Yu Ren

By E Mei

017 green eyes

017 green eyes

Bai Pingzi is the kind of light bulb-shaped beauty man who not only looks good, but also loves beauty and smug. He likes to be praised, no matter where he goes, he can instantly attract others' eyes.

There is a saying in the workshop: It is inevitable that it can be served by Miss Bai Da, even if it is not very capable. However, in the place where Bai’s beautiful men and women can gather, they are still as conspicuous as the fireflies in the dark, and they are also the second-in-command Bai Pingzi. It is conceivable that the looks and abilities are superior.

He often accompanied the white people to buy people in the market, so that the barbarians who were not aware of it believed that he was the principal, but he did not know that the real one was the little sister who had no sense of existence around him.

"How do you like this?" Bai Yu pointed out that the young slaves brought by a trafficker whispered to Bai Pingzi.

"This is not good. You see that his head-to-head items are easy to be jailed, and the temper is indecisive. He still has to punch and roll, and he is more violent and vicious. The most important thing is that the bridge of the nose is sloping, solitary and difficult to commit. This kind of person is clearly a disaster star who is not good!" Bai Pingzi shook his head, and his set was very professional.

Most of the barbarians are required to make a scroll... But Bai Yan thought about it, or decided to give up this decisively. Although she is not very convinced by the opposite technique, she does not want to risk getting a hard-working guy to toss herself.

“What about this?” Bai Yu also pointed to a barbarian girl who was locked in the left front of the wooden bar. She actually likes to buy girls. She is relatively gentle and well-behaved. Second, if girls fall into some products. In the hands of buyers, encounters are much worse than male slaves.

"The long bones are thick, the eyebrows are weak, and the eyebrows are weak. It is clear that it is a labor." Bai Pingzi grinned, the girl looks pretty good, but at first glance it is perennial work, the skin is rough and the face is good. Minus a few points.

"Good! Great! The best of the work! Happy, buy her!" In the white brain, he immediately put the work directly on the horse and made the horse equal, and pulled the sleeve of Bai Pingzi to urge him. .

Bai Pingzi shrugged and went up to ask the price of the trafficker next to the girl. The barbarian girl saw the beautiful peach face of Bai Pingzi, and her eyes brightened. She could barely understand some of the language of Laos and knew Bai Pingzi. I was going to buy her, and I was so excited that my face was red and I was stunned by the sorrow.

The trafficker also recognized Bai Pingzi, knowing that he was a big customer, and he was very fluent in the country. "This girl is beautiful and sensible. One can do two or three gimmicks. If you want me, I will sell you cheaper. , five two!"

Five or two? ! This kind of barbarian female slave is worth a maximum of three or two!

Bai Yu and Bai Pingzi cooperated many times, and even the eyes were saved. Directly loud: "The son, such a girl looks like a coquettish, still so expensive, are you going to buy it back to do it? Be careful, my wife will lose her temper!"

Bai Pingzi immediately showed a hesitant look and pretended to sigh: "Nonsense! What to do, the little girl doesn't talk to the lady!"Bai Yandao: "The son, just the price of three or two ... and that kind of honest and clever." She swept the pretty woman with a slight disappointment, while pointing her hand to the other, where exactly there is a barbarian businessman selling There are a few female slaves under my hand, and I can’t see how they look in the distance.

The two two are indeed a reasonable price. The trafficker sees that Bai Bai has already tried to pull Bai Pingzi over there. He is in a hurry and is busy: "Slow! Slow! Good price, don't leave!"

The pretty woman next to him is more anxious. The head of the house is full of fat, and her eyes are terrible. There are no such things as chastity in the barbarians. The younger female slaves are clear about what fate they will be, but If the other person is such a handsome young man, she will feel much better.

Therefore, the white scorpion pretended to pull people away, Bai Pingzi's face was hesitant, and the traffickers tried their best to stay in the guest, and the price dropped to three or two. Bai Pingzi, followed by Bai Pingzi, talked about business, and came forward to give money.

The rope on the foot of the barbarian girl was untied and brought to the front of Bai Pingzi. She slammed down and slammed her head. Bai Pingzi pulled her up and asked, "What is your name?"

"I, call, Nova." The pretty woman was a little shy in her face. Bai Pingzi saw such a look and waved his hand to let the white fifteen people take the car outside the city.

"Well, if she is free, she must not accept the money to help me!" Bai Pingzi proudly said that people are good at taking advantage of it.

Bai Hao did not take care of him this time, but spit out a completely irrelevant statement: "Green eyes!"

"What green eyes?" Bai Pingzi looked down at her gaze. The original barbarian girl was brought open, revealing another barbarian slave tied under the wooden fence not far behind her.

The person was bruised and bruised. The wound on the calf was vague and deep-visible. It looked like a beast caught in a hunting stalk. It lacked the necessary treatment and began to show signs of ulceration. Other injuries were also very pessimistic, and at this time, I was half-lying on the wooden fence. His messy, dirty half-length hair covered the big half of his face, his eyes were drooping, and he didn't see how his face looked. If it weren't for the ups and downs of his chest, he almost thought he was already a dead man.

"He just blinked his eyes, green!" Bai said.

"Cut, there are more green eyes in Zhuangzi." Bai Pingzi did not agree. The "green eyes" in his mouth were all the white dogs raised by Bai Yu.

The barbarian traffickers who were talking to other guests turned back and found that they had not left yet, and quickly rushed forward: "Is there anything else that the son has to look at? Ah! This, oh... he is strong and strong.

It’s a good job to be alive! ”

In the eyes of Bai Pingzi's contempt, the more the trafficker said the smaller the voice, the more guilty: "It was a little hurt, that... the son had just visited, I offered a discount, just... five or two!""It’s almost dying and I’ve been hurt a bit! Look at the wound on his leg? Don’t say how much it costs to cure him. It’s abolished to see this injury. Is it a good idea to give me a price of five or two? I have to give it to me!" Bai Pingzi is not good.

The trafficker bitterly said: "The son, this person I sent it over and over again, always have to collect a little..." He also knows that Bai Pingzi is telling the truth, but he can't let him really give it away.


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