Yu Ren

By E Mei

044 Unexpected one night

044 Unexpected one night

The paper bag is filled with "Acacia Powder". As long as he does not pay attention to Lu Ying and sprinkles it in his bath tub, he will feel uncomfortable. This medicine was Cui Zhenyi's mother-in-law secretly stuffed her before she left Beijing. She was afraid of her shyness and hesitation, and she also complained about her pros and cons, and repeatedly confessed usage.

These days she always wanted to use it, but she couldn't find a suitable opportunity. Missed tonight, Lu Ying didn't know how long it would take to return to the city, and this time, the Sixth Highness will go together... time is limited, she Can't afford to delay.

In the yard, her servant came to Lu Yingxing to ask Ann's voice. Cui Zhenyi blinked and stood up and greeted the door.

Because tomorrow morning will start, so everyone at the banquet tonight did not drink, Cui Zhenyi prepared a few altars of good wine is useless, watching Lu Ying eyes clearly nodded to her and then turned to the main room Cui Zhenyi was depressed for a while, but it was already here. She had no room for retreat. So she bit her teeth and took a few steps to stop in front of Lu Ying: "There is a hot water, and the husband will wash it later. Is it good to rest again?"

Lu Ying casually "hmm", and after she pushed the door open into the main room, Cui Zhenyi quickly reached for the servant to send hot water.

Beiguan City has a hot summer weather, Lu Ying has to bathe before going to bed every day, but usually use cold water on weekdays, the old housekeeper can bring two family members to send, there is a small bath room on the side of the main room.

Although the hot water is troublesome, it is much more comfortable. Cui Zhenyi also took the opportunity to bring the servant to the small bath to personally prepare for Lu Ying. After reaching out to try the water temperature, Cui Zhenyi indicated that the two servants would go out first, and then they took out the small paper bag from the sleeves and quickly spun it into the tub. The powder quickly dissolved in the water and disappeared.

"What are you sprinkling?"

Just as Cui Zhenyi secretly rejoiced, when he wanted to hide the paper containing the powder, Lu Ying’s voice suddenly came from behind her.

Cui Zhenyi was shocked and the paper on her hand fell silently to the ground. She hurriedly turned her head and saw that Lu Ying stood in front of the bath room. The two servants she brought stood behind him with horror.

Lu Ying looked at her coldly, no excitement and no anger, but the look was more than his thunder and let Cui Zhenyi chill, she clenched her lips and wondered how to answer.

Lu Ying slowly came forward. He was tall and tall, and he looked like a mountain in a small bath room. He was forced to come to Cui Zhenyi. Cui Zhenyi’s heart panic involuntarily went backwards and retreated from the side of the tub to the corner.

Lu Ying did not continue before going to the tub. He bent over and picked up the paper wrapped in powder on the ground. Some powder remained on the paper. Lu Ying glanced at the paper and repacked it according to the crease. Cui Zhenyi looked indifferently: "It doesn't matter if you don't say it. Just give this to the doctor in the city. Naturally someone will tell me what it is."

Looking to the doctor in the city? ! In case someone is aware of what it is, her face is completely exhausted. What other people will say about her general lady?Adulteress! These two horrible words almost immediately ruined Cui Zhenyi, her face first rose blood red, and then blinked and faded into a pale white. Although she has a lot of mentality, she is a daughter raised by a bureaucratic family. Some things are unbearable for death.

She didn't know where the courage came from. She suddenly rushed out of the corner and grabbed Lu Ying, who was about to turn and left. She said, "Please take a step!"

When the two servants saw this scene, they wanted to quit the main house and feared that they would succumb to the blame by the owner, and shivered and stood still and wanted to become an ant size! Cui Zhenyi clung to Lu Ying, and they glanced at them. The two servants, if they were yelled, almost fled the ground.

Lu Ying stunned his arm and broke away from Cui Zhenyi's grasp. He strode into the main room and sat on the Taishi chair by the window. He knew that Cui Zhenyi had retired the next person and planned to confess with him that the package of medicine was in the veins. He did not deny that he had no good feelings about this wife from beginning to end, but he did not expect that this self-proclaimed woman would make a drug for him. It seems that he still underestimated the courage of the two mothers and daughters of Cui. With despicable.

"If you don't want to say, you can go out now!" Lu Ying's patience with her is very limited. He will lead the troops early tomorrow morning, and he really has no mood to grind with her.

Cui Zhenyi took a deep breath and excused herself: "That is a joy." Anyway, she has already lost her face in front of this man. She even has some despair. No matter how hard she works, she can't get his heart in this life. It is even more impossible for him to look at her with the gentle look of his sister.

The man’s whole heart is biased towards the little fox of his righteous girl!

When Lu Ying heard the words "Hehuan San", his expression changed a little, and then he returned to indifference. This indifferent expression unexpectedly aroused Cui Zhenyi's anger - she was so insignificant in his eyes. Does she feel wasted when she is angry?

