Yu Ren

By E Mei

031 debt collection

031 debt collection

Between the talks, a few more 丫鬟 丫鬟 丫鬟 冰 的 的 、 、 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰 冰It only feels sweet and fragrant, and it is a world apart from the fruits that you usually eat.

丫鬟Specially served with yoghurt, drizzled in one of the chopped diced fruit chopped into pieces, this is the favorite way to eat white peony, similar to yoghurt and fruit salad, but the taste is not everyone's favorite, Yang Wei It’s not a common cold to try to eat with Leo, but it’s a bit curious about the origin of yogurt.

Although Bai Yan does not intend to stand on the side of Yang Lan, but also wants to have a good relationship with him, he first has a life-saving grace for him, and then there is hospitality, what happens in the future, he will always leave a few feelings So it is rare to take the initiative to introduce them to the names of various fruits. When he asked him about yogurt, he said: "This is made by Guanwai barbarian herders. It is fermented milk. It can also be done with goat's milk, but the goat's milk tastes too. Heavy, I am not very cold. Yogurt is very nourishing, and my mother and I are very fond of it. Although most of the barbarians are poor and backward, there are also many good things."

The principle of making yoghurt, white 茯苓 is understandable, but she is ignorant of what kind of fermentation and how to ferment the milk to the right level. This yoghurt is the one she took to the barbarian with her luck. She The people who sent the group asked a lot of tribes, and actually let her find out that some herdsmen would do it in a small tribe. I immediately asked for a way to come back. From then on, the white family ate yogurt.

Mu Peilan did not adapt at first. It was only under the soft and hard foam of her daughter that she barely ate for a while. Later she got used to it and actually felt quite delicious. Nowadays, there are also such yoghurts in Tongyun Building in Beiguan City. There are quite a few guests, especially in summer, which are often in short supply.

Yang Lan listened to Bai Hao’s introduction and nodded again and again: “It’s no wonder that the white family settled here, living in the fairyland on earth, eating exotic fruits and fruits, and even more exotic foods. It’s a fairy day.”

Bai said: "Yes, Big Brother also likes it very much, we all want to stay here all the time."

Finally, when I got to the point, Yang Lan’s heart moved, saying: “I’m afraid it’s not so easy...”

"How is it not easy?" The white pipa is innocent and flawless. The appearance of tenderness has this advantage. No matter what you should not ask, you can use the excuses of young and ignorant to push it out. Others are embarrassed to talk to her. A little girl cares.

Yang Lan’s pretense is helpless: “Where the white family wants to live, as long as it does not interfere with the court’s law, it is natural, but the general is a court official and a military commander. It is inevitable to be dispatched by the court and to fight the Quartet. How can you stay here all the time?"

"This way! Is there any way for the big brother to stay here? The imperial court is not only a military commander. There is my big brother in Beiguancheng. The barbarian does not dare to engage in ghosts. How good life is."茯苓 Continue to dress up and dress up pure.

"The solution is not without, but..."

"But what?" asked Bai Yu.Yang Lan deliberately sold Guanzi Road: "This matter is still waiting to meet with General Lu Da."

Bai Yan flattened his mouth, not suffocating, the first round, a big defeat. She glanced at Yang Lan, who was eating honeydew melon, and cursed in her heart: It is best not to admire the soil, eat it and vomit it!

After a break, Yang Lan wants to continue today's itinerary, and this time the destination is directed at the cold spring hospital where Bai Yu lives now.

There is a Baijiazhuang main house built on the mountainside of Baili Mountain. The Bai’s couple live here. The main house is simple, except for the high courtyard and the large portal. It is completely the style of a country landlord.

In addition, several “special areas” designated by Bailu have built different styles of different styles. The shores of the lotus pond are flat and wide, and the other courtyards built are the most exquisite, so it became a hospitality. The place is the smallest of the cold springs. It is a small building with bamboo and wood structure. It is placed on the stream on the side of the cold spring. It is specially used for summer heat. There is a waterwheel next to the house, which constantly brings cold spring water to the side of the bamboo building. On the ceiling of the platform, the spring water flows through the ceiling and re-sprinkles in the spring. The water is so screaming that it is already possible to imagine how cool it would be to sit on the platform without having to go through it.

Yang Lan saw the white pheasant for the first time. He had seen this small building far away. At that time, he also sighed for a while for the craftsman's ingenuity. However, he asked to visit here today, but not to see the bamboo building. He deliberately went to the position where the day of the day was sitting, and smiled politely: "There is something this palace has been very strange."

The situation is stronger than the people. Bai Hao had to sit on the stone bench under his finger and smirked and said, "I don't know what it is?"

"If the palace is really inconvenient, how long does it take for the lady to arrange for the palace to pay off the five hundred and twenty-eight?"

