Yu Ren

By E Mei

047 blink of an eye to dawn

047 blink of an eye to dawn

Cui Zhenyi listened to Shi Wei’s words and placed great emphasis on the white scorpion. She even lifted her up to the height of the generals who were defending the city. She was even dissatisfied and finally sneered at two channels: “Bus will be single, and single ginseng will be gone, Miss Bai’s daughter. Home, shoulders can't lift hands and can't lift, what can I get?!"

Shi Wei didn't take it for granted. He was waiting for something to say. Suddenly he heard a scream of screaming in the front yard of the General's House. Cui Zhenyi was shocked and hurried to Shi Weidao: "You are coming to the front to see, but what happened?! ”

Shi Wei’s forefoot just left, and the powder cream sent to the west side of the room came back. She looked back and said: “Mrs., the west side of the room... all slept, slaves, slaves didn’t find anyone...”

Cui Zhenyi was just suffocated by Shi Wei, and was shocked by the movement of the front yard. It was just when the mood was very unstable. When I heard the powder cream, I didn’t want to wave it. It was a slap in the face and said: “What is it? Didn't find anyone? Didn't you even have a nightingale?! The big movement outside, they can still sleep and die?!"

Cui Zhenyi usually seldom swears and slaps. This kind of thing is too big. She always thinks that only the village shrew will make such a rude thing.

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