Yu Ren

By E Mei

038 is very wrong

038 is very wrong

Bai Yan heard the clouds, first pulling her marriage, then testing Lu Ying's relationship with her, and then for her own family, and finally said how to work hard to be a good wife, and then tied her, this Is the thinking jump a bit too fast? !

Originally, I also had a "scorpion", how suddenly became a "sister"?

In the white brain, the flash of light flashed, and suddenly I understood... This woman turned out to be a slap in the face to find out if she intentionally married the righteous brother!

I want to understand this section, and I am angry and want to laugh. What are these women’s minds? However, she will not raise things in Beijing without any reason, and it must be for another reason.

Cui Zhenyi looked at her face and changed her mind. She also had some ups and downs in her heart. She hoped that she would guess and be afraid of guessing. If she guessed the mind of the day, she could use her to get started. Let her convince Lu Ying to stand on the side of the big emperor. Her position in the big emperor will be greatly improved. The great emperor ascended the throne, and on the merits, the Cui Jialu family will be added to the ranks.

But the price of doing this is tantamount to telling me to enter the room. The feelings of Bai Yu and Lu Ying are good, and the appearance is rare in the world. If she enters the door of Lujia, she is afraid that Lu Ying is more lazy and looks at her. . The white-skinned temper is very arrogant, and there is Lu Ying support. The day of her wife is not too good.

"I still don't quite understand what you mean." Bai Hao decided to continue to play stupid.

Cui Zhenyi decided to look at her for a while, and tried to smile: "Sister really doesn't understand?"

"do not understand."

Cui Zhenyi had a heart-to-heart battle. She didn't want to say too well before she thought about her heart. But she had been in Beiguan City for a few days. At first, Lu Ying was not in the roots. Later, he finally came back, but these days. In addition to starting to send her back to Beijing, the two had never talked alone, and she didn't even have a chance to talk to him.

The Six Emperors have arrived in Beiguan City. Lu Ying is not going to the military camp every day, or receiving the imperial concubine. Although the Sixth High School has no power in the DPRK, God knows if he has already stood by the second emperor in private. If this is the case, she will not hurry to win over Lu Ying, and it will be late! She has not dared to wait any longer.

Biting a bite, she looked at the beautiful girl in front of her eyes. She said: She and Lu Ying are not brothers and sisters. The heroic man like Lu Ying is the dream girl of all girls. How can she not be tempted? Moreover, it is just a hearsay, and I know how much Lu Ying cares about her. Where do men have anything to sit on? !

She affirmed what she was thinking, waved her hand to let the people around her back, and all the four cockroaches, such as Ginkgo, were unmoved. When she saw Cui Zhenyi staring at Ginkgo and waiting for a few words, she sneered in her heart and turned to look at them. The other three cockroaches all retired, leaving only Baiguo.

Cui Zhenyi knows that most of this is a white confidant. It is impossible to leave. He smiled and said with a sigh: "My sister wants to ask, can my sister be willing to serve my husband with my sister?"

The daylight did not speak, and the ginkgo almost violently jumped up."What do you want? How do you want to?" The sound of white sorrow, like Yu Ming, sounds cold and clear, calm and cold.

Cui Zhenyi felt that she had guessed her mind, and she was more confident with a bitter smile: "If you don't want to, there is nothing to say, if you want to... the sister only hopes that the sister can also think about the husband, and advise the husband. In the middle of the DPRK, many of the sages and gentlemen were handed over, so that in the future, the traitor will be attacked and smashed into the dynasty. Someone will distinguish one or two for him..."

Bai Yanliang was bright and looked at her innocently. It seemed to be quite ignorant. Cui Zhenyi was encouraged and more eloquent: "The prince of the great emperor Li Xian, the mother of Mao’s one is after the famous, with The military has a close relationship and has always been very concerned about the DPRK military. If the husband is willing to return, no one in the DPRK will dare to provoke it easily. In the future, Ronghua Juelu will be more limited, and it will also benefit our sisters and children."

Cui Zhenyi said that the faster he is, the more he seems to be able to see the great emperor in the big treasure, rewarding the minister who has made meritorious deeds from the dragon, Lu Yingfeng Houbai will, she will become a product of life, Cui's full of expensive prospects.

"It turned out to be like this..." Bai Yu Chang Shu breathed, feeling that this is really white, she should have known that Cui will not have any good women! One by one, snobbery and selfishness, the eyes are light!

Perhaps she should think of a good way to completely remove this woman, so that in the next two or three years, the eldest brother will be dragged down by the idiots of Cui.

