Yu Ren

By E Mei

029 One sentence abducts you for a lifetime

029 One sentence abducts you for a lifetime

Every time Lu Ying goes out to patrol, he will bring some rare gadgets back to Bailu.

The so-called patrol side, straightforwardly speaking, is actually going to do black and black business. Under the joint efforts of Lu Ying and Bai Jia, the North Guancheng area has become the most prosperous trade and business area in the northwestern border. Many businessmen have trudged from the Western Regions thousands of miles away.

Although the barbarians have not dared to invade Lu Ying’s territory in the past two years, they will not be polite to these foreign visitors, and even other tribes in the barbarians. There are often small-scale robbery and looting of business trips, and these robbers’ temperament Very ferocious, the men never leave alive, and the business travels will change.

Under the proposal of Bai Yu, Lu Ying will, from time to time, bring troops to the outside to chase these robbers. First, they will train in the actual combat. Second, they can rely on the stolen goods collected from the bandits to provide supplies to the Zhenbei Army. Baijia's Tongcai Jixing provides a one-stop service. The North Army is very happy to go out with Lu Ying to "walk the side". Although it is not risky, every harvest is very rich.

Bai Yu sent Lu Ying, playing with the glazed flower, and temporarily forgot the depression that was forced to accompany Wang Bayoushan tomorrow.

Ginkgo sent a snack and melon to see her in a good mood, could not help but gossip: "Miss, what childhood language did you say to the generals when you were a child?"

Bai Hao glanced at her and said, "Guess?"

"I don't know if I can ask the lady?" Ginkgo was so curious that he could make the generals of the land so eager to the white house. This must not be ordinary!

The white proverb is not surprisingly dead: "I asked him to wait for me to grow up and marry him."

"No...no!" Miss really dare to say, how old was she? Just dare to play a big man who is ten years old? !

"Of course not!" It was so easy to be scared, it was so tender!

Ginkgo patted the chest and said, "I will say..."

Early the next morning, Lu Ying said goodbye to Yang Lan and Bai Jia, and took his Zhenbei 18 ride back to Beiguan City. His 18 soldiers wanted to enjoy more in the Bailishan Guest House. God, I didn’t expect to go back to the city after a night, and my mood was a little depressed, but when I saw the general’s black-looking look, who would dare to hesitate?

Lu Ying returned to the general of the town of Zhenbei and confessed to the admonition. As usual, in the front yard and the official residence of the city, the official documents accumulated under these days were processed, and then the steward Shi Wei was asked to ask Cui Zhenyi. thing.

Shi Wei didn't add any vinegar. He really said what happened to Cui Zhenyi. Finally, he asked: "Mrs. said that she intends to stay in Beiguan City and reunite with the general. The place of the general is too narrow. I want to acquire the nearby houses and expand the backyard of the General."

Lu Yingtou did not lift the road: "No, I will arrange her to return to Beijing as soon as possible." Shi Weiyi suddenly let go of his heart, and to tell the truth, he can't stand Cui Zhenyi's pie, if Cui Zhenyi really wants to stay here for a long time, he The days are sad.He and Lu Ying went to Beiguan City in the past few years, and the days have been very leisurely. Lu Ying only wants a person who can trust him to take care of his chores. His time at this home is not much, nor is he away. There are a lot of servants who are not allowed to serve. Usually, many things are done by themselves, and they rarely work to the old housekeeper.

However, Cui Zhenyi is not the same. Although he is gracious to him, but Shi Wei feels that the lady is very dissatisfied with him. He is not as good as her servant of Cui’s servant, decent and exquisite, just coming in, not It’s good for him to attack.

Cui Zhenyi is a large family, and there are more than a dozen servants who have been serving from the side of the family. Each of them has bowed in front of her, lest she should be punished for the wrong amount of money. He has seen Shi Wei’s sloppy butler. If she is not afraid of offending Lu Ying, she has already sent Shi Wei to her own confidant.

Yesterday, Cui Zhenyi’s family member heard from the front yard that Lu Ying had returned to the city. She was delighted and embarrassed to let Shi Wei go to the banquet, and she carefully dressed up to wait for a surprise. I did not expect Shi Wei to hesitate to say that the general may have other things to do, not necessarily going back to the government.

She thought that Shi Wei wanted to be lazy, smiled on the face, turned and called the servant to go to the restaurant to order the banquet. As a result, she still did not see Lu Ying until the middle of the month. She called Shi Wei to ask, Shi Wei only contains It is vague that the generals often return to the city on the same day, and they often refuse to return to the house for the rest of the day.

Cui Zhenyibai waited for a day and was already angry. Seeing Shi Wei’s attitude is even more annoying. He said: Waiting for the husband to come back, see how I can clean up your slave!

