Yu Ren

By E Mei

048 acting is too bad

048 acting is too bad

Orange Red had a face in front of her own lady and Cui Zhenyi, and she went to the wind. After less than half an hour, she rushed back and reported that the two sensational adults had arrived. She also told Shi Wei to ask for a speech.

When Cui Zhenyi listened to this, she was a sinking face. She didn't want to face the white squat, so she said to Orange: "Let's ask what they said."

Orange and three steps and ran out in two steps.

In the hall of the front yard, the atmosphere of the meeting between the mustard, the single-rooted root and the white scorpion was friendly and enthusiastic. It was the spies that had caught the intention to open the city gate and put the barbarian into the city yesterday.

"I didn't expect galangal to mix the ball. On weekdays, I was screaming and screaming. I actually ran to the barbarians." The guy has been under the shack of Laozi for several years. I haven't seen him as a slap in the wolf! Fortunately, Missy. The savvy and powerfully arrested him for the current situation, oh! Otherwise, there is a big chaos in this city, and Lao Tzu has to be hurt by him." The mustard is annoyed and happy.

Single knife root haha ​​smiled and rubbed his shoulder, said: "You guys are lucky, catching up with Missy in the city. But Missy, how do you know that the mixed ball is a spy? Also arrange him to guard City gate."

Bai Yan slowly took a sip of tea and said: "Because he is not skilled enough in acting, he has done too much."

"From the analysis of the two adults, I know that the barbarian suddenly ran to attack Beiguan City. It must be some doorway. The most simple and straightforward method is to open the door and swindle the city gate. This is the generals are not in the city, as long as They entered the city, and after a looting, they could easily leave. Even when the general returned, they could not catch up. So the most likely problem is the person responsible for the gate. The barbarian should be the gatekeeper or It is possible for a person who can openly move around the city gate to complete the task. It is a hasty rush, and the goalkeeper is temporarily selected. It is not so simple to mix the traitor."

The two men listened to nod and nodded, and even the white fruit around Bai Yu was also heard.

"These Galang must have a lot of thoughts, so he tried his best to become one of the goalkeepers. He suddenly ran to intercept and check my team. For this reason, he wanted to try to make this happen. In order to increase his chances of being selected, the need to guard the city gate is to be calm and meticulous, to strictly enforce the order, and to mobilize personnel and materials, you need to be familiar with the situation in Beiguan City, and be good at dealing with people. He knows who I am and insists on it. To search my carriage, I can show you that he is a person who faithfully enforces orders and does not fear power or selfishness."

"You think about it. He said that he is also a general. In addition to the two adults in Beiguan City, no one is higher than him. Searching for suspicious carriages and asking related people, how do you get his shot? He is not Does the dog take the mouse with a nosy?"

Lilac heard this and couldn't help but say: "In case he is not a spy, is it really a strict and serious person? Isn't that a strange person?""Of course, it is also possible..." Bai Hao put down the teacup and looked around at the people in the circle. I knew that everyone had some doubts in their hearts. Because others did the right thing, they went to doubt him. Is this a bit too sloppy? This time, the cat was hit by a dead mouse, but next time? It is easy to become persecuted and loyal.

"So I said that his acting skills are too bad, and the drama is overdone. If you are worried about hiding people in my carriage, what will you check?" Bai Yu asked.

Lilac replied: "Of course, look inside the train!"

Ginkgo squinted and thought: "The bottom of the car and the roof." Bai Hao nodded to encourage.

Another screaming red song was hesitated for a while, and finally a small voice: "The ice tray below the driver's seat..." The white ebony carriage, the driver's seat is a rectangle with a row of vents. Large wooden box with ice cubes placed inside. When the carriage is moving, the wind is poured into the box from the vent hole, and the cold air inside is blown into the compartment. This ice tray is just enough to hide a person.

"You are very careful!" Bai Hao did not hesitate to praise, and then to other people: "You are just ordinary people who want to search these places. This galang is a soldier from the army for several years, but only looks at the carriage. Even if the situation is, what is the reason?"

"In the end, he still didn't want to really offend me in the subconscious, so he didn't look at our team as a regular search, and asked everyone to cross-check it. He just wanted to show his integrity and loyalty in front of me. I will leave a deep impression on my duties. He wants to really offend me. It may not be able to get rid of the errands of the city gate, but he will be transferred back to the military camp by Bu Daren, lest he should be so troublesome and so on. I will be punished when I return."

