Yu Ren

By E Mei

022 Poor and tender flesh

022 Poor and tender flesh

Yang Wei’s medicinal properties have not passed, his eyes can’t open, and he can’t speak. He can only try to analyze the information in their words, trying to understand his current situation. Before, what other man said “Wang Ba’s phase”? Who is he talking about? Could it be... is he Yang Hao?

"With your Fang Hai, as long as you are not dead, you can save it! You are a proud disciple of Xin Yi's doctor!" The man who spoke earlier reopened.

When Yang Hao heard this, he suddenly felt a loose heart. He also heard the name of Xinyi’s doctor. Not only did he enjoy a good reputation in the rivers and lakes, but the ordinary people knew that he had the superb medical skills of dead human bones. Han Tai’s doctor said that his medical skills also claimed to be far worse. He did not expect that he could meet his disciples. It seems that this injury is not too worried.

His mind was only awake for a moment, and he heard a few good news that made him feel refreshed. His heart settled down. The two men said that they didn’t have the energy to listen to it. They stumbled and slept again. .

When I woke up again, Yang Lan felt that he had some strength in his body. He tried to open his eyes and watched himself. He slept on a wooden bed. The furniture in the room was all there, but there was nothing to decorate. The white walls, the neat and tidy furniture, seem to have a simple and clean taste.

The window was already bright, and he quietly lay for a while and tried to use the internal force to turn around in a circle. Although some of the qi and weakness were weak, it seemed that there was nothing too much wrong, but the numbness of the hands and feet could not move.

He was poisoned, and it was very rare. When he was secretly glad, he suddenly heard a bang, and the door was pushed open. He walked in with a beautiful eyebrow, a teenager dressed as a servant about fourteen and five years old.

"You really woke up, but you have to drink some water?" Qingxiu teenager came forward.

Yang Yu’s throat was so dry that he could spurt fire and nodded. The teenager walked up and down and grabbed a handle under the bed and gently swayed a few times. Yang Lan was not clear, but soon he felt the bed moving, and the upper body followed the bed. He was lifted up little by little, but for a while he was half-sitting from lying down.

The boy turned and went to pour a cup of water to his mouth. Yang Lan couldn’t take care of the organ under the bed. Zhang mouth took his hand and drunk the water.

He felt that his throat was better, so he asked a classic question: "Where is this?"

The young man poured another glass of water on him and replied: "This is Baijiazhuang. My lady is saving you. My name is cabbage, I am responsible for looking after you. Wait a minute, I will ask Mr. Fang to give it. Look at it."

After saying that, Yang Lan did not wait for the reaction to go out. Yang Yu’s heart is moving, Baijiazhuang? Miss? Could it be that he was so accidentally saved by the arrogant little girl? !

Fang Hai soon arrived, and asked Yang Yi to ask after cutting it: "It is no big problem. After two days of rest, you can do it. You can't have other wounds on your body. Some people will change medicine for you every day. You can talk to Ganlan if you need something, but... if it is not very necessary, don't say it."

Yang Lan heard it completely confused. What is not necessary, don’t say it?But soon, he understood why Fang Hai said this - all the treatment here is to collect money! And very expensive!

Two days later, Yang Lan can get out of bed, and Gan Lan sent an envelope to let him look slowly. If there is a problem, he can ask him to ask, and then he will leave to work. Yang Lan curiously opened the envelope and saw that the thick stack of paper was full of "charge items", from the fare he transported to Baijiazhuang, to the cost of his visit to Fanghai, medicine Fee, he lived in Baijiazhuang's accommodation fee, Ganlan took care of his "service fee" and the price of the clothes he wore, etc. There are dozens of large and small giants, and finally summed up a total of five hundred and two. Eighteen two silver. The main reason is the cost of visiting Fanghai, three times a total of four hundred and fifty-two!

At the bottom is also a seal of Baijiazhuang.

Yang Xiaoran realized why Fang Hai had never come again since he was awake on the day. Why did he say so strange? He always felt that this medical doctor was not responsible. The original family was kind enough to save money for him. .

Yang Hao has never seen such a publicly asked for money after saving people in this life. He was a crying and laughing. He was born in the royal family. Although he is not the most favored, the fake holiday is also a true emperor. Hundreds of silver are still not in his heart. However, the problem is that he sneaked into Beiguan City this time, and he did not bring too much silver.

And now it is not appropriate to expose the identity... Yang Lan raised his eyebrows and smiled. It seems that he wants to eat white and white as a villain in this white house.

Baijiazhuang covers a very wide area, and Baili Mountain belongs to Baijiazhuang. Among them, two large courtyards have been built along the gentle mountain near the mountain gate. One is called the group hospital, which is ready for training. The slaves lived, and one called the hospital, mainly for some people who were injured, and most of them were saved by the white scorpion. Yang Lan lived in the hospital.