"This is exactly the case. The emperor has ordered the sixth emperor to go to Beiguan City to reward the three armed forces. Does the younger sister think that it is so simple? It is a person who plays in the middle of the DPRK. He is a self-respecting person, and he has a heart. It is necessary to check whether the husband has an illegal bullying. If you don't find a backing early, even if you have avoided this time, God knows who will be bad for the husband again next time? The husband is doing his right, he can't stand the gossip of these little guys for years!" Cui Zhenyi said in a word that he digs his lungs, and a pair of sages help the bitterness of the heart, only to know the world. The girl who is not aware of the political situation flickers.

It is a pity that she did not know that only the face of the day was innocent and innocent.

"These words, have you ever said to your older brother?"

Cui Zhenyi looked awkward and quickly eased it. She deliberately revealed a few worries: "The general returned from his patrol and was busy receiving the imperial embarrassment. I just wanted to discuss with him and it was difficult to get a suitable opportunity..."

Bai Hao looked at her for a long time, and finally couldn’t help but laughed and said, "Are you stupid or fake? You can’t find a chance. It’s the big brother who doesn’t want to give you a chance! Because of your abacus Clearly clear

Chu, I am not interested in going to the ship of the Great Emperor with your Cui family! ”

Cui Zhenyi did not expect her to say so, and she stunned: "You... what do you mean?"

Bai Hao stood up and said: "I had a glimmer of hope before I came here today. If you are willing to treat my big brother sincerely, I will tell you good things in front of my older brother. May you be able to live and work together, and come to discover me. It’s really a move.”"Are you really thinking about your big brother? Or do you want to build a long face for you in the big emperor? In order to be able to pull the big brother into the water, he even took the initiative to take care of him. You only think of my big brother as a whole." Use the tools?!"

Cui Zhenyi was stunned by her words, she was red-faced, and she couldn’t care about her manners. She sank her face and said, "Are you going to be high? You didn’t have the idea of ​​playing my husband? You! Don’t forget. In this life, I am his original wife. You have to enter the door of Lujia, and you have to be respectful and courteous to call me a sister! Even if I don’t get the favor of my husband, you will have more time in my life. Go? You are a low-lying business woman, that is why you are also lifting you!"

Ginkgo was furious at the side, and she wanted to go forward and give a good fight to the woman who dared to insult her lady. Bai Hao took her hand and took two steps to Cui Zhenyi’s cold smile: “You are very wrong!”

"I have dozens of methods to make you die. There are hundreds of ways to make you a well-known woman in the country, forcing Cui to take the initiative to remove you from the Lu family. You Mrs. Lu in this life can be very, very short!"

The innocence on the white surface is swept away, replaced by scary haze evil. Cui Zhenyi was scared by her and she couldn't believe that such vicious intimidating words would spit out from the mouth of such a young and beautiful girl.

Ginkgo is very close to catching a teacup, and the eyes are pinched, and a crisp sound, the teacup is broken into countless tiny pieces scattered on the ground, and her hands are tender and innocent.

Cui Zhenyi is really scared, and almost wants to shout for help: "You guys... what do you want to do?!"

Bai Yan smiled and said: "Nothing, just tell you, you don't have a skinny woman who doesn't have a face. I don't want to compare myself with me. It will make me angry! The consequences are very serious. I really think that there is an emperor. Marriage is great? When you become a dead person, can you still have another wife?"

After finishing the swearing, Bai Hao turned and wanted to leave with the ginkgo, but heard a coughing sound from outside the door of the room. Then he screamed and screamed. He turned around and saw the tablecloth under the banquet being smashed. Down, the cup was a mess, the soup was sprinkled on the ground, Cui Zhenyi fell to the side, the skirt was stained with a lot of vegetable juice, it looked very embarrassed.

"Where is this made?" Ginker whispered.

Cui Zhenyi, who was scared to look angry, had tears in her eyes and cried aloud: "My sister is not willing to forgive her sister, and she does not need to do it..."

As her crying complained, a footstep sound came from the outside stairs, and Lu Ying and Yang Lan walked up with the guards and the guards.

This time, the white pheasant and the ginkgo suddenly understood, and the woman still had a move!

Nowadays, this scene is clearly a savage and savage little aunt who bullies and screams. Not only does the words disrespect and move, but it also happens to "meet" Lu Ying to inspect the scene.

Bai Hao whispered to Bai Guodao: "This woman is not too stupid..."Just a few coughs, it was clearly Cui Zhenyi's agreed signal. When the person outside the wind saw Lu Ying coming, he immediately gave a voice prompt, and then Cui Zhenyi could prepare according to the situation.

If the negotiations are going smoothly, Lu Ying is now coming, just enjoying the good fortune of a good wife and a beautiful wife. Now that the negotiations have broken down, Lu Ying has seen such a scene, and it is inevitable that Cui Zhenyi will give birth to some pity, and Bai Yu will complain again. The effect will be reduced by a few points.


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