Yu Ren

By E Mei

032 The Great Army of Animals

032 The Great Army of Animals

The beasts of the Baijia family did not let them down, the shadows in the air flashed, and a pair of wings spread out. The giant carvings with a long length of the wind rushed to the front of several people, and the wings shook, extremely smooth in the air. After a half arc, both stopped on the branches of a big tree two feet away. When the wings swept in front of them, the wind that was brought up was like a sharp blade, and the murderous violent savage was absolutely not the ordinary poultry.

At the same time, more than a dozen dogs of different sizes also screamed in all directions. The shape of the big dog is smaller than the white tiger seen yesterday. I don’t know what kind of breed. The dog’s head has two or three head sizes. Splitting a white-skinned tooth, just like a bite, it is enough to completely bite the neck of a living person. The smallest dog is also half-human, with a lean body and flexible limbs. It is a very difficult guy to deal with at first glance.

More than a dozen evil dogs ran to a few minutes away from the white scorpion and so on. The pair of green eyes were not able to look at Yang Lan and Lie Dang, and they seemed to ask Bai Yu: These two strangers Is it our big meal today? Can you eat it?

Rao is Yang Lan and Lie Dang, who is daring. When he sees these dozen animals, he can't help but tremble. He secretly rejoices that he is not an enemy of white, otherwise he will retreat from the whole body, I am afraid to go through a bloody battle.

Yang Lan smiled and smacked one by one in front of him. His eyes were not deliberately fierce, but the evil dogs faced the black scorpions, and they all slowly quieted down, unscrupulous and fierce eyes. It has gradually become a cautious - this person is not easy to provoke, I am afraid that they will also indigestion when they eat.

Just when the two sides silently confronted each other, they suddenly heard a "squeaky" sound. A big cat with long blond hair and round head and head rounded his head, slowly squatting over, taking cats at every step. The unique elegance and arrogance, as if a dozen or so natural enemy dogs in the circle are all paper-like, and they have not swept them at the end of the eye, so they came to Yang Lan in front of them and jumped to him gently and skillfully. On the knee, I was very stunned.

Bai Hao saw his pet turned out to be in front of him, only to pay attention to the beautiful man. Send a hug, suddenly a small face, a low scold: "Little raccoon, go down!"

The golden big cat named Xiaozuhua grievances and looked up again to Yang Lan. Yang Hao rarely saw such a friendly and lovely animal in Baijia, and reached out to touch the soft fur of it. , smiled: "It doesn't matter, it's called the little raccoon? This is the first time I saw a cat who is not afraid of dogs... Ah!"

He didn't finish a word, and he had a bite in his hand. He had already bitten a bite by the little raccoon flower. The blood rushed, and the yellow shadow flashed. The biting cat jumped up and down to the big stone outside the foot.

Bai Hao was very skilled in taking out the wound medicine and cloth belt, and took the spring water to wash the wounds of Yang Lan, and he took the rush to take the dressing and healing work. Bai Yan looked like a smile and dared not smile: "I just had no time to remind me that the little raccoon is the most fierce among them, and the most hateful people mentioned the word 'dog' in front of it... Well, His Royal Highness is very popular, definitely Wouldn't it be wrong with a kitten?"The little raccoon is really the smartest, so she will get back to the scene for her, not to worry about her so much on weekdays!

Yang Lan looked at the big cat who was squatting on the stone, and looked at the big cat. He looked at his eyes and his eyes were bright. The beautiful girl was all happy and happy. The heart was good and funny. Things are like masters, they are all squatting, and wild is difficult to tame. This cat does not know what kind of variety, the action is so flexible and swift, so it is no wonder that the group of evil dogs are not in the heart.

This little raccoon is indeed not an ordinary domestic cat. It is a pair of famous cats brought by a foreign businessman to the country. This kind of cat has an alias called "Golden Lightning" in the foreign country. The average animal is comparable and extremely aggressive, and even better than the dog in terms of loyalty and spiritual wisdom.

Bai Hao consciously gave a sigh of relief, lest Yang Hao change his mind to turn his face to be held accountable, and wait for him to wave his hand and send away a number of beasts.

At this time, the sun has risen to the top of the head, and the cloves came to report: "The main house has prepared meals, and the lady has asked her to go to the dining room." Lunch with the white family was proposed by Yang Lan.

Bai Hao smiled and sent Yang Lan and Lie Dang with two smiles, calling out the little raccoon flower in his arms and welcoming his dear ones. Then he changed his clothes in the bamboo building and went to the main house to use rice.

When they arrived at the Bai’s couple, Yang Lan had not arrived yet. Presumably, he went back to change his clothes and brushed it again. Bai ugly pulled his daughter and whispered, “Can you have a dilemma?” The couple have heard the six halls Bai Yu took him from the Baili Mountain, and the spirit has always been in a state of high alert. The scene of Bai Yu’s today with Yang Lan has been reported to them in detail, but he still has to ask his daughter before he can rest assured.

