Yu Ren

By E Mei

028 drive tiger anti-wolf

028 drive tiger anti-wolf

When Bai Hao arrived at the shore of the Lotus Lake, the White Tiger noticed that the fierce and impatience looked like a big cat and went to Bai Hao.

It landed on all fours, and the height of the head was flush with the chest of the white scorpion. This cockroach almost stumbled her to the ground, but fortunately, the later 丫鬟 丫鬟 抢 抢 grabbed her.

Bai Hao reached out and poked a white tiger's eyebrows, and taught the same thing as a cat and a dog: "Bad guy! Don't you know that you are strong?" The voice is as crisp and pure as Yuming, and it seems to bring a bit of grievance and sorrow. Yang Lan listened to her ears and didn't feel her heart.

White Tiger sat in front of her innocently, more honest than the domestic cats and dogs, completely murderous and fierce. Bai Hao smacked his head and continued to ask: "What do you suddenly run to do? You don't know that your fur is worth more. If you run into a bad person, you will be miserable!" Looking at the direction of the courtyard door, the "bad guy" in her mouth, needless to say, that is the kind of jealousy that does not figure out, but also puts her on the shelf. She has heard rumors that people who have the right to money most like to use the rare fur to cover the mattress chair to show their identity. White tiger skin is undoubtedly the best.

The white tiger has no spirituality and can't spit out words. He just snorted and suddenly turned down and turned his belly to reveal the belly. This is clearly seen. The left forelimb of the white tiger is connected with the chest and abdomen. The wound, the wound is not deep, and it has already stopped bleeding, but the recovery is very bad, and there is a clear phenomenon of suppuration. I don't know if it was hurt by anything.

When Bai Bai suddenly saw the reason why Bai Hu suddenly came to this side, it was trying to find himself to cure it!

Yang Lan and Lie Dang were very surprised to see this scene. The abdomen is the key to most animals. This white tiger took the initiative to reveal the abdomen in front of the white pheasant. This is because it is as simple as being close to her. It is simply treating her as a companion. .

The white cockroach was shocked and ordered the ginkgo to take the wound medicine and prepare the hot water and spirits. The white tiger refused to let others close, and the white cockroaches had to personally help him to heal the wound. Fortunately, she saw Fang Hai and others handling the wound. The process, according to the operation, although unskilled and barely make up for a veterinarian.

Yang Lan has never seen a weak woman dare to get close to a beast, but she has never seen a young lady who is not afraid of blood and dirty. She is quietly looking at the beast. He quietly looks at the white face and concentrates on cleaning the wound for the white tiger. Warning that the white tiger "does not move" and comforts it, "it will not hurt soon". The heart feels ridiculous and magical. This beautiful girl looks like a mystery, including the white family seems to hide. Endless secrets...

The white cock was so sweaty that he finally cleaned up the white tiger for a good medicine. A delicate yellow dress was stained with a lot of blood. The white tiger leaned over and carefully licked her, and then stood up and snorted. Shake your tail and go.

Ginkgo saw a sour sneak peek: "Why don't you ask the doctor for medical expenses, treatment fees..."

Bai Yan crossed her and said: "Well, I will send you to ask, if you don't come back to see me!""Miss I am wrong, Miss you so gentle and kind, high-spirited people, how can it be so vulgar to care about that little money?!" Ginkgo fascinated.

Yang Lan listened to the dialogue between the two master servants, and couldn't bear to laugh out loud. Bai Yi looked at him again, his heart was not fast, wrinkled his nose and forced a ritual: "The little woman was stained with blood, and she said that she did not dare to disturb her high-ranking, first retire." Then I want to go back to the cold spring to wash. Something.

Yang Lan did not intend to let her leave, so deliberately said: "Where is the Zhong Ling Xiu Xiu, and there are still beasts, I asked Miss Bai to be a guide, how to take the palace around?"

Bai Yan felt that this person was really annoyed. Could it be that she did not want to deal with him? Moreover, on the days of Baili Mountain, except for the uninhabited Houshan, other places where he can go have almost gone, and he has not seen him lost or being dragged home by the wolf and tiger leopard. People are traveling, do not know what is the heart? !

But who makes this guy a person who can't be offended by her now?

These emperors are the most hated! She has come to the edge of the mountain, but she still has to be annoying.

The white scorpion smashed the belly of Yang Lan, and he still had to be honestly bowed to Yang Lan. He respectfully said: "Please sue for the sins of the lower house. The young woman is weak and the mountain road is rugged. It is better to ask the general of Lu to accompany him. Sweeping His Royal Highness."

Yang Lan looked at the petite and exquisite in front of one inch and one inch. Although he tried to tame the docile shape with his head down, he could not help but exude the girl who resisted the breath. He smiled gently: "The wife of General Lu came from Jingzhong for thousands of miles to come with General Lu. Meet, how can the palace do the unreasonable people, disturbing the reunion of the couple? Miss Bai may wish to go back to the rest of the life today, and raise the spirit to come to the landlord's friendship tomorrow."

