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039, the so-called help does not help the pro

039, the so-called help does not help the pro

When such a thing happens in the eyes of the public, Lu Ying is even more fair in his heart, and he has to be fair. If he has this, the reputation of Bai Yan’s savage and unreasonable reputation will be even louder. Cui Zhenyi can be weak. The gesture gets the sympathy of others.

Of course, this refers to the chain reaction that normally occurs...

The real situation on the scene was that Lu Ying heard the sound and glanced at the scene, screaming at Liu Zhenzhen and Cui Zhenyi’s servant woman: “Isn’t it too fast to lift my wife up? What are you doing?!”

Liu Zhenzhen and so on came to realize, and quickly ran in to Cui Zhenyi to get up. Cui Zhenyi grievances indefinitely and screamed "General" and could not cry.

The trailing Yang Lan looked at the scene with interest and smiled.

Lu Ying didn't seem to see the poor appearance of Cui Zhenyi's pear flower with rain, but she frowned at her servant woman: "Come and bring my wife back to groom."

Cui Zhenyi was indifferent to him in his heart, almost wanting to jump up and yell: You see your wife so embarrassed, will not ask "what happened"? ! However, she could not destroy the hard-working image of her hard work, and she was almost traumatized.

Fortunately, there is Liu Zhenzhen around her!

This is nothing in her eyes, the superficial and impulsive cousin finally played light and heat at this moment, and loudly said her heart: "Cousin husband, cousin suffered such aggrieved, you do not ask a sentence?!"

Cui Zhenyi listened to this and excitedly came up with two genuine tears.

Lu Ying is still very calm: "The imperial adult is here, it is rude! You will return to the generals first, and then talk about it later." Then he gently patted the shoulders of Bai Hao and whispered: " Play enough to go home early, lest the righteous father and mother worry." After turning around and making a request to Yang Lan, he took his own person to the front of the elegant room.

Liu Zhenzhen still wants to say something. He saw a tall and burly petitioner after Lu Ying’s body came over, and his face was expressionless and ruthless: “The general commanded the escort of the lady and the lady to return to the house.” This look is like listening. The jailer will escort the prisoner back to the prison.

Cui Zhenyi was pale and her eyes were tearful. This tear was true.

She did not expect this situation, Lu Ying actually treated her like this, more humiliating than taking her two slaps in public.

She didn't think of her carefully planned scene. In the end, she didn't have any effect. Instead, she let herself lose her face.

She would have liked more people to see the evil shape of the white scorpion. At this moment, she couldn't help but be deeply fortunate. Fortunately, there seems to be no other guests here.

Bai Hao smiled and smiled at her, and said hello to her side: "After watching the show, I invite you to eat a meal at Tongyun Building! The things here are really uncomfortable!"

Four sluts and hahas, and surrounded her, went downstairs and went out.

Liu Zhen was so angry that he shivered and shouted to the pro-brother: "Where are you going?! Miss, I haven't had enough! The treasurer, and then a table of wine!"The shopkeeper shook his head out of the corner and slammed his hand and nodded. "Mr. Lu, Miss missed the crime. This is the imperial adult. General Lu Da told me not to accept foreign guests. All the guests have already left. This... …This……"

Liu Zhenzhen almost wants to scream, Cui Zhenyi grabs her arm and sighs: "Let's go!"

"Cousin!" Liu Zhenzhen was angry and angry.

"You don't leave, I am leaving." Cui Zhenyi didn't want to stay in this place for a moment, and didn't want to look at the people around him. They saw it all the time. She was thrown clean in her face!

The last time was Tongyunlou. This time it was Beiyuelou. Every time she was on the fair, the scene was always the same.

Two servants and women stepped forward to help Cui Zhenyi, the atmosphere did not dare to take a hurried downstairs, the accompanying family quickly rushed to the front of the restaurant, Cui Zhenyi three steps and grabbed the carriage in two steps, pulled out the handkerchief Wipe your eyes and wipe all the tears in your eyes.

At this moment, the white ebony carriage just fell back in front and came back. When the two carriages passed by, they suddenly stopped. Bai Hao opened the curtain and smiled at Cui Zhenyi on the carriage next door: "You don't know my big brother at all, he is always a helper who doesn't help."

Liu Zhenzhen got on the carriage later than Cui Zhenyi, just to hear the provocation of Bai Yu, and yelled: "Little fox, do you want to bully my cousin?" She didn't know the truth of the scene just now, only when she was really white. Cui Zhenyi was pushed to the ground and sipped a banquet.

Bai Yan listened to her words and was not angry. She smiled and bent her eyes. If she said it, she could vomit blood three liters: "Stupid, teach you a sly, in my big brother's heart, it is reasonable to say that I have the final say!" Nothing to play with these boring tricks, you have to lose your face, I really can't stop it!" Saying that Liu Zhenzhen did not vomit blood, and pointed out that he knocked on the wall, and the front of the imperialist had a whip in his hand. The car and horse team took the crispy camel ringing and went away.

