Yu Ren

By E Mei

024 The bad taste of trouble

024 The bad taste of trouble

Three days later, Yang Lan received the first errand, went to the group to teach slaves to read and read.

Liangzhu is different, that is, an ordinary good-hearted person is also ashamed to be a slave to the slaves, let alone teach them literacy. Yang Lan thinks that this is Bai Pingzi’s intentional insult, and his eyes flashed, and asked the cabbage that came to inform: "This is What is the errand given by the White Director?"

Cabbage nodded: "Yes, your injury is not healed now, so the lighter work is more appropriate. Baijiazhuang pays three or two yuan a month, deducting the cost of accommodation and food, and the remaining two or two silver will pay for the medical expenses before "There was nothing to say about public affairs and understatement, as if you did not feel the resistance of Yang Lan."

In the face of this eight-wind-stricken teenager, Yang Lan suddenly felt a weakness. He was not worried about the work being tired, not worrying about how much money is good? !

With a wink, Yang Lan tried to calmly say: "I want to see Miss Bai, please pass it on."

The cabbage nodded and put down the small bag on the hand and said: "I will ask the lady to have some free time. This is the textbook to be used in class. Please prepare it first." Also continue to ignore the anger in Yang Lan’s eyes, the cabbage seems to Didn't see that he didn't want to pick up the work, just let go and let go and leave.

I don’t know if Yang Hao’s luck is good or not. After half an hour, he hoped to see Bai Yu. The latter just went to the group hospital and turned around to check the progress of her family’s “Niu Ma”. Listening to Gan Lan said that Yang Lan was very dissatisfied with the work assigned to him, so he took the time to see Yang Lan.

The meeting place was under the big tree on the side of the courtyard of the group courtyard. The dense shade of the trees resisted all the hot summer sun. The shade of the trees was much cooler than other places.

Before coming, Yang Lan had already thought about it. His current status is nothing but a civilian. He still owes his white love and money. In fact, he has no position to oppose her arrangement, but it does not mean that he will "sit and wait."

In the borderland, picking beauty is a romantic affair. To educate the servants and the people is not a fascinating story. If you pass it out in the future, the chance of becoming a laughing stock is 100%. If you are not good, you will be attacked by political opponents.

"Do you want to teach my servant to read and literate?" Bai Hao was in a good mood today, so he broke the mind of Yang Lan without any difficulty. Just now, Yang Mei told her that there would be another group of servants who could redeem and leave. The new faces that had just been learned in the group hospitals would be added to their original posts, so that she would have dozens of free-selling deeds.

Today, she wore a pink-yellow captain, a lotus-colored dress, long hair and high-rise, falling a few hairs and long emerald hair bands, fresh and delicate as new in the spring. Bai He, Yang Lan looked at the heart and praised him, and his anger also dissipated a lot."They don't have anyone to be a slave. They will be redeemed as good people in the future. You don't have to worry that their identity will affect your future reputation. The official slaves I bought are literate and don't need people to teach." White does not wait for him to answer. Laughing Yingying said that in the past, she met many people who even refused to be hired to teach servants to literate even if she paid a high price, so I understand the concerns of these people.

The so-called official slaves refer to the people who are registered as slaves in the official residence of the Shu State. Many of these people are criminals and children of their families. Once they become official slaves, unless they meet the amnesty, the generations and grandchildren are inferior slaves. .

Some people have been sold as slaves for various reasons. As long as they meet a good master and are willing to let them redeem, they can still become civilians. These people are also called private slaves. The selling of the private slaves is divided into red and white deeds. The red deed is stamped with the official seal. There is official recognition. The white deed is only signed by the buyer and the seller. It may not even be witnessed. The White Deed also has the legal effect, but if there is a conflict between the different owners who hold the same servant and the different deeds, the red deed will prevail.

Regardless of the official slaves or the private slaves, the state has a clear restriction on the number of slaves that each household can own, and it is not free to trade on its own, but it is not implemented in the real place, and the high-ranking and wealthy households are unscrupulously raising slaves.

This plaque is claimed to be a man in the rivers and lakes. I shouldn’t care too much about this. He cares so much, which proves Bai’s guess about his identity. But out of her bad taste, she was happy to fake it, just tossing this seemingly gentle and arrogant guy.

With such a thought, Bai Yu decided not to let Yang Lan go to teach slaves. The more he refused, the more he forced him to do so, so it was fun!

She moved to Beiguan City these years, and her life was too smooth. Especially after Lu Ying’s big backing, she was even more unscrupulous, so some things knew that she should not do it. She knew that it was a fire, she still couldn’t help it. do. If she knows all the troubles that come with him in the future, I am afraid that I will hide far away this morning and will never be guilty of sinning Yang Lan.