He specifically mentioned the affairs of Mrs. Lu Ying, and did not test the meaning of the white reaction. Lu Ying’s maintenance of the Yimei, the fool can see that a young hero, a beautiful person like jade, although the beauty is still young, but I can't help but think more.

Bai Yu knew this thing, even Lu’s wife Cui’s only entered the city, and she had already “handed over” with her, so it’s no surprise that she listened to Yang’s words, but was angry that he insisted on enslaving himself.

"So, the little girl quits!" Bai Yan gnawed his teeth and said goodbye. Yang Lan said that she did not intend to give her any room for rebuttal.

When Yang Lan saw that she didn't seem to care about Lu Ying's wife, she thought that she would let this girl stay with her all day, and she was in a good mood. She didn't bother her any more, let her take it with her.

Bai Pingzi has been secretly paying attention to Yang Lan. He himself is also a romantic and affectionate person. At first glance, he knows that Yang Lan is mostly playing white.

The idea can't help but frown. This person is by no means a good match for the young lady. It is a true emperor. It is Lu Ying who can't help him. It is really troublesome.

Bai Hao returned to the cold spring hospital and brushed it from start to finish. Lilac reported that General Lu had waited for a long time outside the flower hall. She thought of Yang Hao’s words and sighed and went to the hall.Lu Ying is sitting under the window and watching the spring water flowing out of the window.

The white man walked over and slammed his hand and smiled at his shoulder. "Big brother, what are you doing?"

Lu Ying turned back and looked at her and looked at her with a long, wet hair. She frowned. "This is close to the cold spring, which is much cooler than the outside. How can you be cool if you are cold?"

Lu Yinglu’s lawyers are very strict. They never laughed. When the Zhenbei Army met him, he did not have a dare to smile. Even the veteran general who had more than a decade of combat experience did not dare to be a bit arrogant in front of him. He frowned and placed in the military camp. I am afraid that he will be scared to slam the officer in the first place, but it is useless for the day.

She just shrugged: "I am not so weak! You have known me for so long, have you seen me sick?" She said the truth, since she was three years old, she never got sick again. Even minor illnesses have never been seen, but for this reason, only she understands.

"Girls, don't be too reluctant." Lu Ying used to think about the top of his head, but suddenly remembered something, his hand reached half and stopped.

"Big brother is not happy, is it because you know that your wife is coming to Beiguan City?" Bai Hao opened the door to see the mountain.

Lu Ying’s eyes glanced and said: “Nothing...”

"Hey! If you know that she is very happy, it is my turn to be unhappy!"

Ginkgo, who came in for tea, just heard the "declaration of love and sorrow" declaration, and almost couldn't help but want to throw a blank eye: that is, after all, the wife of your righteous brother, you are not afraid of misunderstanding!

"Hey..." Lu Ying was bitter in his heart. He had a lot of words to say to Bai Yu, but he also knew that he was succumbing to his choice. On the day of Cui Zhenyi, these words were no longer qualified to speak to Bai Yu.

Bai Hao smiled and smiled indifferently: "Big brother, my child's childhood language, you don't have to worry about it, I saved you, but you have been good enough for us all these years, although I want to live with you forever. Take care of us like this, but also admit that you have not owed us anything."

"I don't like your lady, just because she is not a good person, she will not wholeheartedly treat you. My older brother is the best woman in the world, but she is forced to send it to this woman. I am angry. However! If Big Brother hasn't looked at her, I am even more depressed." Bai Hao did not hide his feelings.

"How can Big Brother like her..." Lu Ying smiled bitterly. In his heart, there was only one best woman in the world.

"Hey! You came to want to tell me, you have to go down the mountain, right?""Yes, Big Brother is going to go down the mountain tomorrow morning. No matter what, she is my wife in name. I always want to see why she suddenly went to this wild land without any pains. The most important thing is that the big brother should return to Beiguan City as soon as possible. Get ready to pick up the car, so that the six halls will leave the Baili Mountain as soon as possible." Although Lu Ying does not have the rich practical experience of Bai Pingzi's long-lasting battle, but with his concern for the day, it is not difficult to find Yang Hao's "bad heart." "How can he be assured that he will stay in Baijiazhuang?"

The best way is of course to get him to Beiguancheng as soon as possible.

When Bai Hao knew that he was right, he would not save him, but just reached out to him and said, "What about my gift?"

Lu Yingzhan Yan Yixiao took a colorful glazed flower from her arms and put it in her hand: "Look, can you still like it?"

“咦?是璃璃?!” Bai Hao took it, looking left and right, this glazed flower craft is very mature, the transparency is very high and the color is even and clear, the control is just right, no matter which era is used. Pieces of treasure, compared to those who have seen it in the past, can not be the same.


Scratching, and ticket meters, I want to close the door and put green eyes, do not bite the ticket!

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