Yu Ren

By E Mei

035 Wang Ba's differential treatment

035 Wang Ba's differential treatment

Today, Bai Hao made a special trip to ask the background of the identity of the thorns and spears. The thorns and spears did not hide the beauty who saved himself from the nightmare and gave him hope of rebirth, and immediately explained all his circumstances to the second. Chu.

The thorn fruit tribe is far away from the north gate city, and the land is in the bitter cold of the north. The tribes rely on grazing and hunting for their livelihood. They survive in the harsh environment all the year round, which naturally creates the hardships and hard work of the thorn fruit people. temperament. After many years of fighting with the nearby tribes, he merged with seven or eight large and small tribes, and the thorn fruit tribe became the largest and strongest tribe in the north. The thorn fruiting spear is the youngest son of the patriarch and the first warrior in the family.

The priest of the thorn fruit and the priest of the other party in the representative family have always been face and heart disharmony. The priest recognizes himself as the messenger of the gods and should have supreme power in the tribe, while the thorn chief does not eat his one. Since the succession, I have been trying my best to hope that the stabbing tribe will get rid of the so-called theocracy control of the great priest. The two men struggled for decades, and the great priest found that his influence on the tribe was gradually decreasing, and he finally couldn’t bear it.

Last year, the thorn fruit tribe suffered a severe drought in the summer. Several rivers near the tribal living area were successively cut off. Later, in the winter, they suffered a violent snowstorm. There were countless frozen animals, and the people died of starvation. The great priest took the opportunity to attack, claiming that this was the result of the devout gods who did not respect the gods, and called on the people to re-elect the patriarch.

Of course, the head of the thorn fruit will not sit still. He proposed to lead the people to move southward to the more abundant water and grass, and to live in a mild climate. This will inevitably touch the interests of the tribes that originally lived in the south, but on the desert steppe. It’s always been the strongest person who has the final say, who is willing to sit still?

He plans to set off in the spring after the snow melts, and promises to the warriors in the race. All the brave warriors will get rich rewards. The things they grab along the way and the pasture grasslands will become their personal property! This kind of statement has greatly encouraged the morale of the young people. The tribes have been fighting with the heavens and the earth since childhood, and they have long been accustomed to who has a big fist and whose voice is a big one, so even the great priest persuaded many devout The old believers resolutely oppose the plan of the patriarch, and still have not been able to set off any storms in the family.

The great priest felt that once the vision described by the thorn chieftain became a reality, his prestige would be further reduced. All the things in the thorn fruit tribe belong to the tribe and are managed by the patriarch, and these things must be used freely as priests in the tribes of the high priests. The thorn bear chief now advocates the migration of the tribes, allowing them to blatantly possess private property. Who will come to worship the tribes? Could it be that the messengers of these high gods are going to graze like the civilian slaves in the family for their livelihood?The great priest who has enjoyed the "super national treatment" for many years and his followers are deeply threatened, and the hatred of the patriarch is deeper. This long-term hatred finally broke out before the stabbing tribes prepared to set off for the south. The great priest decided not to do the second, killing the patriarch, and he has the son of the first warrior, the son of the first warrior, the thorns and the spears of course can not let go!

The priest's men gave him a plan, and let the great priest give his granddaughter to the patriarch to be the fifth wife, and make a peace of mind. The patriarch will be suspicious, but ultimately did not refuse.

On the night when the two married, they sent people to drunk the thorns and took off their clothes and secretly sent them to the bride’s bed. The patriarch returned to the tent and found that his son had slept on a bed with his bride’s red strips. Furious, grab the stab and spear and get a good fight!

The wine that was eaten by the thorns and the spears was mixed, and the mind was confused and did not know the defense. Fortunately, after all, he was the youngest son who had loved the patriarch for more than 20 years. After the patriarch finished his venting, he always felt calm when he calmed down. Oh, so I ordered the person to lock up the thorns and spears, and I want to wait until I find out what happened.

When the night stab fruit spear was stolen by the priest's man, he was thrown into the wild and caught his right calf with the trap, causing him to accidentally step on the organ during his escape.

The next morning, the thorns and spears woke up in the pain. They saw the angry and hateful eyes of the people who followed. The slaves who served the patriarch in the morning when they found out, the patriarch was stabbed to death in his tent. The chest was inserted with a dagger that was inlaid with rare emeralds for the thorns and spears. The patriarch’s eyes were so big that he could not die.

