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023 has a beast

023 has a beast

Think of the charges on the bills, except for medical expenses, other expenses are really not outrageous, and even if it is medical expenses, it is fair to say that it is worthwhile. It is difficult for him to seek medical advice. The "successful disciple" of the "satisfied disciple" only received four hundred and fifty-two for three visits, which is very affordable.

Besides, Fang Hai’s medicine is really effective, but the poison in his two days is almost the same. The other lighter swords in his body are also obviously improved. At least he can stand up and walk, that is, he is not seen in the palace. There is such a good medicine.

Yang Lan did not really count on these hundreds of silver, but could not help but want to tease the beautiful girl in front of him. No matter how bad the perception of her before, now it is really difficult to repel the hatefulness of the jade beauty sitting in front of him.

"White cricket said that you are inconvenienced at hand, you can choose to work for me to pay debts, you can leave a owe to stay in the future." Bai Yan feels that he has been as polite as possible, she will not easily sin for someone she thinks can not be provoked.

This is why she likes Beiguan City, because there are very few people she can't provoke here, so she can basically ignore it. She loves to offend anyone.

"I don't know what to do for the girl under the hood?" Yang Lan is also somewhat curious. Bai Yu will let him do anything to pay for his debts. He is not completely ignorant of the people who suffer from the suffering of the people. He also knows that ordinary people have to earn more than 500 yuan. I am afraid it is not easy.

Since he has inadvertently arrived at Baijiazhuang, there is no reason to return empty-handed. Lu Ying has a close relationship with Bai Jia. Staying here can avoid the pursuit of unidentified forces, and secondly, he can continue his official duties. Not for?

However, when he thought of the close relationship between Lu Ying and the girl in front of him, Yang Lan could not help but frown. The two are not brothers and sisters. Lu Ying is a hero who is famous all over the country...

Bai Hao did not expect that his meaning turned out to be to work to pay debts, to see how he looked polite, where is the person who can sell people to work? Wouldn't it be another picture?

She blinked: "That depends on what you will do." In fact, more than five hundred silver is not a big number for her, but she is not used to losing, especially on her own site!

She glanced at Bai Hao: "Since you decided to stay for a while, Bai Hao, you go to Bai Pingzi to arrange for him." Bai Xin hearted the gods, knowing the meaning of Miss, is to let Bai Pingzi be careful of this person, 躬Walked away after a ritual.

Bai Hao did not want to talk to Yang Lan, indicating that the cabbage that accompanied Yang Lan came to take people away.

This kind of feeling is a reminder that Yang Lan has not tried it for a long time. In fact, apart from the father of the palace, even the big emperor and the second emperor will not be so open. Waiting for him, but now it is not a matter of taking him seriously, but it is a woman of a small businessman... Yang Lan is funny in his heart, he wants to hide his identity and stay in Baijiazhuang. This situation will inevitably come into contact often. It may be that a common manager in Zhuangli will also talk to him and drink, and it is a brand new experience.Now I only hope that I can contact the listed company as soon as possible, and figure out the situation outside and then make a plan. This time the distress is too much for him. The other party can move so many masters to kill him at one time. I am afraid that it is not small. Now he is away from Beijing, and many situations cannot be grasped immediately. It is like a scorpion. It is really terrible. .

In fact, the person who wants to start with him is nothing more than the big emperor or the emperor. He has been very low-key for many years. Except for a few people who are interested in getting close to each other, most people’s impressions of the six emperors of the country only end in The appearance is handsome and elegant, and it is a popular figure popular with the noble ladies in Beijing. It is straightforward to say that it is a noble embroidered pillow.

He asked himself not to offend anyone who made the other person rush to risk the felony of the emperor. He had to put him to death, and he was so remembered. The only reason was related to his errand, and it must be him. At this time, death will bring considerable benefits to the other party.

He didn't doubt Lu Yi, the imperial court sent him to check him. He couldn't have known it, but if he was killed on his territory, no matter who did it, he would definitely be a big trouble for him unless he really Intended to rebel, otherwise there is no need to take such an adventure. If you really want to take risks, he doesn't have to ask a knife to send so many masters to do the assassination. The gates of the North Gate City are closed, and the swords are smashed and searched. Most of them are hard to escape.

And as far as his observations in Beiguan City these days, Lu Ying is not like a rebellious thief. North Guancheng is not quite like a military town. Instead, it is like a bustling town near the capital. The merchants from all walks of life gather here. The people of the country and the barbarians have not seen the tension of the arrogance, but they are doing business.

