Yu Ren

By E Mei

037 Census of marital status

037 Census of marital status

"She is smart and not smart. Why don't the young lady go to see it? If she understands that it is the best, if she doesn't understand it, she will let General Lu Da make a plan early, isn't it?" Yang Mei saw her some intentions, and quickly made another effort. Put it.

Bai Yan flatly said: "Okay! I will go see her and see what she is doing! But the things in Beiyuelou are not so delicious..."

"I made a delicious meal for the lady. I have eaten it before I go!" Yang Mei volunteered, and her cooking skills were passed by the big boss of Tongyunlou.


At noon the next day, Bai Yu brought the ginkgo and three other eight guards on time at Bei Yue Lou. After being released, she was repeatedly told by Yang Mei, and she was not allowed to swear by her tongue. She was not allowed to provoke a sigh, and she was not allowed to condone her. Ginkgo turned over countless white eyes, and he resisted without returning.

Baijiazhuang knows that Yangmei is the most reasonable, and she does not want to be mourned by her. It is best not to try to reason with her. In addition, she is still a big man of ginkgo, Ginkgo can't stand the teeth, and wait for her to finish.

Sometimes she is really strange, is it because the big brother Bai Shang Lu Ping is often too quiet, so he found such a scorpion to complement each other.

Cui Zhenyi booked the largest and best room in Beiyuelou, with two cousins ​​and a group of servants in advance, two cents in advance, sincerity. Beiyue Tower was originally the No. 1 restaurant in Beiguan City. However, since the opening of Tongyun Building of Huangbai a few years ago, the hard-boiled students have been squeezed from the first to the second. The taste of the dishes is not as good as the people, and the background of the influence is even worse. The owner of Beiyuelou had no choice but to recognize it.

Cui Zhenyi lost her face too much on Tongyun Building last time. Later, she found out the relationship between Tongyunlou and Baijia, and even more reluctant to revisit her sadness. Therefore, she retired to Beiyuelou.

Jia Ding, but slightly revealed her identity, the owner of Beiyuelou immediately changed his face, nodded and personally brought the chef of the shopkeeper to ask for security, and repeatedly revised the menu, lest he could not wait. Cui Zhenyi was used to flattering and didn't feel anything. Liu Zhenzhen, who is in the same league, was happy and eager to praise the boss.

"Cousin, today we come to see the little fox, how do you want this kind of plain dress, but also specially waited for her here in advance, no weak self-style! She counted something, the majority of the generation is a small aunt, In the future, if you want to enter the door of Lujia, you have to nod your head and give you a screaming sister!" Liu Zhenzheng wants to be more and more unwilling, and can't help but complain. Even if the cousin wants to be chilly, she is forced to dress simple and simple. I really don't know what she is. !

Cui Zhenyi made a look to the little beggars around him, and the little sister would know what to do, and walked to the door of the elegant room. Cui Zhenyi said coldly: "How about dressing up? Do you ask yourself to win the white house?"

Liu Zhenzhen’s glimpse, being stunned and flushed, I hate rebuttal, I can’t win, can you win? !Cui Zhenyi also saw her dissatisfaction and softened her breath: "You think about it, although I have a husband and wife name with the generals, but over the years, I have gathered more and more, and strangers are no different, but she is here. Guancheng and the generals always meet each other and have deep feelings. When we first came to see and clash with her, who would the general’s heart be biased toward?”

"Cousin, you are the original wife of the brother-in-law, is it so swallowing, afraid that the little fox can't be finished?!" Liu Zhenzhen did not understand this truth, but did not expect that the cousin would be a pair of sorrowful reluctance, if Let the girl take the upper hand, she wants to enter the door of Lujia, how easy is it? !

"If you can pull back the general's heart, why not bear the hoe for the time being?" Cui Zhenyi took care of the haircut, and faint.

Today, she only inserted two simple silver enamels, and no other accessories. She only wore a pair of jade bracelets from her family. The dress on her body was the most clean and rude in the cage. A set, she deliberately so low-profile, I only hope that the white lady of the white family is also a little bit interesting, otherwise ... Cui Zhenyi flashed a glimmer of light in his eyes.

"You don't talk nonsense later, that is, the little girl is not provocative, don't open it. Everything looks at me, do you know?" Cui Zhenyi once again told Liu Zhenzhen, watching her reluctantly nodded, only satisfied. Don't look over the streetscape outside the window.

The entrance is a large gray house, and a few houses with a slightly different appearance are far less than the style in the capital. The businessmen who come and go in different clothes on the street, some ragged, some bare-chested arms, messy Also, where is the order like the capital?

Cui Zhenyi was bored for a while, and was about to turn back to her gaze. Suddenly she heard a melodious camel ringing in the distance. The people on the street began to spontaneously flash on both sides of the road. Some small vendors also rushed to push the stalls to the side of the road. go with.

The white horse's luxury car team slowly came to the north side of the building from the far side of the street. Cui Zhenyi recognized the ginkgo on one of the white camels and immediately guessed the identity of the person in the car.

