Yu Ren

By E Mei

016 people buy things, I buy people

016 people buy things, I buy people

"What is it?" Cui Zhenyi glanced at the beggars around her, and the servants in the room all retired and left their two sisters to speak.

The cousin is the mother of Cui Zhenyi's mother. The surname Liu Mingzhen is true. She squats on the opposite side of the west wing. "Before I said that there are military documents in the main room, no cousin allowed, no one is allowed to enter, even the cousin you are the original lady. I don’t want to go in. I just wanted to see the West wing room. The damn old slave actually said that it was the room that the cousin gave to the guests, and I wouldn’t let it in! Don’t you be a cousin? You are not as good as the guest?!” It’s obviously she wants to see it. West wing room, this saying, it seems that Cui Zhenyi wants to see the West wing room in general.

Cui Zhenyi did not go to break her little trick and thought: "You can ask the stone butler who is the guest?"

Liu Zhenzhen just went to his tantrum and didn’t even think of this festival. He stunned: "No..."

Cui Zhenyi frowned, the custom of the dynasty, the son-in-law was generally placed in the West Chamber, the young master of the minor was living in the East Chamber, and she also noticed that there seemed to be some fine flowers under the West Gallery, but only a few under the East Gallery. The potted bonsai that is going to die, is it really strange that this West Chamber?

She was curious in her heart, but she was not allowed to rely on Lu Ying's reliance on the steward Shi Wei. She and Lu Ying had not met yet. They didn't want to be offended by Lu Ying's steward, and turned their eyes to Liu Zhenzhen: "Go to order." Your little orange-red mouth is sweeter, and ask other people in the house, who are the guests in the West wing room."

Liu Zhenzhen nodded and said: "Okay! I really didn't expect that the cousin of the general of the Peking University, the general of the Peking University, was so small, even a serious servant did not have..." It was worse than her Liu family! The two servants who had just hosted them were actually borrowed temporarily. After they had cleaned up and reorganized them, they left the housekeeper and left. The cousin’s two rewards were given, hehe!

Cui Zhenyi is interested in the road: "This kind of wild land, how can it be?"

"I really don't know what the cousin thought. I haven't had a big fight here for a few years. I don't know if I want to go back to Beijing to see it. I have to stay in this kind of ghost place, and have my cousin alone in Beijing..." Liu Zhenzheng It seems that Cui Zhenyi is unfair, and there is no temptation. She wants to know whether the relationship between her cousin and her cousin is really as legendary...

Cui Zhenyi’s hand holding the cup was slightly trembled and did not speak. After Lu Ying went to Beiguan City in the past few years, even the Mid-Autumn Festival did not return to the capital. It is said that he is a self-respecting person, and he has a heartfelt heart. He also said that he is a sincere person. Cui Zhenyi’s mother-in-law knew what she had done to him in the past. Although they later re-raised the marriage through various means, Cui Zhenyi also became his original wife, but he also knew that he had a dissatisfaction in his heart. Guess whether he wants to see Cui Zhenyi.

Of course, this kind of thinking is just a flash. The two mothers and daughters think that the wood has become a boat. The marriage is given by the emperor. Lu Ying can't take a divorce in his life. One day he will be soft.

However, the reason for this is difficult to tell people, Cui Zhenyi can only hear Liu Zhenzhen.Liu Zhenzhen saw her cousin ignore her, and she felt that she was not interested. She secretly snorted and turned her head. "The cousin will come back in a few days. It’s better to arrange this backyard. He has a big man in this place. I don’t have a caring person to take care of me. I’m sure I’m happy to see my cousin so intimately for him.”

Cui Zhenyi was a bit interested in this and nodded. "We have limited things. Let's take a rest tonight. Come to the city tomorrow to see what needs to be bought. Come back and buy it. Also inquire with the butler, put nearby The house was bought and rebuilt, and we also lived easily. Otherwise, I would buy more than two. I don’t know where to put it. This is really too cold.”

When Liu Zhenzhen heard that he wanted to buy something, his eyes brightened and his mouth said: "This small place, I am afraid that nothing can enter the cousin's eyes."

Cui Zhenyi smiled slyly and told her to come and wait for her to go to bed. Liu Zhenzhen also went back to rest.

At this time, Lu Yingshang patrolled hundreds of miles away. He did not know that the person he most wanted to see in his life had already gone to the room and bought one for one to bring a villain for him.


Chalk is a different woman, such as her biggest hobby in life, not to buy things, but to buy people!

Since she recovered from her three-year-old illness, she has only concentrated on three things. The first is to make money, the second is to buy people, and the third is to enjoy. And making money is entirely for the enjoyment of buying and buying people, so when she finds that the people under her hand have been able to make money, they focus on enjoying and buying.

On June 16 this day, Bai Hao ordered the white guards to stand by, prepare horses and horses, and bring a large amount of money to go to the market. It is not a general gathering. The target is the “people market” in the north of the city.

The so-called "people market" is the place to buy and sell people. Since the arrival of Lu Ying in Beiguan City, it has banned the sale and purchase of the market of the people of Laos. Later, with the trade with neighboring ethnic groups, some of them used to do business in Laos. The barbarian began to sell the slaves to Beiguan City. As long as they were not reselling, the local people Lu Ying was too lazy to manage. Over time, the north of the city of Beiguan was a place where the barbarians sold their slaves on the second and sixth month of each month.

There are more than 20 tribes scattered around the city of Beiguan, which are strong and weak. The smallest tribes have only a few hundred people. Generally, the Yi people are too lazy to distinguish them carefully. They all refer to them as barbarians. These people lived a nomadic life. There were no fixed sites. The tribes often attacked each other to seize better grassland sites. The slaves they got to the North Guancheng were mostly looted from the defeated tribes. .

These slaves are barbarians, the outline of the five senses and the people of the country.

It is totally different, and the words are unreasonable. Generally, they are rarely blamed after buying them. Most of them are more sturdy and hard-working than the local people in Laos. In one sentence, they describe that the limbs are developed and the mind is simple! Therefore, it was very popular with some merchants in Laos. Even the capital of the country, I could see these barbarian slaves by chance.Bai Hao is already an old customer of this people's market. With a large number of guards swaying through the city, many barbarian businessmen are rushing to come and talk to them to sell slaves.

Because the flow of people here is complicated, and Bai Yu is planning to do "business", it is rare to let Bai Hao give her a change before the convergence. At this moment, she seems to be a malnourished. The look is very ordinary, people forget and forget, the long Liu Hai successfully covered the pair of crystal clear eyes, quietly standing beside Bai Bai’s famous Saobao two things, Bai Pingzi, even teach people can not feel Her existence.


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