Yu Ren

By E Mei

021 Everyone has a secret

021 Everyone has a secret

White ugly handed over a stack of letterheads, and Bai Hao took over a few simple steps. There are the names, ages and places of residence of these craftsmen. In more detail, they describe the skills they are good at. The language is simple and straightforward. The layman can also understand what he is referring to at a glance.

Mu Peilan shook his eyebrows when he heard the white ugly words. He was dissatisfied: "Wu Jun, what do you mean by this? What did you say to let your nephew be a man?" What is it? "Whoever looks at the aunt will find a way for you." People get it back?" The two fathers and daughters talked up and down, and it was really speechless.

White ugly and laughed two channels: "Is there no outsider here?"

Bai Yudao: "Mother, this is our territory, is it that people can hear and can tell me?"

"It's you who used you to be lawless..." Mu Peilan was so angry and funny, but didn't know what he suddenly remembered. He didn't talk about it any more. He shook his head and raised his hand to sew half of his clothes and continued to fly the needle.

Bai Hao was next to his father. The two fathers and daughters read the letters on the desk. While you exchanged opinions with me, Mu Peilan listened at the side, and unconsciously, his movements were getting slower and slower. Suddenly stopped the action and tentatively said: "The letter from Beijing, said, said that the mother wants to see me and my nephew."

She just wanted to say this, and hesitated for a while, and finally couldn’t help it.

The white ugly hands fluttered, and the letter on his hand fell to the table, and he was discolored: "You...you still have contact with those in Beijing?!"

Mu Peilan hangs his head: "That, after all, it is my mother, she has nothing to say to me, she is helpless in the past..."

When Mrs. White was ugly, she suddenly felt soft. She got up and walked over and pulled her hand: "I am not blaming you. I am just afraid that those people will come to fight your idea again. Was it not enough for them to harm you?" ”

Mu Peilan looked up and smiled and said: "Is there any place where I can let them make an idea? I have this look, this is old... Are you the first beauty of the Beijing Master?"

White ugly on her shoulder: "No matter what you look like, at what age, you will always be the first beauty in my heart."

If you don't look at the picture, this is quite touching, but even if you are a biological parent, it is hard for him to smother the image of the horror that runs counter to the moving scene.

Bai Yan looked at them with a sullen look, only to feel the thunder in his ears, and the crow turned around. She always felt that she was quite narcissistic, and compared with her mother, it was humility to humility!

Her mother-in-law became so daring to claim the first beauty of the capital! What should she say like this? The first beauty in the universe? God! Or the people in the capital are all aesthetically abnormal, so love the mother-in-law of the original ecological high and strong shape?

The two white couples were tender and affectionate for a while. They finally found out that their daughter was not right. The two men were embarrassed to cough twice. They looked at each other and asked: "When did you remember, did you remember the children?"Bai Hao comfortably smashed into the mother's body and smashed it. Although her mother-in-law looks a little horrible, she likes her soft warm fragrance. Lazy in the mouth: "I don't remember before the age of three, I remember most of them after the age of three."

This is her consistent rhetoric. For her unreasonable things, the two couples seem to have never doubted it, so Bai Hao is too lazy to cover up.

She remembers that when she was awake at the age of three, she first saw her mother, and the old monk in the temple. Later, she followed her mother to go home, and Lu Yi was on the road. At that time, she only had her mother and her uncle. Personally, the mother did not say anything, but she was restless on the day. After a few days, her father suddenly appeared in the room of her and her mother in the middle of the night. The two men clung together and cried, they thought they were sleeping. I didn’t know what was going on. In fact, she had been sleeping unsteadily. When her father entered the door, she woke up and slept to see this scene in her eyes.

Since then, Niang’s face has renewed her smile. When her father went out to “work”, their family of three lived in the capital. Until a few years later, something happened and they decided to leave. They moved to Beijing. A thousand miles of Beiguan City came back to life.

According to Bai Yu’s observation, the father was definitely working in the dark for a certain imperial power, and he did something that was not too bright. The family rarely mentioned the past days in Beijing, and the Bai’s couple never mentioned the origins and relatives of Bai’s family to Bai Yu. The day is not asked, but when the parents are out of the stone, they are not comfortable.

Everyone has a secret. Her parents have never mentioned anything to her. She also has a big secret hidden in her heart. I am afraid that she will follow her in the coffin. As long as everyone is happy when they are together, why must they find roots? Ask the bottom? .

If she knows that her daughter was dead as early as three years old, she is just a lonely soul from modern society. What do they think?

If they know that she can only replace their daughters with them for fifteen years, will they be sad for her and feel uncomfortable? Will it be difficult to be in the fear of losing her from the moment I know it?