Bai Hao shook his head and smiled proudly: "The little raccoon is so smart, help me out!"

The Bai’s couple saw that she did not look like she was saddened, and she did not ask any more. The family of three said a few words, and Yang Lan arrived. He changed into a peacock blue ornate brocade dress, and the waist was silvery silky, and he stepped into the hall. It was the glory of the white ugly couple, and he couldn’t help but look at the glamorous color. The temperament, that is definitely the person who is strong enough in the field can do it.

It is also extraordinary to be a demeanor. It is also a handsome uncle, but after Yang Lan, the sense of existence has been reduced a lot.

The white cockroach also saw the heartbeat speeding up, secretly swearing the phrase "Peacock Man" and got up with his parents.

Yang Wei smiled and helped the white ugly, and said warmly: "This palace is not a poor character now, and Yin Xian does not have to be polite." His imperial ceremonies and pro-sacs are still on the road. If he says that he is only an prince, he is right.

It’s not that you are adept at you or “the palace”, what is it easy to be close to you... Bai Yan helps the mother to sit in the seat while sitting on the bottom of the head.All kinds of dishes were quickly delivered. It was the delicious food of the mountains and treasures produced by the Baili Mountain. Each person stood two dumplings of wine and cloth, and delivered the towel, which was the standard etiquette of the famous family in Beijing. Surprisingly, I don’t know what the white house is. It’s not only the master’s rituals, but also the elegant manners, and even the decent and graceful gifts are all available.

Bai Yu usually eats with her parents. Without these many rules, she is not rude, but she is not awkward in her behavior. However, a meal is very awkward, and Yang Lan occasionally casts an unclear look. , made her heartbeat speed up, no appetite, just hope to eat quickly.

The white ugly couple are paying attention to Yang Lan’s manners. The girl’s intentional and unintentional attention to her daughter can’t escape their eyes. It’s not that they are arrogant. It’s really a daughter who is too beautiful to look at, not afraid to know where to mix. The kid is going to rob her. Now Yang Lan’s attitude towards her daughter is clearly divided. The two couples feel that the Sixth Highness is not a good woman. The face is not so good, and my heart has begun to figure out how to isolate this dangerous group in her daughter’s activities as soon as possible. The range is beyond a hundred feet.

The family etiquette pays attention to the food, and there is no conversation at the dinner table. Only the tableware accidentally touches the subtle sounds. The four people in the room add a column, and they don’t say a word, but there is a dark tide.

It’s easy to finish this meal with a different atmosphere. Everyone is separated from the seats and the guest is seated. Bai ugly proposes to take Yang Lan to visit Baili Mountain. Yang Lan’s master and servant understand that the other party is not willing to come out again to make a laugh. Laughing refused to accept the white ugly "good intentions" on the grounds that he needed to recuperate.

Even if the beautiful people are accompanied by a few white eyes, it is fun to be bitten by the cat. A ugly uncle is away from the mountain. Yesterday, he was not present by the Bai’s couple. He ordered the white pheasant to accompany him. The more rituals, the nobleness of his identity, and the remarks that are not good for others, and this kind of thing can never be repeated.

In the past, the men’s and women’s defenses were not as harsh as before, and in the decades since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the folk customs have gradually opened up, and they have followed their entourage. It’s that men and women will not suffer too much criticism, but Bai’s is the master’s daughter. He repeatedly asked people to accompany him and passed it out. Their reputations were not good.

Yang Lan took advantage of the white ugly evening tea, and left with the first. Going to the front of the hall, suddenly blessed the soul, and turned back to see the white face that was too late to take back the ghost face. He was so funny and deliberately made a frowning serious look towards her. She looked at her and was scared and stunned before she turned and went out. .

This little beauty sums up his temperament and can be summarized in two sentences: bullying and fearing evil, and deceiving people.

He could see that she had a good feeling for him, but she still had to bear the temper to entertain him. In the end, it was only because of his princehood that she knew she could not afford it, so she tried to suppress it. For other people whose status is not as good as her, and she does not look good, she has already sent evil slaves.From her a few days ago, she bought a wife in Beiguancheng Street and also instructed her to kick and kick Li Xiucai. After a few times, she broke the glorious deeds of several barbarians of the Nubar, and she knew her spicy and fierce style. .

What a fun gimmick!

The more "fun" thing is still behind... He and LeBron have returned to the other side of the shores of the Lakers to receive a letter from their men, mainly reporting the current itinerary and entourage’s current itinerary. Divided into secret reports, it was the news from the emergency in Beijing. The two men walked through the lake to sneak a secret letter and negotiate countermeasures.

The assassin of Yang Lan has not yet been confirmed, but there have been several major changes in Beijing. The two have been negotiating for a while before they have reached a conclusion. They are planning to go back to the rest of the hospital and suddenly hear a footstep. Far and near.


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The animals have come out, everyone will hand over the ticket, or ... close the door, the little raccoon waits, hehe!

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