Yu Ren

By E Mei

045 emergency

045 emergency

On the evening of the second day of Lu Ying’s departure, the town’s North Army’s scouts outside Beiguan City sent back an urgent report through several specially-trained falcons. Unidentified armed cavalry were quickly attacking Beiguancheng!

Although most of the elite officers of the Northern Army stationed in Beiguan City were taken to Guanwai to participate in the ambush action, Lu Ying has always been cautious, still leaving eight hundred soldiers responsible for defending the city, handed over two effective Participate in the command.

Two participants will be called a mustard and one will be called a single root. When the two men got the news, they immediately ordered to close the gate of Beiguan City. The people in the city were not allowed to go out to their homes. The local merchants reported to the bureaucrats, and the foreign and barbarian businessmen immediately reported to the Chengnan Business Office.

Usually Lu Ying will also make similar drills, so most of the people in Beiguan City do not know that the dark clouds of war have been quietly concealed. It is only another exercise. After listening to the soldiers and the martial arts, they are still flustered. Not busy, methodically packing things to each family.

Because everyone is very familiar with this set of "emergency management methods", but at an hour, all the personnel have returned to you, and the streets are quietly left with only patrolling soldiers.

When Bai Hao heard the buzzing sound, she was using dinner on the Tongyun floor. She knew that Lu Ying was not in Beiguan City at the moment. According to the past practice, she would never exercise during this time. It is very likely that someone is jealous. If the righteous brother is not there, it is not good for Beiguan City!

Huang Bai heard the snoring and hurriedly sent the following guests. He came up and asked if Bai Hao was going to rest in the courtyard of his home after Tongyunlou.

Bai Yan frowned and looked at the street and said: "I am going to the military office!" She has Lu Ying's token, no matter what time she can pass through Beiguan City, or even open the gate to bring home, but She rarely uses such privileges, because Lu Ying will inform her in advance of each exercise.

Tongyunlou is quite far away from the generals of Zhenbei. The abnormal smoothness along the way can not be seen even in the shadow of a ghost. The officers and men of the patrol city saw the carriage of Miss Baijia, and they took the initiative to give way. Bailu is too famous in Beiguan City. It is said that no one knows no one, and only a fool will go up and check.

Seeing that they are going to the generals, they really let them run into a fool...

"The carriage in front, stop!" In the front of the general's palace, three people walked out quickly. The first one was wearing the general military uniform of the Zhenbei Army, and it was him who shouted.

This is followed by the general servant of two North Guancheng. The two of them are unwilling to look at it. They can’t help but pull the eyes of this general, and they seem to want to discourage him from coming forward.

The general board with a face, not moving, came forward and said: "Today, the whole city is ordered to martial law, and the people are prohibited from walking on the streets without authorization. Can you have a general warrant?"

Bai Guoqi blinked and said: "Who is my lady? Do you not recognize it? Miss has the general's token, can act freely at any time, the entire North Guancheng knows!"

"In an extraordinary period, please show the token." The one took a look at the board and did not let it go.Bai Hao did not want to be entangled in such a small matter, pushed the window and handed the token to the white 13 next to the car. He always looked at the token carefully and said: "Can there be other people besides Miss Bai in the car? Please come out together."

As the saying goes, the white homes are all exposed, and the towns of the Northern Army often deal with them. They have never seen such a dead brain and no feelings!

Bai Hao was surprisingly good to speak, directly indicating that Bai 13 opened the door for her, and said to the general road: "I am alone in the car, you have to look at it."

The two servants who always screamed and yelled at the white house after they had been ignorant, went to the front of the car and looked at the car carefully. After confirming that only one person was white, he held a fist and hard channel. :"excuse me!"

Bai Hao smiled slightly: "You are just doing official duties. I don't know the name of the military lord?"

Her smile was like a bright spring sun, and she couldn't help but lose a moment, but she quickly recovered and replied: "Gao Liang Jiang."

Just when he reported his name, the two servants behind him had already changed into a "you are finished" look at him - dare to offend Miss White, you always have to end up in this life, this life Don't think about going one step further! General Lu Da is notorious for the love and maintenance of Miss Bai Jiada. Those who dare to offend her are not polite.

"Okay, I remember." The white slang is unclear, waving his hand to indicate that White Thirteen pulled up the door and continued to go to the General's House.

Lilac secretly said to the white fruit: "Will the young lady tell the generals about the shape of this galangal?"

Bai Guodao: "Who knows, look at the mood of the lady."

"Actually, I think this Gao Liang Jiang is also loyal to his duties..." Li Xiao Xiao Xiao.

