Yu Ren

By E Mei

046 What is calm?

046 What is calm?

These six officers are all the generals of the mustard and the single-handedness. They are the officers who are relatively high in the city. The two men want to choose four guards responsible for the four gates, and the other two are sent. The mentoring of the city will help prepare the materials needed to fight the city.

When Bai Hao saw Gao Liang, there was something flashing in her heart. She thought about it and said: "Bu Daren, this high is always yours?"

Bugan nodded and said: "Yes, the lady actually recognized him?"

Bai Yan smiled and said: "When I was approaching the generals, this high-handedly stopped my car, so I checked it."

When I heard the face, I changed my face. The other people in the hall looked at Gao Liang’s eyes and looked strange. I have seen stupid people who have never seen such stupidity and not long eyes.

I’m asking myself not to dare to go to check the white car. If you let General Lu, you know, although you don’t want to be like him, you will be unhappy and think that he doesn’t know the people under his training.

Bud must glanced at Gao Liangjiang and said: "Is it a fool, Miss Bai Da, don't you recognize it? Don't you come to apologize?!"

Bai Hao quickly stopped the road: "Bu Daren said that the little girl has no other meaning, just that this high-handed executive is serious and strict, and is meticulous, perhaps perhaps suitable for guarding the city gate."

Bu must see her sincere sincerity, indeed it is not a feeling of resentment, suddenly relieved, nodded and arranged a hand to arrange Gao Liang Jiang to defend the West Gate.

Bai Xiaoxiao Yingying went to him and said: "The safety of the people in the city will be handed over to several military lords. I hope that you will be careful to complete the official duties. After the generals return to the city, they will definitely be rewarded."

A few of them have always listened to this statement, and there is a promise of Miss Bai, this military merit does not say, there will be other reward benefits afterwards, everyone is gearing up, and they have to do a good job. Gao Liangjiang looked up at Bai Hao and hugged his fists and silently left with others to go to their respective positions.

Although Gao Liang Jiang has always had a coffin face, Bai Hao feels that when he gets the task, he seems to be... relieved.

The news of the arrival of Bai Yu, Cui Zhenyi in the backyard soon knew, and listened to the inquisition of Xiaoyan powder cream, she said that she stayed in the front hall and talked with several military officers about the military situation, Cui Zhenyi could not help but frown, Liu Zhenzhen On the sidelines, I laughed and said: "The daughter of Shang Jia is the daughter of a merchant. I really don't know how to be shameful. I don't know how to go back and forth. I don't want to show up at random. I also go to the things of the men. I don't have any education. Who do she think she is?!"

Cui Zhenyi sneaked a sigh of relief: "Don't know if you don't know!" She was born to the door. Although she had never seen her father and brother lead the troops, she also heard a lot. The generals of these northern towns were willing to discuss with a little girl. Military situation, what does this mean? !Explain that Bai Yu’s position in the minds of these general officers is not too simple, not just the simpleness of the generals! She had previously inquired that Bai Bai had raised military expenses for the Northern Army of the town, settled the disabled soldiers and the family members of the sergeant, and said that she was in the middle of the town of the military, and that the prestige was directly chasing Lu Ying himself. She always thought that it was the city’s Xiaomin’s exaggeration. Now, it seems that fear is true.

Her heart mixed in one place, only one sentence - the tiger fell Pingyang was bullied by the dog! Since she went to Beiguan City, she has lost all the bad luck. However, these unfortunate incidents are related to the white scorpion, while the white scorpion is smug, and it is well received. Everyone has a good reputation. The daughter of the small merchants was beaten, and she used all her strength to control herself to maintain her grace. She did not rush out to tear the stunning face.

"Cousin, I am anxious for you! Are you still yelling at me?! The little fox is even fine with the generals' uniforms, and where are we standing?" Liu Zhenzhen sighed and pointed his fingers at the West Chamber. In the direction, one side of the eyebrows angered: "You see Shi Wei that old and undead, ignore us, face the little fox, and immediately become like a pug, is bringing the fox's cockroach to pack the West Chamber? Cousin, everyone has stepped on our faces, you have to bear it?!"

Cui Zhenyi was hurt by her words, but she was sensible, and she bitterly said: "You said enough!"

Liu Zhenzhen was swept away by her cold eyes. She was so scared that she swallowed her belly and couldn’t scream.

Cui Zhenyi frowned and told her to lick the powder: "Go and ask what happened in the city? The general is not there. Why did several military lords suddenly come to the generals?"

The powder frost quickly inquired about the news from the family, and stunned the two men to Cui Liu and the two men were shocked. Cui Zhenyi was still calm and Liu Zhenzhen was directly shocked.

