama said that the two adults were calm and calm, knowing that as the butler Shi Wei said, there should be no major events, finally letting go of the big stone and starting to plan how to return in Lu Ying. I have previously planned my own "image project."

In a humble barbarian tribe a few hundred miles away from Beiguan City, several big heads from different tribes are drunk in their tents. Last night they received a good news that could not be better. The British Northern Army encountered a very rare sandstorm this season, and according to reliable news, it has now been trapped in the Gobi Desert near the Big Arrow.

The small units they sent to lead the town's northern army also suffered the same fate, completely lost contact with life and death, but compared to the damage of the town's northern army, this is just a negligible sacrifice. The invincible Zhenbei Army in the past few years has finally embarked on a bad luck, which is really too encouraging for those who have been beaten like a mourning dog.

Under such a sudden and violent sandstorm attack, the Zhenbei Army was not completely annihilated, but it was also badly hurt. They originally only wanted to send people to lead Lu Ying and his town north army away from Beiguan City, and then the cavalry led by the grass-roots departments and the traitors in Beiguan City should be smashed and squandered. Heng Caishun slammed Lu Ying's arrogance. He did not expect that God would care for them so much. A sudden sandstorm brought them unexpected huge gains.

After receiving the news yesterday night, the heads who secretly joined together and watched here were almost happy to go crazy. They told the people to slaughter dozens of lambs on the spot and carry out a bag of spirits and everyone. Called up and carnival all night.I don't know if it is destined that God is bound to be sad, and a bad news has given these leaders a cold water in their heads - the grass belt will attack the team of Beiguan City, and the city should be smashed out. They were all stopped outside Beiguan City. They have been attacked until dawn and still can't open the gap. Instead, they were smashed by the official army guarded by the city, using rolling wood and hot water, and some of them were smashed in the night. The arrow is killing.

The leading grass and the eyes of the red eyes will be returned to the camp of this small tribe with the tossing of the night. The eyes of the east and the west are all drunk and full of oil and light, thinking of their bloody battle last night, these people are Here, I was so drunk that I couldn’t help but blow up my chest. I raised my whip and went to the young man on the side of the tent.

The young man was screamed on the spot and the wine was completely awake.

Qiuwu asked for the reason why they were drunk and drunk, and immediately turned to anger, and laughed and said: "Lu Ying, you have today!"

The heads of the heads were waking up from the drunken dreams. I heard that the grass-scraping and the city failed, and the soldiers lost their hearts. The hearts were very depressed. Many of the people who took the grass were the warriors of their tribes. Even a broken pot of rotten scoops did not catch it and sneaked back, and for a time I was dissatisfied with the grass.

Grass Wu can compete with Lu Ying for a few years, and he is not a fool. He looks at the faces of these leaders and knows their intentions. His eyes turn: "The most important spies are seen." However, there are still many of us in Beiguan City. Before I attacked, I had ordered them to try to set fire to the city. Last night, there were not many towns left in the city. They were busy dealing with the city. The chaos will inevitably lead to the management of Lu Ying. The gods bless, the town north army brought by Lu Ying suffered a sandstorm, we just took people to see nearby, once you find Lu Ying’s remnants, he will kill him! Kill Lu Ying, the Northern Army of Quanzhen Town, or else they will kill them and never dare to be enemies with our ministries!"

When the heads of the barbarian heard it, they suddenly nodded and said: "Okay! Just do it! Kill Lu Ying! Kill the North Army! Kill them and never dare to be enemies with us!"

These words greatly invigorated the barbarians of the barbarian cavalry. The cavalry who had no morale in the blink of an eye would like to fight the chicken blood and get excited. One by one, they forgot the fatigue, and they were ready to follow the grass to the last place where the town’s northern army appeared. Progressive.

Grass Wu thought that there was still some reluctance, and persuaded several tribes to send the remaining manpower to the outside of Beiguan City to make sure that the city did not dare to send people to meet Lu Ying. This brought the cavalry to set off to intercept the Zhenbei Army. Main force.