In the hands of Liu Zhenzhen, a silk slap was smashed into a piece of rag by her sharp nails. She looked at the calm and strange Cui Zhenyi in front of her eyes, and suddenly snorted and swallowed her belly.

Such Cui Zhenyi has never seen her, and the coldness in her eyes can't help but chill, so I don't dare to say anything more.

Cui Zhenyi looked straight ahead and spit out a few words in his mouth: "White, sly, sly, you, good! Very good!"

From this moment on, Bai Yu officially became the enemy of her life, Cui Zhenyi, and never died!

In the Bai family and his party, Baiguo pulled the reins of the white camel and ran to the white

Next to the wooden carriage, bent over and smirked at the window: "Wow! Just looking at the woman's face, it was so happy!"

Bai Hao picked up the curtain and snorted: "Guangguo, you pay attention to the formation, you are so confused that it affects the neat image of our team!"

Ginkgo hippie smiled and said: "It doesn't matter, Miss, don't you often say that messy is also a kind of beauty? You don't praise the hand that I just crushed the cup, and more with your mighty image!""Hey! You are so embarrassed to say that if you didn't scatter the broken pieces of the ground, I could go on two steps to learn the pervert and touch her little face to scare her, it must be more enjoyable! You pinch the cup next time. Pay attention to the debris and do not hinder my way forward."

A pair of bad master servants conducted in-depth details on various intimidation methods, and only listened to the white house guards next to the carriage to start sympathizing with those who unfortunately provoked them.

Care for life, don't provoke a white woman!

Within the elegant room of Beiyuelou, Yang Lan, while drinking wine, looked at Lu Ying with a strange look, but Lu Ying seemed to have nothing.

It’s a matter of Lu Ying’s wife’s guilt, and Yang Lan’s inability to openly ask questions. It’s just that Lu Ying’s performance was clearly not in the eyes of Cui Zhenyi’s original wife, but it’s a mild concern about Bai’s words. The difference in treatment of fools can be seen.

Is it true that the relationship with Cui is so cold, or is it special to play in front of him, saying that he does not intend to attach to the big prince? Yang Lan and Lian Dang looked at each other and did not easily draw conclusions.

What I have seen and heard these days, all of them show that Lu Ying is staying in Beiguan City. However, it is difficult for Yang Lan and Lie to be a man who has been rolling in the power center of Beijing for many years. It will be so early that there will be a rapid retreat. If it is for the beauty, although Bai Yu has a good relationship with him, Yang Lan feels that there is no relative enthusiasm between men and women. Lu Ying seems to have a heart for Bai Yu, but Bai Yu’s attitude towards Lu Ying is very Calm, it doesn't look like it.

Today, Yang Lan and Lu Ying went to the Zhenbei military camp to inspect it again, but see the military uniformity, the soldiers' morale is high, and they have not relaxed because of the peace in the past two years. They are quite admired by Lu Yingzhijun. I can't help but ask a few more questions about Lu Ying's experience and training methods. Lu Ying has a question and answer. The two have been talking to the NATO upstairs.

Lu Ying did not mention the identity of the two, Lu Ying also began to think that this Yang Lan is not simple, even if he is not familiar with the military affairs, can also be a little bit through, in one fellacy, and the temperament is open-minded, born noble but not arrogant and approachable It is a person worthy of fellowship. Of course, if he can be farther away from the day, it will be more perfect.

This late luncheon was eaten by the guests. After the banquet, Lu Ying planned to send Yang Lan’s official residence to rest. The military camp said that he had an emergency military situation. Lu Ying had to sue and leave.

Yang Lan took his own guard and went out to the car. During the day, he walked for a long time in the military camp. Now he is full of food and steaming in summer. He is a little sleepy.

There was only one person in the car, so he stayed in the car seat and rested in disregard of his manners. His consciousness soon fell into a shackle in the wagon of the carriage. I don’t know how long it took, and there seemed to be a sound of bowstring vibration. Yang Lan half-awake between the heart and a glimpse of the heart, but before the reaction, I heard the sound of a broken arrow and the sound of the broken arrow came from the top of the head.The sharpness of the arrow was so great that the car was shot through the other side of the car wall, and the car was shocked by this arrow. Yang Lan was completely awake by this shock. If he was sitting in the car just now, the skull may have been shot by a cold arrow that could not be prevented!

Even if Yang Lan’s martial arts are not weak enough to avoid the evil, there is no more blood hole in the body... It’s really dangerous!

Outside the car, the voice of the guards rushed and rushed, and Yang Hao squatted down and watched the swaying figure outside the curtain of the car. He listened to the voice of the conductor outside, knowing that his carriage had been surrounded by the guards, and the assassin was on the scene. Unable to attack.

He sat down slowly and sat up, and he raised his voice to the column: "There is nothing in this palace, can you find the assassin's trace?"


The character is not good everywhere is being chased, the character is good and reasonable, she has the final say. Hey, routinely reach for the ticket~~~~

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