Yu Ren

By E Mei

020 Wang Ba = beautiful man? !

020 Wang Ba = beautiful man? !

"I... I mean it!" Bai Pingzi couldn't help but insisted on a more crazy laughter.

Bai Hao waved his hand and smiled and said: "Well, I will send this Wang Ba to the Green Eyes Wang Ba, let them be a companion, just in pairs."

Bai Xie even promoted the narrowness of the horse to the side of Bai Pingzi: "White god, you show me, I should at least be the emperor's phase, wow, wait for me to dominate the world as an emperor, seal you to do National Division!"

Baijia is in the border town, and the landlord is used to it. These big jokes are also coming out of Zhangkou. A group of guards laugh and laugh, and no one thinks that there is anything wrong with it.

Bai Pingzi gas smashed the white thirteen shoulders and said: "Go to yours! You are the pig's head and the emperor's phase! It is not possible to vote for ten times."

Between the people laughing and joking, Fang Hai had already dealt with the injury on the blue man. The white curiously went over and looked at the so-called Wang Baxiang, and then got up and summed up: "I understand, it turns out that my family two Looking at who looks better than him, he says who has the king!"

"How is it possible?! Where is he handsomer than me?!" This said that Bai Pingzi was not happy, and questioning his technique did not matter, questioning his appearance could not bear! While speaking, he reached for a pair of robe sleeves and raised his head to pose a pair of the best knights in Yushu.

I have to say that Bai Pingzi really grows very well, and he pays special attention to dressing. At first glance, he is really a handsome black horse.

Unfortunately, the audience was too familiar with him. No one would like to take the time to appreciate his beauty. He greeted the injured blue man and put it on the board where the green-eyed slave was lying. Everyone re-started, even one corner of his eyes. Never left it to him.

Bai Pingzi put aside for a long time and looked at it for a long time. He took a sigh of relief and felt that today he must have gone bad luck. Everything is not smooth, and he may have problems with his eyes. How come he happens to be "out of phase"? man of? !

Until he returned to Baijiazhuang, Bai Pingzi was still immersed in serious self-doubt.

Because of Bai’s “hobbies”, Baijiazhuang has experience in receiving and processing the slaves bought and processed. The mighty team has entered the Baijiazhuang area, and some people have taken the slaves away, washing and changing clothes. Eat, wait for tomorrow to be arranged by the relevant management, a minor injury was taken over by Zhuangli's ordinary doctor, and two seriously injured were moved to the hospital to be taken care of by Fang Hai.

It is a habit for many people to go to see their parents first. This is a habit for many years. Although the Bai’s couple never restrict their daughter’s actions, every time she goes out to go home, she must always let her parents see it before they can feel at ease.

She once suspected more than once that parents' uneasiness is because they also know her "secrets", but she never mentioned this to anyone, how can they know?When Bai Hao walked to his parents' yard, his father, Bai Ug, was looking at a lot of news letters from all over the country, while his mother, Mu Peilan, sat on the side and was sewing new clothes for her. The Bai family itself has embroidered villages, but Mu Peilan loves women and still insists on making clothes for her daughter. The two are ugly and horrible, sitting in a flower cluster, but it does not make people feel bad, at least in the eyes of the white, this scene is her most nostalgic in this life.

White ugly is very strong, first looked up, smiled and waved to let the baby daughter pass. Bai Hao came to him and carefully added tea to his parents. He smiled and asked: "What is the aunt looking at?"

"It's not these things... I'm afraid that the country will soon be in a big mess..." Bai Yu put down the letter in his hand and sighed.

Although he ignored the business of Baijia, he still managed the various channels of Baijia.

The business on Baijiaming is mainly in this north gate city. It has only begun to develop along the coast this year. However, the underground business and related industry contacts are widely distributed. The capital and many local towns have their own people.

One is the foundation before the white ugly and the lady Mu Peilan retired from the rivers and lakes. Another important piece is the network that has gradually developed since the 12 years ago because of the advice of Bai Yu.

In the past few years, people who bought white people have been trained to make their own redemption. Some have embarked on the road of imperial examinations. Some have become local shackles through the relationship between Baijia, and more have become small businessmen, artisans and martial artists. Or the management of the big family, the big one, basically what type, there are some people left in Baijia became the core figure of the white business.

The status of these people may not be high, but they are widely distributed. Bai Hao deeply understands the importance of information flow to business. Under her heart-warming business, people who go out from the White House will regularly collect some of the collected information in various forms in the hands of Bai, while White Ugly takes it. A group of cronies are responsible for collecting and collecting.

What are the contents of these news, from the countryside rumors, the strange craftsman, the price of food and vegetables to the government order, the middle and the wind will be involved, Bai ug will combine it with the news of his old team, often find many insiders Things that don't necessarily know.

Bai Yan listened to his father and said that he must have a cause, and asked: "Auntie, is there anyone to rebel?"

White ugly smiled and said: "There are artificial counter-ages every year, but this year I am afraid that the momentum will become bigger and bigger. I see these news. In recent years, because of natural disasters, there have been many local food shortages in the country, and the disaster relief money that can be allocated in the national treasury. The local officials are corrupt and the local officials are corrupted, resulting in the relief of the victims. The peasants who have kept small stocks in various places have rebelled against the uprising. Only when the climate becomes a climate can there be any drama. Beiguan City has not received the court for two years. The silver that was sent, the officials who owe in the capital, often happened in the past few years. Today, the Holy One only loves to hang around. The position of the Prince is still undecided. The Great Emperor and the Second Emperor are

The position of Chu Jun in the DPRK and the party fight each other... These troubles, just one of them is enough to cause the country to break the family, let alone concurrently? ”When he talked about these things, he looked relaxed and relaxed, but he was completely an outsider's tone. However, it is no wonder that the Beiguan City is far from the emperor of the mountain, even if the country is really in a big mess, it is not in trouble. For the individual to be the emperor, Beiguan City is still the North Guancheng, and the outside is still barbaric everywhere, and the people here still have to dress and eat.

"Don't say this, my son, here are some of the new craftsmen who have recently found them. The details are here. Look slowly. See who aunts are trying to get people back for you."


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