Yu Ren

By E Mei

011 Dashui washed down the Dragon Temple

011 Dashui washed down the Dragon Temple

Bai Hao drove off the Cork and slowly turned around. When the group saw her appearance, they couldn’t help but take a breath. They almost doubted whether it was the fairy, especially the family. Face obsessively started to stay on the spot.

Bai Hao was used to this scene and didn't care. He glanced at the ginkgo around him. Ginkgo would know what to do. He said to the woman: "Since you know that this layer is my lady's bag, please speed up. When I left, my family was the most impatient and idle when I was eating.

This is very rude, the servant who was shocked by the white-faced appearance wakes up, and his face changes, and sneer: "You know who my wife is?!"

Ginkgo does not say anything under the white shackles. It is a good hand to quarrel and bicker. When you listen to this, you will be happy: "You don’t even know who your wife is. You have to ask me? Go back and ask and understand. "Clove, Malian and so on, I can't help but laugh."

The servant was trembled with anger. She was so embarrassed in front of her master that she wanted to turn her lips and feared that she would be more wrong. When she was brewing, another servant came up and pulled her sleeves loudly: "This township Ye Xiaomin told them nonsense, toasting, not drinking and drinking fine wine!" After a wave of gestures, the family members came forward to start.

White Thirteen Although they are very strong and not arrogant, but in these births, the self-recognized professionally trained family is just a group of ordinary widowers who are unscrupulous. Going up, some of them even thought that after they had knocked down Bai Xie and others, they might have the opportunity to slap on the white enamel and those beautiful squats, and use their hands to make extra efforts.

But when they got started, they found that it was wrong. These people seemed to have changed their appearance in the blink of an eye... but it was already late. Bai Thirteen and others were quick and embarrassed, and the skills they had practiced were always straightforward. They were all aimed at the joints. They were all out of the blue. The ten homes were laid down five times. The remaining three were stubborn. Standing, but his face pale, a pair of arms softly hanging on the side of the body, clearly dislocated, and two completely harmless because they are responsible for protecting the six women, did not rush forward, so survived .

This is still the result of Bai Shi and other people's mercy. They have not used wooden sticks because of the hints of Ginkgo. Otherwise, Fang Hai’s medical museum may have more live “advertising”.

Although these family members are not as good as the white thirteen, they are also very hard, and no one is screaming. The four servants were stunned by this unexpected scene.

They have also encountered some accidents along the way. They have always seen how their own family members are playing their heads and screaming at their opponents. When they think that today, the situation will be reversed.

The lady who was guarded in the servant's servant's face was pale but still calm, and the young lady who was already scared to face no one's face, slammed her mouth hard, almost screamed.

Bai Hao looked at them with a smile and smiled. He said: "If you want to be arrogant, you can see who the opponent is. Let's go! Waiting for us to stay?"Mrs. Gao took a picture of the girl’s shoulder and gestured to her calmness. She straightened her waist and fixed her eyes and looked cold and cold: “Is the unknown girl’s name?”

Bai Hao ignored her, turned and said to them: "Don't eat! Don't worry about those people, the dishes are cold, it's really disappointing!"

This kind of plain neglect is like a slap in the face of the lady. She doesn't say a word, and she keeps the jingle around her and goes downstairs. The lady is coming back, and the evil is in the direction of the white saying: "You are offended. My cousin, you will regret it! You know who my cousin is?!"

How can this woman learn? Ginkgo couldn’t help it anymore, smiled and said: "You go home and ask who your cousin is, and it’s not too late to come."

This time, even the white thirteenth, etc. could not hold back, and the hall burst into laughter.

When Mrs. Gui saw her cousin’s ugliness was degraded, she complained that she had taken her own insults and turned back and walked away.

Most of the family members who were knocked down were dislocated or were forcibly sprained with muscles and bones. They helped each other with a simple treatment and slammed down the stairs.

On the second floor, I saw the guests with their eyes wide open and a look of lively look. This pedestrian was even more anxious and could not wait to dig a hole. Many of these people are regular customers of Tongyun Building. They all know that the upstairs is Miss Bai Jia. When these people rushed to make trouble, they already guessed the ending, and they waited and watched the drama one by one.

The lady was so big that she had never been so humiliated. She continued to go straight to the first floor, and no matter how heavy the rain was outside, let Xiao Er take their horses and go out and get on the bus.

When the lady got on the bus, she succumbed to tears and said to her, "Cousin, why did you stop me from telling me the name of my cousin? I don’t believe it. The little monk listened to the name of the cousin. That is arrogant!"

The lady coldly said: "Become like this, it's a good idea to carry out the name of your cousin. I feel blush when I pass it out!" She regretted that when the shop owner came up to persuade, why did she listen to the cousin's embarrassment? Not taking advantage of the situation, the result was not even clear, but lost such a big face.

Of course, the skunk who dared to humiliate her, she will never let go, wait for her to meet the husband, I must let the husband give her this breath, then she will not tear the smug face of the skunk. Now!

However, I can’t let the husband see the gimmick... I’m so young and I’m like a fox...

Upstairs Tongyun, Huang Bo commanded two small two to reconcile the tables and chairs in the fight to the original state, and for the people in the store failed to stop the evils and apologized to Bai Hao, and then retired.

Bai sighed and said: "I have done too much good things recently, or a face that has become a gas-filled look. How come out of the door today, and someone rushing to make troubles?"

The four faces are quite different. This is really quite strange. These years, Miss is also a "bad name" in Beiguan City. Only she is bullying people. Who would dare to succumb to her to provoke her? However, I encountered two calls at a time.Lilac said: "Maybe it happens. I heard that there are a lot more merchants in the city recently."

Ma Lian squinted: "The people who have just come are not like the merchants. They are dressed, they are not easy to see, and they don't know who the lady is."

Bai Hao took a sip of silver and ear, and said: "On my big brother's house."

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