Yu Ren

By E Mei

015 Lady driving

015 Lady driving

The white cockroaches had two eyes and flowers, and said: "They have a pity! I didn't completely ruin them. I just want to make Ahai make money, and the eight scorpions are treated with the sequel to the bones." More than five hundred and two! During this time, I have to take care of it, and accept them eight hundred and two without losing weight! Fang Hai this guy! I am mad at me!"

Fang Auntie also knows the temper of Bai Hao, dare not justify his son, can only smile.

After a few words, I thought that the object of the repair should not be in front of me. I suddenly vented my breath and softly slammed back on the couch. I hated: "Fang Hai’s life is not to redeem, oh!"

Fang Auntie knows that her temper is coming quickly, while continuing to massage for her, she said: "It doesn't matter, let him do something for the young lady. There is a lady who looks after him. He can't afford to lose."

The problem is that she has not lived for a few years. How can these people not save her peace of mind? !

Bai Yan turned his eyes and said: "Let Fang Hai go out and don't say that I recognize me, it's too shameful! I read so many books and even got a few barbarians! If he insists on receiving money, he will cure it, let alone one. Five hundred and two people, that is, one thousand two, they can also get it! He did not see those guys wearing gold and silver is a treasure?"

Fang Da Niang also understands the son's temperament, but what is the solution?

Bai Yu’s heart is thinking about how tomorrow’s people will squeeze the money from the medical staff to the barbarians. The bathroom is quiet, leaving only the sound of hot springs.

When she enjoyed the massage service comfortably, the chickens in the town of Zhenbei were very busy.

Mrs. Lu and her cousin lost a big face in the Tongyun Building. In the rain, with a few disabled soldiers, they rushed to the generals in the north gate of Beiguan City. There was no such thing as a servant in front of the palace. Welcome scene, only the old butler Shi Wei took two servants and two servants sat on the bench under the arm.

Cui had sent a family member, Cui Wufu, to come and manage. At this moment, Cui Wufu was sitting on the side of his arms, lest the lady blame him for his ineffectiveness. He is also very embarrassed. He ran to the general of Zhenbei this morning. The doorman Dianthus first looked at him up and down, and then went to the old housekeeper Shi Weilai.

Shi Wei met him and listened to him. He said that his wife arrived tonight. It was all wrong. He said that he had returned to the letter and said that he was turbulent and uncomfortable. Please don’t come, please come over, how come suddenly? The generals went to the patrol, and it will take a few days to get back to the cloud.

Cui Wufu is also a clever person. This is the end of the matter. He has to continue to fight and ask Shi Wei to arrange as soon as possible.

Shi Wei was specially invited by Lu Ying from his hometown. He also knew some things about Lu Ying’s time. He said that he didn’t like the lady Lu, but after all, she was the original wife of Lu Yingming’s media, so she could not be too scornful. I asked everyone who was in Cui’s line, told the people to clean up the two good rooms in the government, and placed the residences of the next person, and let the nearby restaurants order the seats and then sent them, and they waited with peace of mind. The arrival of Cui.Lu Ying has been inspecting and training for nearly half a year in the middle of the year. When he returned to Beiguan City, he often went to Baijiashan Baijiazhuang as a guest. He stayed in the generals for a very little time, so he did not spend his time trying to renovate and rectify, so he was famous. The generals of Zhenbei have no such name as the prestige. The entire house covers an area of ​​less than one mu, and it has already included two front and back entrances. The front yard is housed in the backyard and the area is similar. The generals have never had a family to stay, and even the inner court where the son-in-law is placed is saved.

In the backyard, there is a two-room room in the main room, three rooms in the east and west. In order to accommodate the lady who came suddenly, the housekeeper Shi Wei and the four family members who originally lived in the ear room of the backyard had to move to the front yard to accompany the doorman. I also temporarily invited people to borrow two servants from Tongcai. I was busy for a long time before I barely cleaned up.

Cui did not know that she had already squandered the grievances of the family members of the generals who had been used to it.

The car of the Cui family and the rushed to the general's house, the rain did not stop, but the rain was weaker. The generals shouted a sigh of relief, and they had to take the rain to pick up the luggage and make some tea.

Shi Wei sees that Cui's is a servant of the family. In fact, half of them are wounded, and they can't help but secretly say that they are robbers on the road. However, Cui did not say anything, he was too lazy to ask, and the remaining five activities were free to help carry the luggage.

The front yard of the General's House is the place where Lu Ying is working. It is mainly the hall where the military generals discuss the military affairs and the rooms where weapons, instruments, and other objects are placed. Where the people are not retained, Shi Wei and several family members have been temporarily moved in. Re-placed the servants of Cui's family, so they took them to the small residential house rented next to the temporary residence, Cui and her cousin each occupied two rooms in the backyard east, two servants two 丫鬟Temporarily staying in the ear room in the direction of the east side of the main room.

The two servants borrowed from Tongcai’s hands were very arrogant and well-organized. Although they were only half a day earlier than Cui’s, they quickly entered the situation. One of them helped Cui’s servant to return the gift, another Boiled tea to prepare snacks, and also prepared hot water for the two sisters of Cui.

Cui's nickname, Zhenyi, is the daughter of Cui Changyun, the right-hander of the Third Military Department. At home, he is also used to arrogance. He was originally angry and felt that the housekeeper Shi Wei deliberately scorned. Now he entered the backyard and found that the general was actually such a kitten three. Two, the anger in my heart is also flat, especially seeing that there is no young cockroach in the house, it is very strange.

Look at the room where I live... Hey, in the generals of the Central Government of Beijing, the room of the next person is more beautiful than this. If it is not for the future of Cui’s family, she will not be wronged in this wild land. !

However, when she thought of Lu Ying, she couldn't help but move her heart. At the beginning, the bride was given a marriage, and the two men went to the church. The room was lit up in the night. Lu Ying was in a hurry and left in a hurry.

I didn't have time to come into the room to see her, but she had peeked at him after hiding in the screen for more than one time. It was really a good man, and he was also a great general of the Holy Father, and worthy of her family.I hope that she will come forward with great pains and hardships, and she will be able to draw his heart...

When I was thinking about it, I suddenly saw my cousin walked in with an angry look. I didn’t wait for her to talk and gnashed my teeth: "It’s really mad! Cousin, those dog slaves are so deceiving too much!"

Cui Zhenyi frowned, and she regretted it. How did she promise her mother to pick up such a cousin who did not know how to advance and retreat to help her, and she was not afraid of jokes.


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