Yu Ren

By E Mei

010 Whose backing is hard?

010 Whose backing is hard?

"Look at the following people, we are comfortable, but we are comfortable sitting here, not only do not need to go to the rain, no need to hurry, and soon there are food and food, do you not feel very happy? Is the mood suddenly too good?"

A few suddenly realized that it was a schadenfreude! It should have been understood long ago that the happiness of the young lady is based on the suffering of others!

As he said, Huang Bai personally brought a second to come to the restaurant. The white pheasant and the four big cockroaches sat at the window, sitting on the table with the screen white and thirteen, and the dishes were very rich, but the weight was not Counting, especially on the white side, although it is eight dishes and one soup, each dish is very "exquisite", just the right amount of food for five women, but the white ones are all on the big plate.

Although the amount is not the same, but the materials and thoughts of the dishes, it is obviously a lot of advantages on the white side.

Huang Bai went to Bai Bai to perform a ceremony and was trying to pull a few words. Bai Hao had already waved impatiently: "A good business does not do, what do you do here? Manage the things below and talk again." ”

It’s dinner at the time, and it’s raining. The guests in the building are more than usual. The two floors below are full. When it’s too busy, Huang Bo knows the most annoying and generous gift of his lady. Do not dare to say more, retreat to work.

Bai Hao was very annoyed to be surrounded by people during the meal, so not only the entire third floor was wrapped down, even the second child did not stay, the ginkgo took the silver chopsticks for the white clam cloth, wait for her to raise the chopsticks to eat, this only to call other丫鬟 and the white thirteen table to start dining.

Every time I go out with the lady, there will be a big meal to eat. White Thirteen and so on have long waited for a coveted, and I can start it when I hear it. I immediately swarmed up and let the wind blow the leaves and let go of the belly.

In contrast, the table of white enamel is much more smug, and Bai Yu sneaked over it and said: "Hungry people, I don't know, I thought I didn't give them a full meal!"

Ma Lian smiled and said: "Where there are such fat hungry people in the world, they are doing this virtue. Miss is not good at it."

As I spoke, suddenly I heard a quarrel of arguments in the direction of the stairs, followed by a crowd of footsteps, from the ladder to the ten gray-haired men who looked like a family, followed by two middle-aged servants from the age of 50. Four young people in their teens surrounded the two young and beautiful women.

The two women who came up later were all dressed in white robes, one of them wearing a sapphire blue jacket, a woman dressed in a peony-studded long skirt, and another wearing a goose-necked narrow-sleeved captain, lake green Floral dress, the cover of the jade brocade half-arm is the girl's dress. It was just unfortunate that I caught up with the rain, and the skirt feet were covered with rain and cement dust, showing a bit of wolf.

As early as the beginning of the change, Bai XIII had thrown the fat to his mouth, and jumped up and stopped at the entrance of the corridor.One of the other middle-aged women came forward, and the eyes swept over the white-eyed and other people who looked fierce and sullen. They looked at the white storks sitting at the window and looked at her. The four big cockroaches immediately guessed that the leader of this group was the only woman still sitting in the chair.

Open the eight full-faced escorts and don't say that the girl's beggars are so eye-catching, the hair accessories on the head of the clothes are the general ladies in Beijing, and they can't afford them. These are like sly, on the temperament. I don't know how much to win! This woman is not willing to admit that these few embarrassing, looks not even lost to her family and Miss Miss, I really do not know who can find such a woman in this Bianbu town.

It seems that the other party may have some origins... But when she thinks about her husband’s identity, she immediately hesitated that point and raised her eyebrows: “It’s raining, please ask this lady to make a few conveniences. Seat, let my wife take a rest, as for the cost of the third floor of the girl, my wife is willing to pay half."

It’s polite to talk, but the words and phrases reveal a sense of incomprehensibility. The third floor is spacious and can accommodate seven or eight large round tables. Now they only use two of them to occupy the entire floor. The woman is conscious of her own requirements and conditions.

In the kitchen, Huang Bai had a white dessert after dinner. He listened to Xiao Er to report that he had made a hard-hitting incident on the third floor. He was in a hurry and stepped over in three steps.

He ran to the stairs and just heard the words of the woman. At that time, he was in a bad mood. The temper of his own lady did not dare to say that he understood very well, but he also knew that five or six points, these people rushed to the third floor and had already committed. Miss's taboos, even the attitude is tough to say that the lady has to give up a few tables, the most inappropriate thing is to say what the cost is, he can almost predict how the lady will repair these people...

"Guest officer, this layer has been wrapped down, the following an elegant guest is preparing to check out, can you wait a moment to go downstairs? The store must pack the place as soon as possible." Huang Bo grabbed the first time to persuade before the white replies. I hope that these people will be taken down quickly, so as not to be afraid of things - not afraid of the accident of his young lady, I am afraid that these foreigners who do not know what to come to have an accident!

Someone did not understand his kindness at all, and the girl next to the lady whispered: "Cousin, this is the biggest cousin of Beiguancheng. Let us let them be, let us be better, and then pass it out and teach people to squat." Cousin husband."

The girl saw that she was angry when she didn’t lose her line. She saw that a few beautiful faces were even more enthusiasm. She also saw some worlds. Although the other side’s followers are numerous, the audience is not small, but obviously not Since the official school is a civilian, what can be scrupulous? And on the mountain, she does not believe that there is anyone in Beiguan City who can be harder than her... cousin!

The lady listened and was also in the heart, they came from Beijing.In the city, in the past, the power of Beijing is as good as a dog. Even if the elder brother is not too small, he has to be a man with his tail. He is so hard to come here to the town. Do you still have to bear this patience? When she thought about it, she didn't have the thought of going downstairs. Even if it was more convenient for them to take a break, she would have to take up this layer!

Huang Bo looked at this pedestrian and didn't move. He couldn't help but be anxious. He was waiting to persuade. He suddenly heard the white saying: "Boss, there is nothing for you here, go on!"

As soon as I heard this, Huang Bai knew that I couldn’t say anything more. Some of them sympathetically glanced at this group of people who were so arrogant and ignorant of their lives. They shook their heads and stepped back. They told the younger ones that they could never go upstairs again. Anything happens, don't worry about it.


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