Yu Ren

By E Mei

033 can't get on

033 can't get on

"Ginko sister, Ginkgo sister, you wait for me!" A girl's voice came, crisp and pleasing, listening to the white ape is similar.

Yang Lan and the column went to the sounding place and glanced at it. It came from the white ginkgo around Bailu and a small donkey in the courtyard of the lotus pond, waiting for Yang Lan. It seems to be called Gan Lian, and the cabbage that was previously in the hospital is A pair of brothers and sisters.

Ginkgo, who was walking in front, heard the shout and turned and asked, "Gan Lian, what happened?"

Gan Lian bit his lip and said: "Sister Baiguo, is it wrong for me... So, I have to transfer me to do other errands? You told me that I will change."

The two stopped talking at the intersection of the small road in front of the woods. Yang Lan and the column in the woods were not able to go out.

Outside the woods, Ginkgo thought for a moment: "You didn't do anything wrong. It was Miss who personally told you to adjust a errand... The Highness had told you a few jokes, right?"

Gan Lian’s face was red and swallowed: “I...I...” She wants to say that she is not tempted and she is not at all in her heart, but this kind of self-deception lies in the ginkgo’s gaze, a word can’t be spit out. .

Because Gan Lian’s voice sounded like a little white, Yang Lan did intentionally tease her. When I looked at Yang Lan, the meaning in my eyes was very clear: Miss Bai looked very resistant to you, and she wanted to welcome it, not only that, but she was still a full-fledged vinegar jar, even laughing with you. A few sentences are also not allowed.

Yang Lan can't help but have a similar idea. The face is still with a faint smile, and my heart is a bit more self-sufficient.

But when he heard what Bai Guo said next, he couldn’t smile anymore...

"You know what the identity of the Sixth Highness is, even if he really looks at you, you redeem to restore the civilian household registration, and it is a great acolyte to enter the palace. You don't know, Miss is the most hated woman. I sent it to the door to give people a slap." Ginkgo said bluntly.

It turned out that he was a passionate person. The young lady just saw the unscrupulous person to do the tricks. Yang Lan shook his head and smiled secretly. He could become the patron of the emperor, and how can he be the same as the aunt of the ordinary official. ? This 叫 白 白 丫鬟 丫鬟 丫鬟 丫鬟 丫鬟 丫鬟 丫鬟 丫鬟 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白If you marry a prostitute into the royal family, you will be willing to do so.

He thought so, and Gan Lian had already said his heart: "His Highness is noble, and when he is in the dim room, it is further to the side of the emperor, how is the same as the aunt of ordinary people..."

Ginkgo snorted: "No wonder the lady is so anxious to take you away, you are really confused! Don't say that it is a prince, even if it is a emperor, it is a good voice, actually it is still awkward, for a lifetime. If you are in front of your wife, you can’t lift your head. It’s easy for people to bully you!”Gan Lian has been in Baijiazhuang for many years, and the relationship with Ginkgo is quite good. Moreover, Baijiazhuang does not pay attention to the difference between the two in private, so she did not disguise her heart and argued: "The more you say, the more outrageous you are. , where are you talking about horror?"

Baiguo hates iron and does not become steel. She poked her forehead and said loudly: "It will only be more horrible than what I said! What is the palace, where is the emperor's house, the richest place in the world, and the wife of the family? That point, the family's wealth will have to fight for you, let alone the place where the wealth of a country is gathered. How much do you have to spend to defeat other women? To win the favor of the male master, how good luck you must be to keep you. The child you were born with was not harmed by other wives. You don’t remember the aunt’s business. She was kept in her own small yard and was smothered by her wife and her outsiders. She was not afflicted with her family. When he was dragged out, he was almost forced to die in the dark. Ke Ayi was just an acolyte of a seven-person official in the district. The original wife of her family couldn’t even touch the fate of her life. Any woman who is as noble as her is a hundred times more, afraid that you will die when you die, and you can’t find it in the capital!"

Ke Ayi in Baiguokou is the second thing of Baijia Embroidery. She is good at women's red, and many of her clothes are from her hands. She is also responsible for the preparation of new clothes every season, such as Bailishan. I am familiar with her.

Gan Lian was scared by her words, and her eyes were horrified: "I... I heard Miss, I, I don't want to serve the Sixth Hall!"

"You understand the pain of the lady." Ginkgo was very satisfied with her attitude and sent her back to work.

Gan Lian took two steps and suddenly went back to Baiguo’s side and said: "Sister Baiguo, beg you, turn the pears and catkins away! I see the six faces and the face, in case he wants them Let's start, what can I do... They are the best for me, I can't watch them fall into the fire pit!"

