Yu Ren

By E Mei

007 We want to keep a low profile!

007 We want to keep a low profile!

Bai Shanglu did not say anything, but it did not mean that he was convinced. He just was too lazy to waste his tongue and turned into a silent protest.

"That, I said before that you should broaden the business of the teeth to the coast in the first half of this year and get in touch with the sea merchants. Have you done it?"

Bai Hao suddenly talked about the business, Bai Shanglu did not dare to neglect, and righteously replied: "Fortunately, not to be insulted. I let the southeast rudder under the jurisdiction of the car and the big manager Sumu responsible for this matter, everything goes well, the biggest five seas The company has already set up a cooperation agreement with us. In addition, Sumu is negotiating with some small sea merchants to form a fleet, opening up the relationship between the South China Sea Islands and opening up new routes. By the beginning of next year, the first shipments should be arranged. ""

"Well, then, apart from the expansion of coastal business and new routes, the income of this year's dental line will have to double again." Bai Hao nodded and continued to ask.

"This goal can be achieved by mid-October." Bai Shanglu said that he has a well-thought-out plan, and other management personnel in the account room are looking forward to the chest and have a good reputation.

Since the establishment of the tooth line, the annual growth rate of income has been incredibly high. However, this year's domestic disasters have been the worst, and the situation is the worst in the past years. How easy is it to double the income last year? !

But they did it, not only did it, but it was done ahead of time! It is worthy of being proud of everyone on the line!

"Yeah, I asked you to do something, you have done it. What else do I have to worry about? I am waiting for the money to be collected." Bai Hao once again changed the appearance of the hippie smile.

Bai Shang Lu was stunned and speechless.

Bai Hao looked up and glanced at the many senior executives present. He smiled and said: "Everyone has worked hard. The extra part of this year's earnings of the teeth will be used for everyone's dividends. For the rest of the year, please Everyone is working hard to make more money and have a good year!"

When everyone listened to the happy color, I didn’t know who was taking the lead and cheered. The room was filled with joy and thunder, and only Bai Shanglu’s face was stunned by a group of people who owe him one million two refused to return.

When Bai Hao waited for them to calm down, he smiled and said: "I have something to discuss with you in the big deal. You should go back and do your own things first."

After everyone has gone clean, Bai Shanglu is not welcome, and he stands up and says: "Miss, you...you, how can you..."

Bai Yan laughed innocently: "Don't be excited, don't be excited, have something to say! Do you want to say that I am defeated?"

"This is what Miss you said." Bai Shanglu stretched a coffin face and used his eyes to complain about the white 茯苓 - you also have self-knowledge!"The money can't be earned. The income of the tooth line will double this year, which is enough for me to spend and the basic consumption of the Baishi industry next year. Talent and people are the most valuable things in the world, and invest more in the proceeds to buy. People's minds and recruiting talents are the long-term business that can't make a profit. It's more than a dozen fleets. It's more affordable to open more routes. Don't look so open! The biggest one you get. Oh! You put me on my face like this, I don’t know if I am mean, you let you work in white.” There is no one around, the black-faced handsome man in front of him is one of the most trusted people in the world, and Bai Hao is even more unscrupulous. Sitting on the table.

"What do you say?" Bai Shanglu has some heartbeats and his mouth is still very negative.

"I know that you want to save more money to get the sea route as soon as possible, so that the business of Baijia Business in the capital and the mainland will expand faster, but if you think about it, it is not a good thing to develop too fast. Our business branches The leafy grows into a towering tree, but there is not enough foundation below. The wood show will be destroyed by the forest wind! In Beiguan City, the Tiangao Emperor is far away, and the older brother cares about the brother and sister friendship, let me be, other places? If the development is too fast and too obvious, it will attract the attention of the court. The days of our semicolons will be sad." The white plaque is difficult to explain to Bai Shanglu.

"I also want to make the business a big hit in the bustling city of Beijing, but those high-ranking officials are all blood-sucking, fearing that our business on the bright side will not be done before they are sucked up. Although there is Our people, but they are only a few years old middle and lower bureaucrats, traders, and management in the wealthy family. There is really something going wrong, and the places that can help us are limited. We are now going to border the coastal business. The foundation has been stabilized step by step. After several years and ten years, our people in the DPRK are in power. We have enough talent and capital strength in our hands. What can we do?” Bai Xiaoxiao Yingying’s painting is beautiful. The vision.

"I understand." Bai Shanglu took a deep breath, and the lady said that it makes sense. Perhaps it was the smoothness of the past few years, which made him eager to find.

"You understand it, the books, I let cloves, Ma Lian help me see, they are also old, it should be more work. You accompany me to see the storeroom!" White 茯苓 stood up and got a dress , Lala Bai Shanglu's sleeves.

Bai Shanglu shook his head helplessly: "Yeah, it's time to give you a solution and make a cow."

"Well, let them learn from you more, the best cows and horses of mine are you!" Bai Hao said very bachelor.

In this way, Bai Yu threw two hard-working cockroaches to do cattle and horses in the account room, and he took the rest of the entourage to follow the Bai Shanglu to kill the big warehouse in the teeth to rob.

Bai Shanglu presided over the teeth for many years, his eyes were extraordinary. He could see the things left by the eyes, and the ones that were taken out were rare rarities. The white cockroaches were more picky than him. At the end of the application

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