In the past few days, she had not left the Zhenbei General Army except for a cousin with her cousin. She only sent people to explore the various preferences of Lu Ying, etc. This inquisition made her heart suddenly cool. ——Beiguancheng is well known. Lu Ying’s closest thing is his sister-in-law’s white singer. Legend has it that Lu Ying’s singularity to the singer’s sister has been up to the point of listening to it. What’s worse is that she is almost certain that she is in the day. It is this "righteous sister" who humiliated her on the cloud floor. The west wing of the gate that locked the idlers was also reserved for the "Yimei". So far, no one has been entertained.

What Cui Zhenyi and Liu Zhenzhen are now concerned about is not how to find the little thing about this "Yimei". They only think of one thing - no wonder Lu Ying has never returned to Beijing since he arrived in Beiguan City. It’s this ghost place that has a singer’s “Yimei” who is in the country!

Is Bai Yu really just a sister of Lu Ying?

Cui Zhenyi's two sisters have been used to the ugly face of a man since childhood. I can't believe that there will be a man with a beautiful fairy, but still sitting on the court.

Cui Zhenyi repeatedly calculated her relationship with Lu Ying, facing the beautiful girl who is beautiful, if she is uprightThe wife’s shelf went hard and hard, and the last loss must be her. She was not optimistic that she would forget what her mother and daughter had done in the past. Therefore, for the present plan, only try to be as generous as possible, tolerate everywhere, let Lu Ying feel her good, and then rely on her side.

Fortunately, Bai Hao is just an unsuccessful girl. It is a little bit more beautiful, and she is not as knowledgeable as she is.

Cui Zhenyi thought for a whole night and finally figured it out. Early the next morning, I heard that Lu Ying had returned to the government. In the front yard, she was in charge of government affairs. She suddenly felt refreshed. So soon, people came back, proving that they had not been fainted by the little fox!

She hurriedly called the servants to clean up and dress, and let them prepare the tea early, and waited for Lu Ying to meet, and this waited until noon.

Lu Ying explained the matter and transferred to the backyard. He almost thought that he had gone to the wrong place. He saw the simple and simple courtyard porch and the bonsai and the embroidered curtain. In addition, several refined and simple gauze lights were hung under the armpit. Fortunately, the main room and The west wing room was locked under the efforts of Shi Wei, and it should not be affected by the “reform”.

The east side of the room has the biggest change. From afar, it looks like a flower, and it is a rich and precious place. When the two servants see him, they will go forward and bow down. The mouth said: "I have seen the master!" This is also Cui Zhenyi’s special reminder that she is now It is a Lujia person, and his servant is also a Lu family. It can no longer be called Lu Ying at the time of the Cui family.

Lu Ying was undecided and waved his hand: "Please come to the main room." He did not want to admit Cui Zhenyi's identity, but the fact is that he does not intend to make her embarrassed in front of the next person. This is the father's marriage, the mother's approval of the daughter-in-law, and even the emperor personally married, even if he is not satisfied, she is also his original wife, as long as he does not do too much, he is willing to give each other enough respect, but only No, there will be no more.

Cui Zhenyi took Yan Na's first step into Lu Ying's personal site. The husband and wife officially met each other for the first time. They were as polite as a stranger.

After the seat, Lu Ying did not ask Cui Zhenyi about the hardships of this road and whether he was used to the water and soil climate of Beiguan City. He said directly: "North Gate City is the frontline, and the wife has seen me. I will pack up and return to Beijing tomorrow."

Cui Zhenyi had expected that he would catch someone, but he didn't expect him to be so ruthless. When she met, she would go back. Fortunately, she was prepared, Wen Wen said: "I have been married to the husband for several years, but I have never served as a wife, and I have served as a husband. I used to be filial to my mother for inconvenience and left Beijing. Now that my filial period has passed, how can I let the husband and I suffer in the border town? I just want to accompany my husband. Together, please don’t leave and leave."

Speaking and talking is a look of sorrow, and you can't succumb to the pleading of such a weak woman.

Lu Ying looked at her faintly, and after a while he was indifferent: "The life in the border town is hard, not like the Jingcheng jade food, the slaves are in groups. Since you have to stay, leave it, I hope you don't regret it. ""Cui Zhenyi’s heart glimpsed with a happy expression on his face: “Thank you for your husband!”

Lu Ying waved his hand: "I still have a business to do, you can go back to the house first."

Cui Zhenyi retired in a docile manner, and the hand hidden in his sleeve had already clenched into a fist.

Back in the room, Liu Zhen really rushed up and asked: "How did the cousin come back? What did the cousin say? When did the cousin move to the main room..."

She sentenced Cui Zhenyi to the pain, Cui Zhenyi was in a bad mood, and she did not want to lose face in front of her, faintly said: "Your cousin has just finished busy, some tired. I have something to do, you go back to the room first. Let's go."

What Liu Zhenzhen still wants to say, the two servants have come forward and pushed half to persuade her to take her outside. Liu Zhenzhen was annoyed in his heart. He returned to the room and screamed at the orange-red temper: "What do you mean? Only when you can't say two sentences, you will be driven out by your cousin, and will only be in front of me!"


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