At the same time, Lu Ying and Yang Lanzheng were hiding in the ruins of a ruined old city ruin on the Gobi Desert. The dust storm had passed. Fortunately, they responded promptly and retired to the old town under the command of Lu Ying. Avoid the most violent areas of sandstorms.

Lu Ying told his men to count the number of people in the office, check the number of missing persons, send a scout to investigate the nearby movements, and walk alone to the highest point of the ruins.I don’t know what I’m thinking about in the direction of Beiguan City.

Yang Lan walked over to him: "Is the general of Lu worried about Beiguancheng?"

Lu Yingling received an urgent report from the Falcon in the morning, knowing that there are many elite cavalry in the barbarian attacking Beiguan City. This time, it is obvious that the enemy is in the middle of the mountain. Yang Lan also saw the urgent report, and my heart was worried about the North Gate City without the leader.

Lu Ying listened to his words, but he shook his head and said: "There are eight hundred towns in the city to reserve the North Army, as well as the two mustards, the single-knife roots, to hold the North Guancheng more than enough, not to mention the war report, the barbarian raid north When Guancheng was closed, most of the children were also in the city."

Hey? White? ! Shouldn't she be worried about a weak woman in the city? Yang Lan looked at Lu Ying, and he was puzzled.

Lu Yingping said faintly: "With her, the people in Baijia can exert the maximum effect. As long as there is no chaos in Beiguan City, the four doors are closed, that is, the tens of thousands of barbarian raids can only return without success."

Yang Wei’s laughter, Lu Yingkou’s soul figure who can live in the North Guancheng situation is really the beautiful girl he knows yet. I have seen an eccentric girl, but I have never seen such a force on the face of my sister.

Lu Ying also knew that he did not believe, and there was a strange smile on his face: "She is not an ordinary woman."

White cockroaches are really not ordinary...not the average one can seize the opportunity to collect money.

When she arrived at Tongcai, a few merchant hawkers who had business in the city, such as snacks, food, oil, vegetables and fruits, had been waiting there. These were before she left the general, and they asked the two soldiers to send the soldiers themselves. Going to the door to come. These merchant hawkers have a lot to do with the Bai family, either they are out of the Bai family's self-reliant portal, or they are separated from the white family.

Bai Hao gathered them in the hall of Tongcai's teeth and said to them: "Now the city is martial, all shops are forbidden to operate, and all the merchants who are forced to stay in Beiguan City are taken by the town's northern army and bureaucracy. Strictly controlled in the bureaucracy and the Chengnan Business Office, these people and the people in the city still have to eat and drink, and the generals returned to Beiguan City these days, in order to avoid the chaos, the barbarians broke into the city to rob people. It is not going to open the city gate and it will not cancel the martial law. Ordinary people say that the family generally has a little reserve, but the customers who are detained in the bureaucrats and the business office have difficulty in eating. I have been responsible for guarding the North Gate. The two people of the city, Mustard and Shandaogen, said that they will be led by my family to settle these people and solve their needs for the people's livelihood. The reason why everyone is invited is because everyone knows the roots, just as General Lu Da trusts. I am a white family, and my white family also trusts you. If you are interested in taking this big business, you can get a business certificate from me, and we will arrange it to cover the bureaucracy and the business office in these days. Merchants meals business. "The big and small bosses in the hall face each other and show their ecstasy. This is an exclusive monopoly. Although it is only a few days, it is enough for them to earn a lot of money, and the operation of grain and oil is not enough. Those who operate fish and vegetables are fresh. Food, things are not released, now the weather is hot, things will be spoiled in the blink of an eye, they have already prepared for the loss, and now they can sell, can not make a big profit, how can Not happy?

Bai Yan saw that they were all victorious, and nodded and continued: "I have already let the boss of Tongyunlou go to the business office and the people in the bureaucrats this morning, the rice warehouse of the yellow boss's house. It is estimated that I have already seen the bottom of the business. I can't do it alone, so I suggest that I find you to work together. As for how to distribute it, I will let him discuss it with you. I am ugly in the front, with the three chapters of the law. !"


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