Yu Ren

By E Mei

019 early phase

019 early phase

Bai Pingzi hesitated for a while, just as Bai Hao couldn't help but want to start, finally whispered: "Miss's face is excellent, Fu Lu double, there are noble blessings, leisurely and wealthy, smart and cool, just... ..."

"What is it?" Bai Yan asked, threateningly pulling the tassel on his hand.

Bai Pingzi swallowed and said: "It’s just that the air is exposed, the three stops are uneven... Yes, it’s the early phase...”

I was a little bit stunned, but I was not surprised or angry. I asked, "When is it, when is it?"

Bai Pingzi closed his eyes and sighed. "Your, there are still three years, maybe five years... I will not be good at learning, I am wrong! Miss is not in my heart..." "In fact, he was already aware of it when he first started contact with the technique, but for some reason he did not declare it." In these years, he consciously looked at the power of the big move, but in the subconscious, he always avoided looking at the face of the white, and today he could not help but be surprised.

Bai Hao’s heart trembled and loosened the tassels on his hands, but he quickly recovered. He smiled unconsciously: “You also know that you are not good at learning, hey! Don’t go to my mother’s face and talk about these words. Otherwise there will be a bloody disaster waiting for you!"

Bai Pingzi saw that she really didn't put her words on her heart. She laughed and said: "Why do I dare, the lord does not smash me into the minced meat and feed the ‘green eyes’ that you raise.”

"Know it! I am tired to sleep, you continue to see your king." Bai Yudao, while laying down the curtains lying down on the soft palate inside the car.

Bai Pingzi stared at the swaying car curtains and whispered aloud: "I really hope that I am wrong... Isn’t the ancestral book actually deceiving?" His technique is a one left from the ancestors. This book has come to the middle school. There is no description of who the author is in the book. Bai Pingzi thought that the parents would pass the book to him as a baby before he died, so he often looked around without any trouble. The phase of the technique remembers that the melon is ripe. In the past three days, he spent two days playing the game in accordance with the book, and found that he did not leave the ten, but he learned more seriously.

Bai Hao always took him out to buy people, but also with his meaning to pick people, although she does not really believe this set, but there are such individuals around, do not need to use, more than a kind of picking angle is also good of.

As for now, the white cockroaches lying on the soft palate begin to believe that Bai Pingzi’s technique may have some doorways...

"In fact, what you want to say is that I only have three years left to live.... The green eyes outside, is it really what is the king?" Bai Hao began to calculate, save a king, no! It is the amount of money that Wang Ba can take for how much it costs.

It's not that she doesn't care about her life, but she knows the result early. She can even say that she has been preparing for this result since she was three years old. The only thing that can't be put down now is her mother-in-law. If she has a three-length and two-short, she will send a black-headed man to the black-headed person, and she will not be sad and blame... Hey, it’s a headache... I want to be honest with them, and I’m afraid they’ll start worrying now. Sad.The more you want to get more entangled, the more you want to put it down temporarily, and instead calculate another big event.

Today, I bought a total of 30 barbarian slaves. That is to save 30 people. In addition, several people who have been rescued in the past few days, she has already rescued a total of 8,735 people, still one thousand two. One hundred and sixty-five people, at this rate, up to one to two years, she can complete the task of helping the people, but still save a little more insurance, avoiding the bad luck caused by several failure cases. Before I changed, I can't believe that I can do something like this, so the potential of people is unlimited.

Bai Yu was thinking in confusion, and quickly entered a dream in the wobble of the carriage.

Suddenly, the dream suddenly felt like the carriage stopped. When he climbed up, he heard the voice of Bai Aliu, the outside guard: "Miss, I found someone seriously injured in the roadside."

"Oh?" Bai Hao patted his face, pulled the whole clothes and pushed the car door to jump off the carriage. He saw the front two or three feet away. Fang Hai and Bai Awu were kneeling in the grass on the roadside to make the wounded simple. Treatment.

Fang Hai is a 20-year-old Qingxiu boy, but he has already achieved the true biography of the god doctor, and he is not as difficult as his master. The standard benevolence and benevolence, when I heard that someone was injured, immediately rushed to save people.

Bai Hao walked over and saw a man in a gray-blue cloth in the grass of half a person. He had two iron darts on his shoulders. He might have poison on the dart and was seeping through it. Black blood, there are still a few knife wounds on the body, not too deep.

"How did you find him?" With such high grass blocking, you should not notice that there are talents in the grass.

"He made some movements himself. I thought there was a beast or a long-lost bandit." Bai Awu was responsible for opening the road ahead, and people discovered what he found.

"Save it first! Let's move it to the green eyed king's car." Bai Hao told him that he turned and saw the Bai Pingzi who came with him.

Fang Hai's action skillfully stopped the blue man's acupuncture to stop bleeding, and turned over for him. He put a detoxification pill into his mouth. Bai Awu took the water bag and filled him with two waters, let him swallow the pill. .

These detoxification pills are configured in Fanghai. They are more effective than those used in ordinary rivers and lakes. As long as they are not poisonous, they can suppress one or two. But if you really see the bloody throat It’s too late to eat any medicine.

When Bai Pingzi saw the blue man's face, he couldn't help but snorted. He took a look and looked at it again. Bai Hao now believed in his relationship with seven or eight points, so he asked: "How? This person's face Very strange?"

Bai Pingzi’s expression of constipation lingered for a long time:

"I have to say it, you must not believe..."

"Do you talk about it first?" White is more curious.

"This person... is also the king's tyrant..." Bai Pingzi said this, and he felt that it was hard to be convinced. There are so many king tyrants, and they happen to let them meet two.

I have just heard the white-eyed guards of the "Green Eyes Wang Ba" anecdote laughing.Even the white cockroaches couldn't help but smile and laughed. The reverence of the sorrowfulness that had just happened to him was gone. While wiping his tears, he said: "White god, what do you think is here? One place is Wang Ba! We don't have to make such jokes for entertainment!" This is not a place where the power is as much as a dog's capital. Even if it is, the power to be able to claim the king's tyrant is very rare.


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