Lu Ying and his Zhenbei Army are very low-key, and there are no positive or negative special rumors. In Beiguan City, the reputation of Baijia is even more prominent. No matter where you can hear people talk about it. All kinds of rumors, the ones that are most talked about, except for the wealth of the White House, are the beautiful lady of the beautiful city, her beautiful appearance and the extravagant style of acting are equally famous.

Lu Ying, like an ordinary diligent general, silently exercises the army. He spends more than a year in the patrol, sweeping the rogues and barbarian robbers nearby, neither expanding the territory to the surrounding area, nor engaging in personal worship in the military. The national army has become like a private soldier, and it has not seen any intention to turn Beiguancheng into a country in the country.

Yang Wei thinks that his behavior is very weird. This is not like a military commander who has the heart to make meritorious deeds and Fenghou worship. Lu Ying’s actions are like the intention of spending all his life in this north gate city.

Lu Yingcai, who is only in his twenties, already has such merits and demerits. When he is showing his strengths, why did he suddenly stop and refuse to move on?

It’s strange to go to Lu Ying’s weirdness. It’s only his two good emperors who might benefit from his death.

He has a case, the first impact will be Lu Ying, even if Lu Ying had no connection with the two emperors, this time must choose one of them to rely on to save the life.The emperor is the emperor of the emperor. The emperor is the granddaughter of the great Western Marshal Mao Mutong who is known as the founding god of the founding fathers. Although the intentional division of the emperor has been proposed, the strength of the Mao family has been mobilized so far. Very limited, but Mao Mutong's father and son are too high in the military, and it is the leader of the DPRK military commander.

The second emperor is the Queen's Xia, can be pressed to Mao's become a queen, naturally not a fuel-efficient lamp, Xia Jia has two cabinets, three books, two champions, twelve scholars, people It is even more numerous. It is the most prestigious family of the family since the founding of the People's Republic of China. From the emperor to the present emperor, the Xia family is the lord of the Wenchen.

With the frequent rush of the borders over the years, the state is using the soldiers, the status of the military commanders has also risen. The summer family began to draw up some generals who have little relationship with the Mao family in order to preserve the forces in the DPRK.

Lu Ying has nothing to do with Mao and Xiajia. In a few years, he became famous. Mao Jiaxia’s family is interested in wooing him, but he is detached from both sides.

This time, Yang Lan, such a prince, died on Lu Ying’s territory. Whether Xiajia or Mao’s family could use this matter to gain some benefits, it’s really depressing to think of it. He’s a king of the country, in those people. In my mind, the status may not be as good as a newcomer. However, Yang Lan is not discouraged by this. On the contrary, he is fortunate that the more they do not put him in the eyes, the better it is for him.

As a matter of urgency, he has to figure out the plans of the two emperors, so that he can make the most favorable choice for himself. Yang Lan thought as he walked back to the hospital with the cabbage.

He returned to the room but a fragrant time, Bai Pingzi came, looked at him with a very strange look, shook his head and began to politely ask his specialties.

When Bai Pingzi opened his mouth, Yang Lan recognized it. This is the man who said that he had the "king of the king" when he was in a coma. Yang Lan’s heart moved, and he resisted the urge to ask questions and said the previous life.

There is a close confidant around him who is a Duanzhou. From the time he entered Beiguan City, he has always imitated the local accent brought by the little eunuch to cover his identity, and still remains like this after he woke up in Baijiazhuang.

This set of rhetoric has been repeatedly scrutinized many times. Penglai is a real person. It is true, but the real placard is actually a dark guard around him. He is close to him, and he has not seen many real people. Even if someone has the heart to check his identity according to his words, he can't find anything wrong with it for a while.

After listening to him, Bai Pingzi raised his eyebrows and said: "Are you sure that you are just an ordinary river and lake?"

"I don't know what the White Director wants?" Yang Lan appropriately revealed a few accidents and puzzles.

Bai Pingzi sneaked a sigh: "I believe that I didn't read the wrong person. You are not an ordinary person. It doesn't matter if you don't want to say it. As long as you don't do things that are not good for the white family, I won't ask you." Private matter."Yang Wei calmly said: "The white general manager can rest assured that although he is not a good man, he will not do anything to enmity." He really does not intend to do anything that is unfavorable to the White House, and considers bringing their Missy back to Beijing. It should not be a bad thing...

"So best! You should rest here for a few days, and the wounds on your body will be good. I will arrange for you to do things. You can walk around in the mountains of Baili Mountain, but the beasts on the mountains are not vegetarian. Don't go. The lotus lake in the south and the cold spring you have been to before are the son-in-law. There are not only beasts but also organs. You must not sneak." Bai Pingzi also got up and left.

Where does the son-in-law live in a place to raise a beast? What exactly is this Baijiazhuang?


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