Yu Ren

By E Mei

012 is playing you!

012 is playing you!

"What?!" This time, even the silent Malays were exclaimed, only the old god of Ginkgo was white in the ground.

Lilac eats and eats: "That, that lady is, is the family of General Lu Da?" No wonder that such a big show...

"Ten is the eldest brother's wife." The day is still not moving, as if to offend the first meeting is just a trivial matter.

Ma Lianqi said: "They also did not report the name, and the family members were not the generals. How can you be so sure?" She was naturally unable to have too much contact with Zhenbei’s general Lu Ying, but the general The population is simple, and a limited number of family members often go to Baijiazhuang to go around. One to two, many people in Baijiazhuang recognize the people of the military office. Just those family members, regardless of their appearance, are unfamiliar, otherwise Bai Xie et al. Will not play so smoothly.

"The two ladies just dressed in clothing, the fine workmanship of the jewelry is special, completely different from the ordinary people can use, the family is well-trained, obviously from the big family. This North Guancheng is bordered by the barbarian, although the war in recent years is not There are many, but after all, the situation is unstable. Most of the people living in this area are traders. Those who are rich and powerful are not willing to live in danger. In addition to our white house, there is no such person in the North Guancheng area to support such a family. The male owner is certainly not a local." Bai Hao analyzed that several gimmicks nodded.

"There are ten of them. If ordinary people only visit relatives and friends in the local area, they will not bring so many people. Most of them are driving far away, so they have to bring so many people to escort, and they have just arrived at Beiguan. City, have not found a place to live." Bai Yan saw the audience erected one by one, the more they said.

"Miss, the people you are leaving are not much less than them!" Lilac could not help but snicker and took a nap.

White stunned her and said: "I am a good heart, take you out to see the world and let the wind out, so that you will be saddened by the flowers and trees in Zhuangzi every day. You have opinions, I will not take you next time. ""

"Miss I am wrong, you continue to say, continue to say!" Lilac quickly begged for mercy.

"Hey! The two women are soaring, they don't seem to be on the road, obviously they are going to the destination right away. They value the people they are about to see, and they don't want to be so rude. So it's a pity." In the showers, I had to stop halfway, wait for the rain to stop and pick up and see people again."

"There are no male family members around them. If they want to see an old man or a wretched man, they will never be so careful. Then the lady will stop, even the lady is dressed like a blind date, obviously to see. It is a very important and attractive person to them. It is a man!"

A few thoughts about the dressing of the two women just now, the colorful, really not the usual dressing of friends and relatives, and immediately convinced the white saying.

"In Beiguan City, it is very rich and powerful. Its own conditions are not bad. It is very attractive. It is not that you are staying here for a long time. Besides who is my older brother?!" Bai Hao finally made a final decision.Lilac took the lead in the dog's leg and praised him: "Miss is really smart, observing the micro, seeing miles..."

Bai Yan smiled and accepted her praise, then said: "The most important thing is..."

and also? A few embarrassing curiosities have been cited.

"The most important thing is that the lady's jade hanging on her waist is clearly a pair with the general of the land. It is clearly engraved with a 'Land' word! So understand, careful attention can be seen." It’s not white, but it’s the ginkgo around her.

"Ah? It turned out to be like this!" Several of the sorrowful feelings of the white cockroaches were all collected back.

Bai Hao grabbed the peanuts in the small dish and threw it to the ginkgo. He smiled and said: "Sure enough, you can't let you stay with you for too long. It's all fine. Give me the floor!"

Several people laughed, and the two sisters, Ma Lian and Malan, pulled their faces with a sorrowful face: "How can that be good? That lady is the lady's big sister! Miss you know clearly, how and why?" I hurt their family... Miss, we are going to pay for the wife of General Lu’s, not a misunderstanding..."

Bai Hao listened to this and said coldly: "What is wrong, you talk about seeing me wrong?"

How many dare to say that she is wrong under her "prostitution"? !

Just listen to Bai Yudao: "She sent it to her door to find a fight. I am not as good as her wish. That is to say, people are ginkgo, white thirteen, they are playing, or they are the first to do it, what is it? what?"

Ginkgo turned a white eye: "It is clear that you are telling me to marry them. If you are good, push them on me!"

"Nonsense! I will look at you, even if my eyes can talk, it is impossible to tell you so in detail!" Bai Hao grimacing at the ginkgo.

"Okay! You sent me to the General's House to plead guilty." Ginkgo was wronged.

"You are my family, do you have to pay for it with that woman?" He snorted and said: "I was really worried that the two women couldn't help but move out of the big brother's name... Right now, I don’t know who is not guilty!"

Ginkgo did not care: "I have thought about it for a long time. They really want to say that they are the family members of the generals of Zhenbei. I will insist that they are counterfeit goods. I want to swindle and swindle against the name of the general. I will say it again!"

Bai Hao immediately looked at her with a new look and praised: "High! It is really high! Ginkgo, you are getting smarter and smarter!"

"That is the young lady taught well!" This time, the fruit was very humble, and the two masters and servants smiled. The other three, look at me.

I look at you, and I think of a four-character idiom in the same breath.

The rain outside the window is getting smaller, the sky is dark, and I look out from the Tongyun Building, and the outline of the house in the entire city is smashed. The dark clouds scattered, revealing a crescent moon, the silvery moonlight, the night winds brought a bit of coolness, and the white sorrow suddenly burst into a few untimely sorrows, and casually drank the tea ceremony: "Go, go home!" ”On the way back, Lilac ran on the side of the camel and whispered to the side of the white fruit. "My sister, Baiguo, seems to hate Mrs. Lu. Why is this?"

Ginkgo whispered: "A woman like that, who likes it!"

"Listen to the meaning of Miss, she is not the first time to see Mrs. Lu? Mrs. Mo Feilu has offended her before?" Lilac feels that understanding the owner's preferences is a responsibility and obligation to be competent, seize the opportunity to "predecessors" consult.

Bai Guodao: "Tell you. May you know how General Lu knows Miss?"


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