Where did they encounter such a squad in Beijing, the impression that the barbarians are the devils who succumb to blood and brutality, and now these devils are going to kill Beiguancheng!

Liu Zhenzhen trembled: "No, not that this North Guancheng has not been smashed for several years? How, how do the barbarians come and come? The generals are not here, what can I do?"

Cui Zhenyi was also considered to be the door. After she was shocked, she quickly settled her mind. She asked me carefully what is the situation outside the powder cream. The news of the powder cream comes from the family of the generals. These family members have no good feelings for Cui Zhenyi, the mother. Even the people around her are also ignorant, the powder cream has been scared to the six gods, where will be clear, turned over and over only know that the barbarian has to attack the city, the city is now in martial law, the general left the two defending the city The ginseng will arrange for the adults to defend the city, and the rest will not know.

They stayed in Beiguan City these days, and the scene they saw when they accidentally went out was very peaceful. They were just a little messy, so they were originally at war on the border.The fear was thrown into the back of my mind. I didn’t expect the war to come so suddenly, and I lost my mind for a while. It was not until the opposite side of the West Chamber that there was a burst of women talking and laughing, and this suddenly woke up to God - white is coming!

Liu Zhenzhen, who was originally war-torn, was scared by the shocking news. Sitting on the side of a handkerchief and screaming at it, Cui Zhenyi suddenly had an idea and called a servant to order: "Meng Deng, you go In the front hall, I sent some refreshments to several military lords. I asked them about them, what is the situation now."

The servant, who came from the special area of ​​Beijing, was the one who was teased by Baiguo on the Tongyun floor that day. She had seen some worlds in Cui family for many years and soon brought the good news back. Cui Liu When the two listened, they knew that the barbarian could not attack, and they were relieved.

Liu Zhenzhen’s spirit was restored, and he immediately remembered the white plaque resting in the West Chamber. He was sour and slick: “The cousin’s sister is really a big shelf. I don’t know if I want to meet the host first. I really take this place myself. Home is not?!"

Cui Zhenyi had a better mood, and she was ruined on the spot. She really feels the feeling of isolation and helplessness. This North Guancheng is like a white world. Everyone is facing her. The wind, it’s raining, and even the rude and unruly generals of the Northern Army of the town gave her the same as the Queen’s princess. Their own means of mind seemed to be a joke here. Compared with the white, she was born. The true lady of General Lu Da’s wife is no different from a clown.

Bringing cousin together, I wanted to help a lot. Now, in addition to ridiculing her, and doing some harsh words, there is nothing wrong with this helplessness. This kind of helpless frustration almost makes her unable to maintain the decentness of the lady.

Cui Zhenyi did not have the heart to provoke the day, and sent Liu Zhenzhen. After the grooming, he was lying on the bed and turning to the side. It was difficult to sleep. After a long time, he fell asleep in the middle of the night, and in a blink of an eye, he was screamed by the distance. Wake up.

She sat up from the bed in shock and screamed and yelled at the servant. After a while, Liu Zhenzhen touched her own orange and red, and several women sat in the house and lost their minds. Hesitantly said: "Is it better to explore the situation in the West Chamber?"

Cui Zhenyi also feels reasonable. Bai Yu is the head snake of Beiguan City. If there is any wind and grass, she will definitely have the first action. When she is ready to follow suit, it will be a matter of life and death.

She sent a powder cream to explore the tone of Baijiatun in the past, and asked her mother to go to the housekeeper Shi Wei, and informed those Cui Jiajia Ding who were temporarily staying in the residence next to the General's House to get up.

Shi Wei yawned and arbitrarily bowed to the calm and calm Cui Zhenyi: "Mrs. late at night, I don't know what?"

Cui Zhenyi was angry when he saw his lazy appearance, but he was relieved to think about it. Since this old oil can sleep peacefully, there should be no big problem. !"Outside the killing sound, I don't know what the situation is. You send two family members to inquire about it and report it quickly. In addition, there is a hidden point in the North Guancheng to avoid the scourge of war?" Cui Zhenyi is patient.

"Inquiry? No need, no problem, the barbarians will scream at the door and can't get in. There is really something to be done, and the Zhenbei Army will send someone to report it." Shi Wei said and played again. Yawning.

He licked his face and ignored the ugly face of Cui Zhenyi. He said: "As for the secrets... the old slaves have not heard of it. Since the generals went to Beiguan City, the barbarians did not enter the city, and the ladies did not have to consider."

"The general is not in the city at the moment!" Cui Zhenyi can't wait to drag the unruly old man down to hit a board.

"Is there still a ginseng, will the single ginseng be there? Miss Bai is also there, and there is nothing wrong with it." Shi Wei is still calm.


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