Thorn Euonymus heard the bad news, the hearts of extremely shocked grief, has repeatedly argued that he did not do, but the high priest sent a confidant mixed early in the tribe, the tribe encouraged to take the lead provoke emotions again last night was "insulting", became this morning "widow" granddaughter dragged out testimony, saying how unfortunate encounter violence, the high priest's granddaughter has always been a good girl clan name cute pure, her words spurred the presence of many people, and several stab Euonymus The brother who had been jealous of him for a long time took the lead to "revenge for the father". Under the fists of the people, the thorns and the spears were suffocated and fainted.

We saw he was not angry, he put the corpse abandoned in the wilderness, in convoy to leave.

It was also his life that he should not. He was a loyal slave, and Khumbu secretly sneaked out to cremate him. He did not expect to save his life. However, Khumbu was a small person in the thorn fruit family. He could not take care of the thorns and thorns. He had to secretly entrust the passing caravan to take him away.

The bad luck of the thorns and spears did not finish. The merchants were attacked by bandits on the road, and the thorns and thorns that were unhealed were captured again. Then they fell to the hands of the traffickers and sold to Beiguan City, thousands of miles away. Come.

The thorns and spears experienced a tragedy. From the tribal first warrior who loved everyone, the favorite son of the patriarch’s father became a waste man who was unacceptable, seriously injured, and disabled. He had more than one death, but he Not reconciled. Because his physical condition is really bad, his attitude is very uncooperative, and the traffickers negotiated early if this timeHe can successfully take off his hand, and on the way back, he will throw him directly to the Gobi Desert, let him be self-destructive, so as not to be troublesome. Unexpectedly, I accidentally met the white family!

"You must be the fairy who sent to save me!" The thorn fruiting spear is fixed to look at the white scorpion, the deep voice of the micro-striped tongue is full of sincerity... even devout!

For others to say this, most of the white crickets have to laugh at the scene. Which is the little white line? ! However, this guy looks sincere and greatly satisfied the vanity of a bad girl. She smiled unceremoniously: "Oh, so you have to listen to me later, and repay me!"

The thorn fruit and the spear focus on the head, the white heart: This is the attitude towards the savior! Wang Ba and Wang Ba, the difference is so big? !

This guy really is a difficult prince, healed him, gave him a sum of money to send him away, maybe a few years later, there is a large piece of his world, when their caravans are not traversing? ! The more I think about it, the more I feel the future is better. The look of the thorns and the spears is more gentle and amiable... and she sees that there are tens of thousands of dollars in the account book!

Good words and good words to appease the wounded, take a heart to ensure that he is here to recover, the right foot can be restored, etc., Bai Hao took the 丫鬟 to leave.

Lilac is a man who can't hide words. When he walks, he asks: "Miss, you are so good to this barbarian. Hey, he and his Highness are both the characters of the king's hegemony. How can they be treated so much?" ”

Bai Yu mouth said: "Save a person who has the power to kill you. It is nothing more than two kinds of end. First, this person is grateful to Dade. It gives you a lot of benefits. First, this person is afraid that his unlucky things will be spread out and I will see you. It’s not good to crush you and even kill it!”

Lilac said: "The six nobles are not like those who are ungrateful..."

Bai Yan sneered: "Now is not because he has not really become a king, who knows what will happen in the future? Even if he really deliberately repays, his status is still unstable, a bad opponent will kill him. It’s difficult, it’s much easier and more convenient to be with us. It’s no good to go too close to him.”

"Green eyes are different. His site is outside the customs. There are also disasters that are not involved in us. Today, a good relationship will be of great help to us in the future. Naturally, I will be very polite to him."

Ginkgo glanced at the cloves: "Why don't you like the six halls with peach blossoms in the eye? Also he is not screaming for him!"

Lilac blushes: "Doesn't the young lady often say that the beauty of the heart is there? Six of the temples really look good, I like to watch it, can't it be?" This bold word, if let other normal The man listened, I am afraid to be scared, this is clearly a wave of unrestrained women!

Bai Hao listened but did not care, patted her shoulder and said: "There is a vision! In fact, I think the green eyes are also very good, very masculine! His body is also very worth seeing!"

Ginkgo was defeated by the women who were not covered by these two mouths. Emei said: "You are even a lady, lilac, do you want to marry?"Bai Hao protested: "What is it for me? Well, in my condition, it is not easy to marry people? I can't look at those melons and melons!"

Lilac looked at the white and looked at the ginkgo. I immediately thought of the dilemma of the young lady who was still in the middle of no age. Although she had several pursuers, she should be careful, otherwise she would be as sad as the lady... She will not mention the topic of beautiful men in the future, at least when there are outsiders and men, I will not mention it!

Bai Yan looked at the two squats and looked at her look up and down. The more she looked, the more angry she was, the more she was angry. For example, like Liu Dianxia, ​​I have to promise that he will not come to me immediately, but I am impatient with the royal dogs. It’s even more impossible to do anything for him."


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