But what regrets can be eaten in the world?

Yang Lan listened to her words and thought about it. "Since they have to redeem their bodies sooner or later, why bother to teach them to read and read?"

"If they don't know how to be literate, they don't have the ability to settle down. Now, in this way, in the blink of an eye, they will sell themselves as slaves for their livelihood. Isn't that a waste of my family's good intentions? The people who have redeemed from my white house must not only be literate, but also There must be a skill, and it is not a problem to make money and stand on its own feet." Bai Yu said that his most proud thing, the eyebrows are even more beautiful.

"So to say that Baijia is doing good deeds, and merits are infinite." Yang Lan did not think that he was not a three-year-old child, but also recited "the beginning of man, the nature is good", he can not believe that someone will pay for no reason and no trouble Do great things and do good deeds. And I have never seen a family of good homes that will raise a large group of unfavorable family servants who have swayed the city and colluded with local bureaucrats, claiming to represent Wang Fa.Bai Hao seems to be completely ignorant of the irony in his words, and raised his face: "That is that, we have never done anything good in our white house."

Regardless of Yang Hao’s strange look, step by step: “Teach people to read and read literacy, do you still do it? Just like you said, this is a rare opportunity to do good deeds! You are in the rivers and lakes. Shouldn't people be more informal? Not to mention that you still owe me five hundred and twenty-two, plus the accommodation for these days..."

Yang Lan knows that he is at a disadvantage, and then the result will only be worse, and Bai Yu’s words intentionally or unintentionally mention his current identity... Although he can refuse to use his body to recover, but think about it, touch it. The next person in the family may find out more about Bai Jia and Lu Ying. The most important thing is that when he left that day, he planned to go to Baijiazhuang to listen to the real thing. He had to contact Ledang and must also More contact with the talents, so I smiled and nodded.

Bai Hao won a total victory, watching the back of Yang Lanyuan, pulling the white fruit around him and laughing: "Secretly tell you a secret! I don't tell him the average person!"

Ginkgo rolled his eyes and asked with help: "What secret?"

"In the days to come, the students in the group are blessed!"

"What good is it?"

Bai Yushen secretly lowered his voice: "They will become the gates of the Sixth National Palace of Laos!"

"What?!" Ginkgo's voice suddenly rose to the octave, and the birds on the trees in the yard were scared to fly.

"Don't be excited, don't be excited. Are you so loud that you want to know all the people in the country?" Bai Hao patted the ginkgo sympathetically and smiled sweetly.

Ginkgo knew that this was a trivial matter, and lowered the voice: "Miss, you...you said that the porch is the sixth priest?" While talking around, he swept around, here is a group of people, there are many people coming in and out, she The heart is anxious, and I don’t care what is up and down. I don’t wait for the white singer to answer her hand and go to the cold spring.

The white pheasant took her away, and she said that she was in a cold voice: "Ginkgo, you simply go back to me, hot and dry, I walk slowly, so tired..."

Ginkgo looked back at her, but she bent down and took up the white lazy pig and cast her light to the cold spring.

Beside the white crickets, the cockroaches that hang the white family name are not weak. Although the weight-bearing rush is still very stable, they return to the cold springs less than half a column.

White 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 轻松 , , , , , 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓 茯苓

Ginkgo was not so good, and went forward and stared at her: "You said clearly, what happened?"

"The day before yesterday, Auntie received the letter of approval. The imperial court sent the North Army to the North Army. It was the Six Emperors. Although there is no specific description of his appearance, from the perspective of his demeanor, he is not the ten." Thought it was.

Ginkgo still wants to ask, where Malan has already taken the fruit teahouse and she has to shut up temporarily.A glass of chilled fresh grape juice, and a large number of fruits cut into small pieces mixed with yoghurt, white eyebrows smiled and eaten, and ginkgo looked at the eyelids, Malan only handed a cup of warm tea to her: "Ginkgo Sister, you just ran all the way, eating ice is easy to eat bad belly, or drink tea and shun it."

"My family, Malan will take care of people, Ginkgo, you can drink your tea with peace of mind." Bai Yan deliberately eats and screams.

Ginkgo voted for her with a lot of envious eyes and hatred, and she beat the snoring Malan three or two times, and then continued to ask: "A young man with a flat face and an expensive face, North Guancheng It’s not very common, but it’s not absolutely not. You know that he is the sixth temple. His mouthful of accent is not like the people from the capital, and even the imperial ministers have to take a few private guards. Well, how can I place a single order and lost my life in the wild?"


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