Cui Zhenyi had a conflict with Baiyun on the Tongyun Building that day. She did not see her when she went out. At this moment, she looked at the heights and couldn’t help but feel sore in her heart. She was a four-product lady, in this north. Guancheng went out without her lineup! This is just a despicable business lady! Why is she? !

Liu Zhenzhen heard the ringtone and curiously came together to see it. She was not like Cui Zhenyi's city government. She couldn't help but scream on the spot: "This little fox is more beautiful than your cousin!"

Cui Zhenyi hated her mouth and didn't cover her face. She didn't show anything on the face. She only told her that she was ready to welcome the servants.

However, for a while, Bai Hao walked into the elegant room on the second floor of Beiyue Building in four hustle and bustle. She wore a pink jacket and a rose dress.There are not many ornaments, but the pieces are neatly matched with the dress. Any one of them is a valuable treasure, especially the long skirt. If the water flows in the walking room, the fine pattern on the top will change with the light and shadow. That is The pink captain, close to the close look, also embroidered the dark lines with pink silk threads of three different colors. The beautiful pattern appeared with her every move, revealing a low-key and elegant beauty. state.

Such clothing is also rare in Beijing. Cui Zhenyi recalled the last time she saw her in the restaurant. She also looked at the simple, carefully looking at the infinite tone, and secretly surprised: What kind of people can afford such a luxurious use of prostitutes? !

Look at the four beggars around her, except for the one who had fallen out of the last time, the other three are raw faces, but the appearance is not inferior to the ones I saw last time. How many such excellent cockroaches...

The Bai’s couple took care of this beautiful daughter of Bailu. She never paid attention to spending money on her. She was not particularly fond of dressing up. Instead, her mother Mu Peilan specially trained several servants to fight. Her clothing and jewellery are carefully worn every day for the white enamel, and even the cockroaches that she is waiting for are also dressed like flowers.

Cui Zhenyi was slightly lost, and soon calmed down. He smiled graciously and greeted him: "The sister is really punctual. The last time the next person was in a hurry, today is the best, please ask the younger sister to have a drink." In this North Guancheng life is not familiar, the generals do not have a son-in-law at home, we should be close to each other!"

Bai Hao was the most impatient of this kind of entertainment scene, but looking at the righteous brother, barely squeezed a smile: "Polite." But did not open her voice to "big bang."

Cui Zhenyi was annoyed with emotions, and she still smiled intimately. She took the white squat to the table and sat down. The servant went out and said, and soon the water prices of all kinds of dishes were sent up.

On the table, only Cui Zhenyi sang a one-man show with enthusiasm. Liu Zhenzhen looked at the clothes of Bai Yu, and took the meal with sorrow. The white singer meant to eat a few times, waiting to see when Cui Zhenyi was willing to tell her purpose. She did not believe that Cui Zhenyi would really sincerely come to her to apologize.

What kind of virtue is the mother and daughter of Cui, she has already had a lot of thoughts in her heart. Even if she has changed her mind, it is impossible to suddenly change up and down. She is so deliberately lowering her posture.

Speaking of what he said, Cui Zhenyi slowly asked the taste of Lu Ying to the white scorpion: "The beautiful beauty of the sister is not seen in Beijing, I don't know what people are blessed..."

Bai Hao is not as shy and blushing as an ordinary woman when she talks about her husband's family. She just smiles and looks at Cui Zhenyi and does not answer.Cui Zhenyi had already inquired about it. She knew that Bailu was notoriously far-reaching in Beiguan City. No one dared to come to the door to raise her family. She knew that she was only trying to explore her attitude towards Lu Ying. She did not answer the question, but she further said: If you want to come to your sister, you will not be married. The righteous father and mother must not want to marry the girl early, but if the sister is interested in which family, it may be said that he and I know, you will ask for inquiries, and you will choose a good one for the sister. The sister is married to the scenery!"

Bai Hao was bored and casually "hmm", still did not answer.

Cui Zhenyi’s eyes flashed and said: “These husbands are here alone. I am not by his side. Thanks to the sister’s careful care, it’s no wonder that the husband often hangs his sister in his heart.”

"You said so much, what do you want to say?" Bai Hao really had no patience to follow her.

Cui Zhenyi gently breathed a sigh of relief: "The husband has never returned to Beijing in the past few years. Naturally, he does not know the change of the situation in Beijing. Some of the sinister villains hate the official position of the husband. They have repeatedly wounded in front of the emperor, and their brothers have been suffering in the middle of the DPRK. I barely calmed down the storm. I have no idea of ​​a woman who is a woman. I just want to wait for the husband to wait, and let him be satisfied with no worries. If there is a sister helping me, my sister does not know how happy it is."


I found that people are getting less every day... Hey, I also think about going out to play, but I am so hardworking, I will update every day. Everyone walked by, leaving the ticket to support ~~~~ Tomorrow let Cui cannon ash know what is sad reminder.

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