Yang Lan, who is hiding in the shadow of the woods, has no idea how to describe his feelings. He has grown so big that he has never been so thoroughly dismissed. Especially his dislike is actually a low-profile identity. The little sister, just listened to the words of the cockroach called Ginkgo, and immediately turned his back in unrequited love, directly regarded him as a evil spirit, a savage beast, and married him to the fire pit. ... Is the face turned too fast and too thorough? !

If it is not his self-control ability has always been excellent, at this moment I am afraid that I can't help but run away on the spot.

The surname Bai is really a monster! From top to bottom, from the owner to the slave, there is no normal! Everyone is a big one, not knowing the so-called generation!

It’s no wonder that those who are respectful to him but don’t want to take a moment to resign, I’m afraid they are thoroughly brainwashed.

After all, I only think of him as a monster who will eat people.Until the two scorpions went far, Ledon did not dare to have any eye or verbal communication with his six princes. In the bottom of his heart, he couldn’t deny the fact that he was up and down. What the ginkgo said - Yang Lan’s mother-in-law was inexplicably murdered in the palace. The politely-loved Yue Guizhen suddenly became infected with the nameless disease, but one month’s fragrance disappeared, the hospital has not been able to find it. The real cause, for this reason, there are still a few doctors who have lost their heads.

Yang Lan was soon forgotten by the emperor after his mother died. From the most intelligent and versatile, the most emperor of the emperor became one of the many imperial sons... Perhaps because of this, he was lucky to live today.

Yang Lan decided to look at the front. After a while, he said with no expression: "Go!"

Ledang did not dare to speculate on what he thought in his heart, silently followed him to the direction of the other hospital, waiting for their figure to disappear completely at the end of the flower trail, the green shadow in the distant tree flashed, silently jumped one next The girl who dresses up, this is the ginkgo. She smiled smugly in the direction of Yang Lan’s departure. She said to herself: "It’s really helping me, letting you understand Miss’s thoughts, saving you trouble in the future!"

On the surface of Baijiazhuang, Yang Hao was treated with sincerity. At the same time, he was also observing him in secret. The spirit of defending people was indispensable. Even if Yang Lan performed reluctantly, Bai Jia did not dare to take it lightly.

The White House has a secret medicine for tracking. The water used for bathing by Yang Lan and the clothes worn on his body are all smoked with this secret medicine. No matter where he goes, the specially trained birds will rely on the secret medicine. The faint aroma that is emitted easily finds him, but the secret medicine tastes very fast and will fail within a day or two.

Just when Ginger and Gan Lian spoke, they accidentally saw the bird that tracked Yang Lan jumping and playing between the treetops. She immediately knew that Yang Lan was nearby. The words were really sincerely advising Gan Lian, but they also told Yang. Hearing. In order to ensure the effect, she also deliberately sneaked into the nearby spy after leaving, and she saw Yang Lan and Lie Dang walked out of the grove.

Ginkgo did not know Yang Lan’s life experience, so I did not expect the effect of my own words to be fierce, completely beyond imagination...

Returning to other hospitals, Yang Lan’s entire state has returned to normal. Lu Ying sent a confidant to the horse in the evening to report that the imperial concubine in Beiguan City has been prepared, and the ceremonial and accompanying personnel have also arrived outside Beiguan City. In the Eighty-Years of the Qinglan City Hall, the Guards will arrive in the next day. Please admire the adults to move to Beiguan City tomorrow morning and meet with the Guards. Lu Yinghui personally welcomes the imperial line in the 50 miles outside Beiguan City.

Lu Ying’s movements are extremely fast, and the etiquette is also very good. According to the practice of Laos, the general border guards will be out of the city to meet the imperialism, and Lu Ying automatically waits for 50 miles, which is a very grand welcome. Give the face of Yang Lan.Before changing, Yang Lan would think that this person is very gracious, and it is refreshing and neat, and the action is like a wind. It is a rare capable person. However, after two days of "communication" with Lu Ying and the Bai family, he has to seriously doubt. This efficiency is not because they want to sweep him out of Baijiazhuang as soon as possible.

Being dismissed as a person, it is an individual who will become a nameless fire. What's more, Yang Lan is a noble emperor. He asks himself that he has only a little interest in the white scorpion. Even if the other party does not intend him, he will not be reluctant. Pay attention to your feelings and wishes. But these people immediately showed a look of nervousness and refusal to guard against him. As for what? ! He is not a pervert who has never seen a beautiful woman. These people can't help but see themselves too high and see him too flat!

Yang Lan’s heart is angry, but he has not lost his mind. From such signs, he can basically confirm that the outside rumors are correct. Bai Qi’s is indeed an important person to contain Bai and Lu Ying. As long as he persuades her, his plan will It will be completed very smoothly! It’s a pity that he has lost more talks with Bai Yu at the moment...

What kind of beauty does Yang Lan want? There is really no need to entangle such a savage and rude little girl with a higher head.


The collection has grown less and less, and the wall has been swayed. Where have people gone?~~~~

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