Therefore, some secrets say that you are increasing your worries, destroying the stability and unity, and the harmonious and happy life is still rotten in your stomach!

From the moment she came to the world, Bai Hao heard the ugly woman she now called her mother. She hugged her in front of the statue of the Bodhisattva, saying that she was willing to sacrifice everything and give everything, just ask her to be safe, she I decided to forget all the pre-existing, she had to start again, she had to enjoy the maternal love that she had never tried.

The two couples hesitated for a moment and didn’t mention the past. They just shunned the light and picked up some white childhood stories and laughed. Mu Peilan sighed: "When I was a child, I was like an adult.

The year begins to be like a child. ”

"Mother is what this is, it is clear that I am living more and more back!" Bai Hao mouth was dissatisfied with the protest, but my heart was to understand the meaning of the mother.When I first came to this world, my mother believed in the old monk’s rhetoric in the temple, saying that she had the bodhisattva blessing and opened the coffin, so she was very intelligent and sensible. Otherwise, she did not speak like a three-year-old child. The paving has long been smashed as a demon.

In the past few years, I have seen what I have to do, and with physical and environmental influences, her mood is relaxed, she is more and more like a child, and she is more like a real girl of fourteen or five years old.

Mu Peilan took her shoulders and said: "Mother-in-law likes what it looks like now, happy and happy, and the mother is happy to watch... Hey, this year you are going to be jealous, don’t play with Bai Pingzi again. Waiting for the mother to pick a good husband for you, and give him a little grandson after two years."

When she heard this, she was green. She had three years of life left. Why bother to provoke these messes? So Salai said: "Mother-in-law suspects that I am annoyed that I am old, I want to marry me out, I only want a little grandson!"

White ugly one voice: "Who said to marry you, we recruited a favorite you come back!"

Mu Peilan nodded again and again, they were not willing to marry their daughters, recruit a son-in-law, and they could watch their hearts and minds every day, and they were not afraid of being bullied by their husbands... although they were very skeptical that some people dared to bully their daughters, she It’s not good to not bully people.

Bai Yu listened to them more and more excited, and quickly stopped, excuses in the people's market for a day has been tired, and quickly retreat.

Looking at her back, Dina’s back disappeared behind the courtyard door. White ugly grabbed his wife’s hand and revisited the previous topic: “Peland, not my heart, it’s the water in the capital is too deep, we are hard to leave... I don’t want to You have something, and you don't want your child to be involved in those things."

Mu Peilan's eyes are reddish and whispered: "I understand that she is a lonely mother. She is alone in Beijing. I don't know how much I have suffered in these years... I have you accompanied by a child, and I want to be sad for her... ”

Bai ugly embraced his wife and did not speak, just patted her on the shoulder and comforted her silently. In any case, he will not let his wife and daughters be in danger again. In this life, they will live peacefully in this city.


When Yang Lan began to be conscious, the first thing he heard was a man’s voice: "Hey, this is obviously the king of the tyrants. How can I make a mistake? Could it be that the book is deceptive? It doesn't make sense. Seeing that others are very accurate! Strange... It’s weird...”

He also listened to another man’s voice with obvious helplessness: "If you don't help, if you don't help, let's let it go. This patient's poison is not too shallow, and no treatment, fearing that it will hurt."Poisoned? ! Yang Lan was shocked and suddenly remembered what happened before the coma. He negotiated with Lehd. He planned to take Lu Ying out of the patrol and sent a spy to his military camp to inquire about some news, while he continued to stay in the north. In Guanchengzhong, Liancheng went out of town early in the morning and planned to go to Baijiazhuang to explore the details of Baijia. In the afternoon, he suddenly received a secret letter from the spy, saying that he found that someone had paid a lot of money to buy him from the famous killer organization "One Blade" in the rivers and lakes. The life of the company has already taken over this business, and it is very likely that he will be assassinated in this two days, and he will be transferred to a safe place as soon as possible.

He carefully observed that there were unidentified people in the vicinity of the inn, and it seemed that he was ready to start. He had limited manpower around him and had to temporarily retreat. He went to join the column and then decided on it. Unexpectedly, the number of people sent by the other side is far beyond his imagination, and he and the guards fled and fled, and eventually lost.

His martial arts is also a master in the rivers and lakes, but there are many people who are besieged by the other side. He tried his best to break through. He has two poison darts on his body, and he is forced to suppress the toxicity by internal force. Already confused.

He was hiding in the grass on the side of the road. He tasted the desperate taste of frequent death for the first time. He heard the sound of passing cars and horses. He knew that there was only one dead road to wait for, and he decided to gamble and bite his teeth to make a sound. Come for help.

Listening to what the man said, it seems that he is very sure about curing the poisonous wounds on him. Who is it to save him?


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