Cui Zhenyi feels that she has never been so completely scorned in her life! She counted all the anger on the head of the white scorpion - if not this little fox, how can her husband scorn her to this extent!

But just a face looks good, a low-lying little merchant, what is she based on? !

Lu Ying got the answer she wanted, and then she didn't feel entangled with her. She said coldly: "Don't go to the main room in the future, it's late at night, go back to rest."

Cui Zhenyi angered and calmed down. No matter what, the most important thing now is to convince Lu Ying to attach to the great emperor. Even if he does not, he must not let him vote for the second emperor. She reluctantly suppressed her anger, and her knees bent down and fell to Lu Ying and wept.

"The general can't forgive the big mistakes that were made when he was young and ignorant.I knew that after the beginning and the end of the day, I was so worried that I only hated myself for having no eyes and tired of the generals. I can think of the generals. I was only a child of a few years old. What do you know? What can you really make a bad heart? I just want to talk about the love of my mother and my elders. I will see how the adults do it, and then how to do it...” Cui Zhenyi cried and wept, while secretly paying attention to Lu Ying’s look. Seeing that he seemed to be moving, he even rushed to complain.

She didn't know that Lu Ying was thinking about it at that moment. It was only three years old, and she was only three years old. She was so sad that she had to save him home. He was desperate in the world and thought he would die in a group. Under the fists of the shackles, this little girl who suddenly appeared beautiful like a jade doll completely changed his life.

"After picking up my mother-in-law, I just want to serve her old family well to make up for the wrong things that happened in the past. My mother-in-law died, and she was dedicated to filial piety for her filial piety. She ignored the general. It was useless and could not wait. The general, clumsy and stupid, can't please the general's favor. I know that there are other people in the general's mind, is the sister who is right? As long as the general is a sentence, he is willing to work hard for the generals to ask for help, to welcome her to the door and treat her. Such as sisters and relatives!" Cui Zhenyi also does not want to be cheap, but she has turned over and thought about countless methods, but not enough to impress Lu Ying.

Lu Ying is not greedy for gold and silver, and he seems to have no ambition for fame and fortune. He is even more unaware of female color... Cui Zhenyi asked himself that although his appearance is not as good as that of a beautiful woman, he is also a cousin of Liu Zhenzhen. Can be human, but unfortunately Lu Ying never bother to resign, they look at their eyes and look at the old butler Shi Wei, correctly said, see Shi Wei's eyes are a little more moderate.

Zuo Si right thought, Lu Ying's only handle weakness is white, Cui Zhenyi is like grabbing a straw, and trying to use it to reverse the situation. This move touched a big nail on the side of Bai Yu, but Bai Hao did not say that she did not want to marry Lu Ying! Listening to her tone seems to have something to take her instead.

Therefore, Cui Zhenyi concluded that it was the little fox who took Joe, and had to get the position of a wife, so Lu Ying would not delay her to enter the door! Now she took the initiative to throw the position of a flat wife, the little fox is not sensible, Lu Ying can understand that this is the highest position that Bai Hao can get! She is so concessionary cooperation, Lu Ying always should have expressed that it is right to appease her.

Lu Ying listened to her words, and her eyes became very weird. It seemed to see something that could not be understood. After a while, she asked: "A few days ago, you asked your son to go to Beiyuelou. She said this?"

Cui Zhenyi hesitated and nodded. "Yes...maybe it’s a slap in the face and it’s not easy to provoke my sister..."Lu Ying stood up and said one word at a time: "If you are degrading your reputation, you won't mention it later! If you let me hear anything, don't blame me for being rude to you! Your family I am very clear about what abacus I am playing. I also advise you to make a clear distinction with the princes. Otherwise, the disaster of destroying the door will be in front of you! I hope that I will return to the country and you have already set off for Beijing. Go out!"

This paragraph is not fast, the words are hidden, Cui Zhenyi has never seen Lu Ying so gloomy look, scared to forget even crying, kneeling on the ground.

Cui Zhenyi came out from the main room and stepped back to her room in Dongxiang. She sat in front of the dressing table for a while before she was shocked. She thought about it today, and still didn’t understand where it was. When something went wrong, I also knew that I was flattering on the horse's leg this time. I completely offended Lu Ying.

What should I do next? Big Brother, but before the main hall, he took a chest to ensure that Lu Ying would be recruited in the past. If she did not return, how would her brother look at her? How does the mother kiss her? Her brothers and sisters will inevitably secretly laugh at her... no! The husband’s family seems to be unreliable. Her only dependence is her family. I must think of a way.

correct! Tonight, it seems that Lu Ying is very heavy and loyal, she still has to start from his ministry, they help to persuade, it is much more useful than her direct opening.

Cui Zhenyi reluctantly cheered up and began to consider the next step.


Reach out for all kinds of tickets, hehe.

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