Sure enough, it’s time to turn over the old books. These royal children are all small-handed, and Bai Hao can’t help but whisper: “This year’s debt is more solvable than debt collection!”

Although the sound of the white scorpion is small, but Yang Hao has the internal force to hear clearly, and smiles in his heart, deliberately asks: "What did Miss Bai just say?"

"The little girl said that Wu Zuoquan is the first one, but it is a big talent. Don't say that it earns more than five hundred and two, that is, more than five thousand and two are also easy." Bai Yan smiled charmingly, but still could not hide her eyes. Tame and angry, she has been arrogant in this world for more than ten years, and she has become a habit. She has to whisper to please people, and it is difficult to adapt.

Yang Lanming knows that she is already very upset, but continues to pick the thorns: "Meng Meng can afford to see, this palace is really curious, can you go to the palace?"

Can she say "no"? Bai Yu’s heart is cold and a little bit sullen, saying: “There are many ways.

I want to see what my liking likes. ”

Yang Hao’s eagerness to listen to his voice indicates that he is free to speak."The first method is very fast, but it is dangerous. My family will also provide temporary rental services for bodyguards for some merchants. According to the skills of the dispatched people, they will receive different rewards, each from 12 to 2 per person. Dozens and twos, with the hand of His Royal Highness, as long as you walk a few more, this money will soon be earned back. As the party providing the labor credit guarantee, we will take one-tenth of the proceeds as a commission."

"The white house's teeth are really good service. Listening to Miss Bai's meaning, there seems to be other ways?" Yang Yu praised, and the heart of the white geese had to sigh and sigh.

"The second type is that the speed is relatively fast and safe. Please ask Fang Hai to teach you a set of internal forces to help the people to quickly manage the recovery of internal injuries. Then the temple will go to several big gangs in the rivers and lakes, relying on This set of exercises, as long as one or two people are cured, the benefits will be more than five hundred. The three people will be enough to pay the tuition fees."

Although Fang Hai knows such a treatment, there is no such thing as the internal force in the medical center. There are such people in Baijiazhuang. They have also learned this set of exercises, but they have some inconveniences and some are mundane. How can I have such a leisure time to make such hard money?

The big gangs in the rivers and lakes, mostly behind the business of high-risk and high-yield businesses, they have money, such healing techniques are what they need most.

Yang Yi smiled and nodded. "What else?" This white house really has some rivers and lakes background, otherwise it will not think of this above, Fang Hai's medical skills, he also saw that the method of white 确实 is indeed feasible, but this The girl's abacus is really terrible, and I don't forget the fees everywhere. Listening to her tone of learning, this set of exercises still has to pay hundreds of dollars for tuition. Although it is worthwhile, it is really awkward to listen to.

"The third method is the easiest and quickest." Bai Hao looked up at him, and his big eyes were full of provocations and provocations.

"What is it?" Yang Lan knows that there are traps, but he can't jump down.

"You find your men and let them help you with the money." Bai Yan said as he turned his head and smiled at the column. The meaning is obvious, your hand is down, it is convenient at hand, you should pay back the money!

Yang Lan couldn't help but laugh, and the face that had been stretched all the time couldn't help but pull out a bitter smile. He honestly took out six hundred and two silver-colored official tickets from his sleeve and handed it to Bai Yudao: "Da En does not Thanks, this district is six hundred and two, please Miss Bai must accept it."

How good is it so early? !

"So, thank you!" Bai Hao was also welcome, Ginkgo took the official ticket and put it into the sleeve.

Yang Lan raised the teacup made of green bamboo tube at hand and took a sip of tea. He suddenly remembered something and asked: "I heard that Miss Bai has raised a lot of ‘beasts.’ Can I take this palace to see it?”

White smiled and smiled: "Since Your Highness wants to see, the little girl let them come over. But they are afraid that they are wild and difficult to tame, and they are offended by the Highness, and the little woman is hard to blame.""The girl is too worried, this palace is not so easy to be scared." Yang Yuming knows that Bai Yu is deliberately running on him. Later, the "beasts" appear more and more fierce, but he would like to see this little girl How big is the ostentation, the white tigers have seen it, can there be more fierce than that?

Bai Hao made a difficult look, saying: "Okay!"

Speaking of putting the index finger and the thumb together on the lips, with a clear whistle, there was a scream like a wolf in the distance, and a few sharp sounds in the sky were heard. It also makes people feel cold.

Yang Lan and Ledang looked at each other and did not wait for the beast to appear.


This is the addiction of the long-term obstacles last week, and the debt is paid off!

It is said that there are many people who have recently taken the exam, so there are fewer people who come to the book, tears... But I still wish all the children who have passed the exam all the best, with good results for the New Year~~~~~

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