Ginkgo whispered: "It’s rare to stay in him."

The doorman of the generals’ house was seen by Miss Bai Jiada. They suddenly brightened their eyes and respectfully invited them to the door. They immediately flew to Shiwei.

At the moment, the front hall of the military office was filled with officials from the city and several generals left by the Zhenbei Army to stay in the city. It was heard that the white scorpion arrived, and the mustard and the single-knife root took the lead to meet, and the white scorpion was also welcome, and after the general return to each other, Asked about the sudden martial law in the city.

Bu, single and two people in the city are also in the bureaucracy, simply confessed to the situation, and comforted: "The gateway to the north gate city wall is very strong, the other side is difficult to make a strong attack, as far as the situation is concerned, they probably tonight When the child arrived, the number of barbarian cavalry was limited. It was impossible to have enough people to besieged the city. Most of them only heard that the generals were not in the city and wanted to try their luck. As long as you helped stabilize the security in the city, I

The army strictly guards the gates, and they will soon recede. Moreover, this will have just sent a letter to the generals. The generals will be able to return to the division in two days. If these thieves don't leave, they will cry! ”

The officials in the city saw that the two men were full of confidence, relaxed, and put down their minds. They each went back to deal with government affairs. At this time, the whole city was martial law. It was to prevent the smuggling of people from chaos and even to cooperate with the enemy. The tasks on their shoulders were also Not light.After everyone retired, Bai Hao asked: "What are the two adults who saw this attack?"

She used to go to the generals of Zhenbei in the past, and also organized supplies for the grain and grass army, military uniforms and other weapons for the Zhenbei Army. The Beijing North Army was very familiar with her, and these senior officers were all very polite to her.

Listening to her questioning details is not concealed. The single-handed root touched the beard and said: "Most of the people are grassy people. This is a coincidence. The generals just received the news that the grass will raided the big arrow." Take away most of the elites of the Northern Army of the town. Someone here came to attack Beiguan City. I am afraid that there is a premeditated attempt to fight the West."

Buddy said: "If this is the case, the grass is too whimsical. With his point of arrogance, I want to attack the city. Even if the generals are not there, is it that all of us who are defending the city are dead?"

The single-rooted martyr said: "Grass is not a fool. He is not the first time with the general. The general is very good. He dares to do it. It must be something that we don't know. It may still be hidden. Some tricks have not been made yet."

Bai Yan smiled and reminded: "No matter what madness he is, the righteous brother is not there. The defending city depends on two. We don't know what tricks there are. It is better to think about the circumstances under which the North Guancheng may be broken. "It is not important for the people who attack the city to draw anything. What is important is that they must stabilize the situation and not allow the enemy to attack."

Buddhism said: "Unless we take the initiative to open the city, they are outside for a year and a half, and don't want to come in!"

In this few years, Lu Ying has rebuilt the city wall gate of Beiguan City. The city wall is as high as three feet. To climb the wall, there must be tools such as the ladder of siege. The barbarian cavalry is fast. It is rare to carry such troublesome equipment. It takes a certain amount of time to produce locally. It is always much harder to attack the city than to defend the city. The number of people in the city must be several times more than the number of defenders, so it is possible to succeed. Even if there are not many people in the remaining towns in the city, they are enough to deal with them.

What's more, Lu Ying will soon be able to lead the troops back. No matter who is going to attack the city, it will be almost inevitable if the soldiers in the city have already got the information in advance.

"So, we have to guard against the city. If there is a spy from the inside to open the gate, it would be bad." What Bai Zhen really wants to say is this.

It’s no wonder that the generals always laughed at the cleverness of the young lady. It’s true. We have already told the senior officers left in the city to come immediately, and then pick out the candidates responsible for guarding the gates and assign the tasks. Go on!"

"There are two adults, the little girl is relieved." What Bai Bai really worried about is not the problem of defending the city. She is still very confident about Lu Ying's ability. Lu Ying is cautious in doing things, and he must take precautions against similar things. She does not have to dictate her hand, and Beiguan City will be safe and sound.But what about the finishing work after the enemy retreats? Beiguan City is not easy to be peaceful for a few years. Suddenly, such a thing has happened. It will be a blow to the people who live here and the merchants who come here to do business. How to minimize the impact is a headache for the whites.

Said Cao Cao, Cao Cao. Bai Hao is planning to get up in the west wing of the backyard to find out what to do. He will see the people dressed in the carambola with six officers dressed in, one of them is the galangal that he saw not long ago.

He saw the white scorpion sitting in the hall, the position was actually flush with the Bu and the single, and he squinted a little, then he turned his eyes.


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