From the names of these two courtyards, we can fully see the bad taste of the famous whites. The former is a group of courts, and it is the meaning of the cattle and horses. The latter is a hospital, but it means nothing to do. Said that the front will live with her white cattle and horses, and the people who live in the back are the wounded patients who are to be treated and recovered.

There are special management matters in both places. At this moment, the management of Baishangyuan is telling the story of Yang Lan, and simply sums it up as one sentence - no money, no fate.

"He said that he was called Penglai. Because the traitor was harmed, the teacher's door was destroyed. The death and loss of the same family and friends were lost. Only one of them was chased by the enemy. There are only a few dozens of broken silver. There is no long thing." Bai Yu simply told Yang Lan's self-reported words. He is about the same age as Bai Shanglu and Bai Pingzi.

I have a good face and a good gentleman, but if anyone regards him as a good old man, then he is destined to suffer!

The most important thing that can be sent to the hospital by the White House is not love, but the accountability of the book. The thick stack of bills received by Yang Lan is from his handwriting. Bai Hao has always saved people from asking for money. People have to save, but money cannot be reduced.Bai Yan listened to the white words and frowned: "Looking at his skinny and tender, I thought it was a rich man... I hate it! I brought him in the afternoon, I see what he can do, let him keep the money clean and go. Fang Hai is a serious problem with his personal products. He finally found a patient for him. He is also a poor ghost outside the gold jade! The medical expenses will be paid from Zhuangli’s account first."

Bai Yu heard that "the skin is tender and tender". This adjective, which is placed in a big man, is spit out from a mouth of a beautiful girl under the age of fifteen. The face can’t help but shake twice. He has weak resistance and can’t I am completely accustomed to the "language style" of the lady, but he is not courageous to correct the inappropriate words and deeds of Miss, and can only nod back very honestly.

Yang Lan did not expect that his first formal meeting with Bai Yu was in such a situation that he was totally at a disadvantage... The inferior girl in front of him became his savior and creditor!

However, even so, Yang Lan is still very happy to see the beauty.

I have to say that from a close look, this woman is even more beautiful. Although she is only 14 or 5 years old, she still has a bit of childishness and youthfulness, but she has already had the moving charm of the country.

She was sitting in an exquisite bamboo pavilion on the edge of the cold spring. She wore a white embroidered multicolored butterfly half-arm, white-necked narrow-sleeved captain, blue-and-blue silk silk long skirt, and the multicolored butterfly on the half-arm was extremely fine. Vivid, a single gesture is different, as if the next moment is to fly from the clothes. The black hair was loosely lifted, revealing her slender and beautiful swan-like neck, and the silver plaque with the thumb and big sapphire was inserted. It was very clean and had a refreshing beauty.

The most touching thing is the pair of black gem-like eyes. The waves of the mountains and the water behind her seem to melt into the eyes, which are extremely varied and extremely pure.

Yang Lan almost looked at the beauty in front of him, and this kind of vision with appreciation is much more white. People, especially men, like to see beautiful women is a matter of righteousness. Anyway, she also looked back unceremoniously.

Hey! This guy is not the king of the military and does not say, it is rare to grow up! On that day, he was poisoned and wounded. He was disgusted with a look of pale face. He still didn’t understand it. Today, he was cleaned and stood in front of her, and suddenly it made people shine.

The man's appearance, Svenya, but Bai Hao saw a deep and fierce temper from his long and narrow eyes, reminding her of the squatting lion, as long as he felt that the time was ripe, the next moment would be The fierce claws are presented, giving a fatal blow to all those who dare to neglect him.

Yang Lan’s vision of looking at Bai’s is still peaceful and courteous, but Bai Hao always feels that it is full of aggression, and his heartbeat can’t help himself two or three times. This makes her more uneasy than the average man’s color.

Almost immediately, there was an alarm in Bai’s mind. This man, whether or not he really has a king’s hegemony, would not be a simple character. It’s best not to provoke it easily.

This kind of momentum will not be an ordinary river and lake people will have!The two of them had a big eye and a small eye for a while, and Bai Bai broke the strange silence. He first said: "Are you enough?"

"Unbelievable!" Yang Lan thought of standing on the site of others, laughing and taking the initiative to give back one step.

Bai Hao suppressed the weird feeling in his heart, picked up the bill left by Bai Bai, and glanced at it: "You still owe me five hundred and twenty-eight."

Yang Lan’s polite smile has a bit more rogue: “There is a cloud in the old saying, and Shien is not expected to report...”

"I didn't intend to let you stalk the ring, answer me for the cow, but I can't lose money because I saved you." Bai Zhen Zhen Zhen has a word.

A wild cat who is too sloppy to eat at a loss! Yang Lan smiled in his heart.


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