Yu Ren

By E Mei

008 Selling a price

008 Selling a price

The big men on the road are hung with a thick gold gemstone chain on their necks, and the waist-skinned skirt is still very eye-catching even among a large number of merchants from all over the world.

This kind of clothing is obviously a merchant of the northwestern Nuban. They have only recently started to go to Beiguancheng to do business. The main items sold are leather goods. Their custom is to wear the whole body, so if you have a little money, you will buy gold and silver jewelry. Such dressing is very ridiculous for thieves. Fortunately, most of them are strong and brave, and they like to act collectively, so they don’t dare to attack their ideas.

Then again, in the North Guancheng, only these "newcomers" will not rush to sneak into the muzzle of Miss Bai.

Although the sun has been slanting in the west, there are still a lot of people inside and outside the teeth. They stopped at the door, and the people in the teeth couldn’t get out, and people outside the teeth couldn’t get in. It is rare for someone to dare to make trouble in the nest of the first local snake in Beiguan City. Everyone is holding on to the fun of watching the crowd, and waiting to see what will happen to those who are looking for death.

Bai Shanglu wants to go forward and drive away these few barbarians, but sees the white cockroach around the white cockroach licking his eyes to the side, clearly indicating that he is not busy.

Bai Shanglu knows that Miss White is a vicious episode and wants to tease people. This is the place where the white family is. The young lady is surrounded by a cloud. What is going to happen, the loss will definitely not be her, so he will stand by and sit back. It is.

The white eyes of the church swept up and down the big man again and said: "How much do you value, to see where to sell, if you want to sell to my white house, you are worth one hundred and twenty silver."

Nowadays, the average five-person family eats and wears one month and two silver. Because this year’s disasters are repeated, people are everywhere. Therefore, a dozen young silver people in the territory of Laos can buy a strong young man as a slave, and a white one will offer a price. One hundred and twenty two is really an exciting price.

The big man did not expect that Bai Yu would give him such a high "evaluation." In the Nuban, one hundred and twenty-two silver can buy at least thirty young slaves. Of course, it is impossible for the big man to sell himself, but he was also grinned by Bai Ying.

"You have three gold gemstone necklaces on your neck, two pairs of earrings, a gold beaded leather belt on the waist, and the gold color is normal. The price is only eighty-two. The leather skirt leather material on your body is good, but it is definitely depreciated when you get the pawnshop. At most, the price is two or two. The knife that you have on your hand, the jewel inlaid on the scabbard and the value of the knife itself can barely be priced at thirty-eight two, for a total of one hundred and twenty-two." The icy tone counted Dahan’s full body.

Dahan stunned. Seeing the front and back of the crowd, the thief whispered his head and then screamed. Then he turned his head and looked at him. He grabbed his companion and asked: "What are they laughing at?"

The companion did not understand, and he shook his head at him.

Behind the white cockroach, the big white ginkgo grinned and said: "My lady's meaning is that you are worth a little money on things like this, people, it's worth nothing!"The Dahan was insulted in public, and under the wrath, he slammed out the Sabre, and the fierce and screaming screaming swearing, he was going to attack the day.

How could Bai Yan be hurt by him? She didn’t even have a look at her eyes. The white thirteen guards behind her had jumped up and lifted the wooden sticks around her waist and called them to several Nuban people.

The moves of several of them are simple but very efficient. They all attack against the joints. The precise angle of the hand is a hit. After ten screams of scalp, the eight Nuban people have all fallen. The tragedy of the land, from the perspective of the unnatural bend of their hands and feet, I am afraid that the joints that were hit will not break and crack.

White Thirteen and so on are very skilled to divide four people, and they will quickly drag these disarmed soldiers out and throw them around the corner. The small workers who pass the wealthy teeth move their clothes and other things, and everything in the blink of an eye. Restored to the original state, as if nothing had happened.

There was no trace of blood on the ground, but when the people who witnessed the violent scene looked at the day again, they could not help but express their fear.

Beauty is like a fairy, such as Rakshasa!

Bai Hao swept all the people in the hall and sighed helplessly: "Hey, hitting and killing, the most annoying!"

Bai Shanglu felt that the temple began to ache. He smiled and whispered to the white sigh: "You are right when you are less likely to be a tooth. I am afraid that no one dares to come to the door."

"The few guys didn't come to do business at all! You sent a clever eye to the two people, and then sent someone to inform my brother's men, and there was a spoiled door." The white man pointed out the crowd outside the door. The two tall men who turned to leave, whispered.

Bai Shanglu looked a glimpse, and he quickly called two crickets and he would follow suit. Then he sent the white scorpion out all the way. This time, when people saw her, they were far away, and they dared not come up to stop the road.

"How do you know that the two people are spies? Just a few of the Nuban people, you deliberately let the white thirteen they put down their hands?" Bai Shanglu walked, and whispered.

Bai Hao smiled and said: "When the Nuban people stopped me, I found that their leader often looked back unconsciously, especially when he felt that he was very prestige or was not confused. When I understand things, I know that there are others who are instructing them to make trouble, and they are behind them."

"I noticed for a while and found that behind them, two people looked weird. The eyes were obviously different from other people who watched the fun. Well... very calm, although the mouth is followed by squatting, but there is no ordinary person watching the fun. Excited. And they put their hands together on their chests and deliberately hid them in their sleeves. Now the weather is so hot, I can’t wait to pick up my sleeves. HeThey are so shrinking their hands, it must be that there are other things in the sleeves, is the hand buckled, or is there a dagger in the sleeve? The general spies are not afraid to hang their swords on their waists. The sleeves are the most common weapons. They don't necessarily plan to attack anyone, but it's a habitual action—when the task is out, the hand is blocked on the chest, and the hand protects the weapon of self-defense, and the heart will settle a lot. "This kind of person Bai Jia has gone too far, and Bai Yan can recognize it at a glance."

Bai Shanglu is convinced by his heart, and his own lady is obsessed with the slightest ability of the people. He has been used to it for years.

Between the two men, they walked to the carriage of the white horse. Bai said: "The ultimate goal of those people is not the name of our Bai, it is probably the big brother."


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