"But I started to really only doubt, so I deliberately proposed to let him go to the gate, and then let Bai Aliu and Bai Ashi stare at him secretly, and ask the two generals to focus slightly on Simon's defense. If he is not a spy, then It is the heart of my villain. If he is, then it is just by him that he leads the barbarian army to the west gate. We also have the power to concentrate on it."

When other people heard it, it really was the truth. The mustard took a shot on the thigh: "Missy, everyone in Beiguan City said that you will see people the most. I am really obedient today!"

The two sides said that they were happy. Suddenly, the singularity of the single-handedness came to the newspaper, saying that the Falcon brought back the news of Lu Ying. The people did not dare to neglect and quickly sent people to send the letter.

Lu Ying’s letter was placed in a small iron cylinder on the talons. The seal of the iron cylinder was printed with a special printed seal. However, this small seal was slanted and slanted, and it seemed to be stuck in a hurry. When I saw it, I felt a little uneasy.

Single-rooted one-handedly sealed the iron tube and pulled out the paper basket. The paper was simply written with a few words:

Stay close to the city gate and return in three days!

When I saw it, I couldn’t help but scream: "The north arrow city in the big arrow is only less than two days away. How can the generals come back in three days?!" He has a mouthful.Bai Hao also thought of this point, a glimpse of the heart, knowing that Lu Ying also encountered trouble, she said to the single-handedly: "Single adult, I want to ask the two to send a letter to the generals for me, can it be? ”

Single-rooted is very clear about her position in Lu Yingxin's heart, and naturally there is no reason for not agreeing.

Bai Hao asked for a pen and paper, and soon wrote a letter, folded it into a small iron cylinder and handed it to the single knife root. The single-rooted root did not look at the seal immediately, and told the confidant to take it.

"There is one more thing to discuss with the two adults." Bai Yan's eyes turned and turned.

"Miss Miss, please say." The mustard and the single-rooted root were originally because of Lu Ying’s relationship, and because Bai’s family has been raising military expenses for the town’s northern army, resetting the disabled retired military personnel and their relatives, they have a good impression on the day, plus She convinced her to take a slap in the face of the last night, and she was more respectful and close to her words.

Bai Yan smiled and said: "The two adults said yesterday that during the time when the generals were not there, the first thing was to stay in the city gate, stabilize the security in the city, and avoid confusion. Now the foreign merchants are temporarily detained in the bureaucracy and the south of the city. In the department, these people are not in a minority. It is naturally no problem to restrict their actions for a short time. The generals can return at least two or three days. The two places are limited. They have problems in eating and resting. In addition, the people in the city are also ordered to martial law. The impact, can not go out at will, how to solve the people's livelihood? I do not know the two adults can have plans?"

When they were alone, they were very big, and they were very good at governing the soldiers and horses. But let them manage such a large number of merchants, they would have no clue, and the people would not tell them about the military discipline. There are no varieties of men, women and children who can be arbitrarily punished.

The mustard couldn’t help but scratch his head: "Go back and ask the main book in the bureaucracy, the history of the book to ask..."

The single-rooted root is much more vocal than the straight rectum. Knowing that the white pheasant asks this question, it must have been well-founded and not ruthless. Instead, he asked Bai Baidao: "I don't know what the good lady has?"

Bai Xiaoxiao said: "The town of the city and the military in the official residence is about 1,000 people. The number of businessmen in the bureaucracy and the business office is at least three or four thousand. If these people are tossed, people will be broken. Will not come back later, the business tax revenue of Beiguan City will be greatly reduced, everyone's rice bowl will be affected......"

This is the second chapter of the mustard, the country is heavily peasant and light, even if they are soldiers, I also think that these small businessmen are just the ants of the ants, offended, it is offended, no big deal, but after white In this case, they immediately think of the issue of military spending, which is no small feat.

The day is actually alarmist. The so-called "man-made fortune, birds for food and death", for those businessmen, as long as the turmoil in Beiguan City has passed, they will continue to come even if they know that there is danger, after all, Compared with other border towns, Beiguan City is considered to be the safest one, and under Lu Ying's governance, the environmental conditions here are very suitable for trade, and the services provided by various merchants are also very perfect.Therefore, this turmoil may cause some impact on the prosperity of Beiguan City in the short term, but it will be restored as early as one and a half years later. But standing in the white position, she can't afford this time, so she must try to minimize the impact to ensure that her plan can go smoothly in the remaining three years, then she can leave with confidence.

Bucchini and single-rooted roots can not think so much. They started from following Lu Ying’s hand, and they never lost their army and were hungry. The Zhenbei Army will be so heroic and loyal. One of the most important factors is that Lu Ying has proved by facts. Go with him and have meat!


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