Yu Ren

By E Mei

005 Border City Female Overlord

005 Border City Female Overlord

Was robbed of "good life", and I still want to be robbed, can't wait to sell as a slave? What is the world? !

A few foreigners were stunned, and they finally decided why there was no evil thing in the street. No one came out to speak up and help each other. The feelings of these people outside the border were assimilated by the barbarians. Completely subverted!

Even in the minds of the gods and soldiers, the same towns in the north of the army are mixed with the horses that help the abusive, the fish and the people, this world has really changed.

On the carriage, Bai Yan carefully read the sales contract of Huang’s lady, and satisfied with it: “eight thousand seven hundred and one!”

On the top of a restaurant near the mouth of the nailed nails, Yang Hao, who was dressed as a rich family, finished watching the recent enthusiasm. He was frowning and looked at the ebony carriage that gradually went away. He sneered: "Miss Bai Jia? It is a good life. prestige!"


Xiu Li’s wife, Huang Shi, was named Huang Wei, who was the only daughter of a literary student in the nearby town of Guihua. Because her mother was seriously ill and poor, her father gave her to her neighbors under the circumstance of private media. Li Xiucai of the village was married and changed his salary to treat his wife. How can he know that Huang’s mother still could not be cured? She went to the second year of her daughter’s marriage. Huang Laotou was heartbroken and unattended. After half a year, I also died.

This Li Xiucai began to be normal. Later, he was tempted by the shackles of his hometown and became gambling addiction. He lost his family property two years ago and fled to the north gate city with Huang’s debt. When I arrived here, I still didn't change my death. I took Huang's hard work to make money for embroidering and earning money. I also started to fight against Huang. Originally, Huang felt that marrying a chicken with a chicken had already accepted his life. However, he suddenly found himself pregnant in the past few days. It was a happy event, but Huang’s inadvertently learned that Li Xiucai, who was so mad, had secretly agreed with the gambler. If the son is born, he will go to the field to sell it to gamble.

Huang only felt that the sky was clear and the determination to protect the flesh and blood in the abdomen defeated everything. She is a weak woman. Naturally, she can't do anything. Under some trade-offs, the owner of her embroidered workshop has found Bai Pingzi, the governor of Baijia, and she has just had a scene of “strengthening his wife”.

Yang Lan heard the news that his men were ordered to inquire, and slowly turned the jasper finger on his hand and said to the beholders: "It seems that this white lady is really a bodhisattva. What happened to her and the Zhenbei Army?"

Another spy went forward: "The rumors of the city, the general of Zhenbei, Lu Ying, and her brothers and sisters are commensurate with each other. The relationship is extremely close. In the past two years, the imperial court’s failure to fully distribute the Zhenbei army and the military’s demand for silver were all white. The young lady paid for it, and even placed a lot of disabled soldiers in the army and the orphans and widows in their homes. Her prestige in the northern army of the town is not lower than that of Lu Ying. It is said that the military is listening to her from the middle and the middle, that is Lu Ying. No exception."

When Yang Lan heard the military squad and the military-needed silver two white plaques, he took a handful of jade fingers and flashed a hint of coldness and irritability in his eyes: "Where is the white family apart from this white lady? Can there be other backings or who is too close?"The spy said: "The White House moved to Beiguan City ten years ago. No one knows the background of their previous background. Bai Jiashang has the white master white ugly and the wife Mu's, and the two only have a single daughter, say this. The two couples love their daughters very much, and the size of the family is decided by Miss Bai."

When the spy said this, he paused and continued: "Baijia operates the largest Tongzhi tooth row in the northwest region. Every year, there are countless transactions with neighboring countries and barbarians. Rich people can only be enemies but only those in the border area know. Fame, the main managerial helpers have their own sales deeds in the hands of Miss Bai, the specific size of the Tongcai tooth line, the outsiders have no way to know. But I have never heard of the white family and which side of the forces are closely related."

Time is limited. Before coming to Yang Lan, he only looked at the information collected by Lu Ying, the general of the town of Beijing. He never noticed anything else. Now it is not easy to get the people to go out and listen. It is not easy to get these news.

Beiguan City is far from the capital city. What is the specific situation? The Beijing city is not known at all. It is only known that since the British army was sealed as the general of Zhenbei, the town’s northern army has repeatedly frustrated the barbarian. The north has already been near. Two years of peace and nothing, and the royal high-ranking officials who have breathed a sigh of relief in the capital began to remember words such as "King Gao Zhenzhu" and "bearing their own weight". The emperor decided to repeatedly send people to Beiguan City. Come and check it out, and see if Lu Ying has already given birth to a heart, and he will take precautions.

As a result of various power games, Yang Lan, the six emperors who have never been valued, became the secret of this action. Yang Lan also knows that this trip is unpleasant and dangerous, but it can't help.

Now the big emperor brother is fighting with the emperor's brother to kill you. If he exposes his strength too early, he will soon become the target of the two factions, or be dragged or killed. The latter is not good, the former is not. It was forced to consume the capital of the people who could not afford to marry others, so he chose to continue to keep a low profile and pretend to accept this task with helplessness.

In Yang Lan’s view, the crisis may not be a turning point. Now, the two forces in Beijing and China are coming to me to fight. It is also a good thing to avoid it temporarily. He is not interested in choosing any side. The father has been strong in the past few years. No accident, at least three or five years will sit firmly on the dragon chair, and now reveal a pair of attitudes toward the throne, there will be no good end.

It is a pity that the Emperor and the Second Emperor did not seem to understand this point, or they were too confident in their own forces. They felt that the position of the Prince would be decided among the two, so they only thought about how to kill. other side.

Yang Lan is only concerned about how to complete this task, and it is very important for the father to have a satisfactory result. Therefore, on the way,

He has been thinking about what kind of results the father wants to see.

He envisioned several possibilities, but the premise was to figure out Lu Ying’s attitude. It’s just that he didn’t even think about it. He hadn’t touched Lu Ying before, and he first saw such a beautiful but arrogant woman in Beiguan City. Her relationship with Lu Ying was not simple, and her own background was more intriguing...Waving his hand and letting a few men retreat. When there were only two of them left in the room, Yang Lan asked: "This white house sounds like a North Gate City..."

"The heart is awkward!" The column is a slow-spoken word that hides bloody blood.

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