Yu Ren

By E Mei

018 Wang Baxiang

018 Wang Baxiang

After a few steps to the wooden fence, the trafficker did not care about the dirty, opened the slave’s hair in one hand, and patted his face and screamed a few slang words, only to see the slave slowly open his eyes, sure enough. It was a green-eyed eyeball. Under the cover of the bleak bleakness of the injury, it was Sen cold's anger and despair. Indifferently glanced at the white and white flats not far away, and then re-closed.

I don't know why, there is a strange feeling in my heart, and there seems to be a voice constantly calling for this person to buy. She whispered to Bai Pingzi: "What do you think of this person? Isn't it a life-threate of six rushes, six deaths, and death?"

Since Bai Pingzi saw that the slave's hair was pulled out, she was worried after she revealed her true feelings. She did not notice her problem. The white cock had to reach out and gently poke his arm. Bai Pingzi suddenly jumped up like the electrician, and Bai Hao looked at him strangely. It wasn't just a pair of green eyes. As for the scare?

The trafficker saw Bai Pingzi staring at himself in the hands of the slave. He thought that there was a play. He was about to raise the price again. Suddenly he felt a pain in his hand. He bowed his head and turned into a bite of a green-eyed slave. His hand!

The trafficker screamed with pain and desperately wanted to take it back. The green-eyed slave died and did not relax, as if he did not bite him down.

The two companions of the traffickers rushed up and punched and kicked the green-eyed slave, and finally forced him to loosen his mouth.

"This person... is the king of the king!" Bai Pingzi returned to God, whispering to the white.

"Don't look at people who bite people, they are kings. If you are tied here, it is estimated to be more fierce than him!" White glanced at him, indicating that he would hurry to stop the traffickers' atrocities, and the green-eyed slaves would be left. Half a life, and then definitely kill.

"Not Wang Ba... forget it!" Bai Pingzi laughed and laughed. He felt that it was incredible. A slave... the king of the tyrant? how can that be possible? He smiled and shook his head. He jumped over the wooden fence and opened several traffickers. He said, "If you forget it, this person will have a sigh of relief. If you kill it, you still have to find a place to bury it. I will buy him with one or two silver. Calculate the point of yin."

The head of the trafficker was bitten a bit and was hurting a lot. Then the green-eyed slave on the ground was really awkward at all, and spit in his mouth. "Oh, one or two, one or two! Cheap you."贱 slave, if not this son will buy you, oh! I will fight to lose you and drag to feed the wild dog!"

Bai Pingzi went forward and seemed to look down at the injury of the green-eyed slave. He blocked the eyes of several traffickers with his body. He quickly pointed at several acupuncture points on his body. The green-eyed slave only felt black in front of him. I lost consciousness.

On the way back, Bai Yan went to the Fanghai Medical Center to ask him to come, because the green-eyed slave suffered a heavier injury, so Fang Hai decided to return to Bailishanbai with Bailu after he had treated the wound for him. Jiazhuang, after his injury is stable, he will return to Beiguan City."Hey, don't tell me, you actually like a man." Bai Yan poked his head out of the carriage and called Bai Pingzi, who was riding alongside the flatbed, all the way.

The green-eyed slave is sleeping on the flatbed. Bai Pingzi has been staring at his face. It seems that he has to see a flower from his face. Bai Hao has to doubt that this guy who looks like a romantic but has no wife yet. Is it true that it has been concealing its authenticity... The green-eyed slave is dirty, but it has produced a standard "knife-cut surface"--cutting the face with a broad outline and a tough line.

This kind of questioning about "the true color of men" immediately made Bai Pingzi wake up from the shackles and loudly defended: "Whatever it is, it is only when he looks strange and looks at him."

"How is it strange?" Bai Yu only had an impression on the green eyes, and the other did not feel anything special.

"He...he is clearly the king of the tyrants. Can a novel with such a face be a hegemony, how can it fall to this?" Bai Pingzi looked at it for so long, making sure he was not mistaken.

"You said that he is the king of the king?"

Bai Pingzi hesitated for a while and finally nodded.

"I have never let you show me too. What kind of appearance do you think of me?" White smiles like a smile.

Bai Pingzi smiled and said: "Is that still used to say? My lady is naturally a goddess of falling fish, a fairy who looks like a moon!"

"There is no need to emphasize such things that everyone knows. I am so embarrassed to listen to such humble and low-key people!" Bai Yan was serious and serious, and his face was not too embarrassed. The white house guards around her carriage heard the voice of the master and the self-proclaimed voices of the two men. They did not change their minds and did not tremble. Even the eyebrows of the mouth did not tremble, obviously it has been tested. .

Bai Hao is really interested in trying Bai Pingzi's ability, retracting the carriage and taking the white enamel for her pre-prepared syrup to carefully remove all the things on her face, this time again probed the window to Bai Pingzi Road "You give me a good look today, don't be kidding."

Bai Pingzi looked red and looked at his face and began to turn red. He licked his face and coughed twice. He had been watching himself for so many years, but he still had no strength. The woman in front of him was really beautiful, but he It’s also a child who grew up watching her grow up. Really!

After setting the mind, Bai Pingzi made a round of psychological construction for himself. He turned his head and looked at it again. He looked at his brow and wrinkled it up, and the wrinkles became tighter.

"How?" Bai Yu was so curious about him like this... Could he really see what?

Bai Pingzi opened his mouth and finally said: "Nothing..."

The white cockroach reached out and pulled the jade tassel hanging down from his belt to pull it on his side. Bai Pingzi was afraid of robbing her with her, even more afraid that she had pulled out his belt too much, and it was really Lost face and lost, quickly took the horse and leaned back to the carriage, and asked for mercy: "Miss Miss, stop! The belt will break!"His temperament is exaggerated and hobby. The belt used is a jade jewellery. It looks good and looks good. It is not as stable and durable as ordinary leather belt. If you continue to contribute, it will definitely make him ugly on the spot.

"I said, I said! Miss you let go!" Bai Pingzi finally surrendered.

"You said that I will release it again. If you dare to lie and perfuse, hey!" Bai Hao no longer pulled the tassel, but he would not let go.


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