Yu Ren

By E Mei

004 This lady is Wang Fa

004 This lady is Wang Fa

The young woman seems to be only twenty years old, but it is awkward. At first glance, it is a very hard-working and hard-working person. Many people immediately recognize that she is Li Xiucai’s wife, Huang.

The young woman was brought to the front of the day, and Bai Yan carefully looked at her. Although the clothes were worn and patched, they were still very clean and tidy. The eyes were slightly awkward and nervous, but they did not shrink. The pair was no longer young and delicate. The smooth, white palm is now unconsciously placed on the abdomen.

Right! Listening to Bai Pingzi said that Huang had a pregnancy, and for the sake of the child, he took the initiative to find a home for help. That is equivalent to saving another person, which is eight hundred and seventy-one! The more he looked at Huang’s satisfaction, the more he turned to ask Bai Shanglu to make sure: “Is Bai Pingzi talking about her?”

Bai Shanglu nodded, and Bai Yan impatiently glanced at Li Xiucai, who was screaming on the ground. He frowned: "Let's go faster, I will go to the teeth later. Well, remember to let him put I also signed my wife’s book."

"Yes!" Bai Shanglu promised to give the sales contract to a guardian white 12, and the other white eleven had taken out the ink pad from the saddle bag, and turned out a format standard for the wife. Followed up.

Because Bailu loves to buy people, this kind of common deeds are uniformly printed and carried by the white family to meet the needs of the time. Just fill in the corresponding names, price codes and other items according to different objects, and sign and confirm.

Li Xiucai was tumbling on the ground. Suddenly he was picked up by the collar and put in a pen. He only listened to Bai Xie in his ear and screamed: "Quickly signed, misunderstood the uncle, see me. Don't kill you!"

Li Xiucai stunned and gritted his teeth: "I don't sign!"

Snapped! A resounding slap in the face, Li Xiucai turned around in a whirlwind, and his ears and bells rang.

"Signing is not signed?!" White Thirteen smiled and lifted the palm of the palm of the hand, swearing.

"I signed... I signed..." Li Xiucai looked around and everyone stood by and watched, fearing that they would not agree again, they really wanted to be killed by them.

Shaking his hand and twisting his name on the sale and his wife’s book, he pressed his handprint and added a big silver ingot in front of him. He looked up and saw that his wife had been taken away by the two beautiful faces around him. . Seeing that Bai Hao got up and planned to return to the carriage and left, Li Xiucai did not know where the power came from. He suddenly jumped two steps and shouted: "Long Lang, you are robbing your wife, there is no Wang Fa in your eyes. ?!"

As I said, the roadside came two soldiers wearing the military uniforms of the Northern Army. Several foreigners who were filled with indignation were relieved. Who knows the name of the Zhenbei Army? ! They have a strict military discipline and are brave and brave. Since they were stationed in Beiguan City, the barbarians have never dared to come and rob the nuisance. In the eyes of the people of Laos, they are the embodiment of justice and the existence of Tianbing Tian!The two northern soldiers of the town heard the shouts here. They walked up and looked around. They immediately understood the matter, but they did not enforce the law. They stopped the white-shoulders who bought their wives on the street. Instead, they took Li. The show collapsed and said: "What?"

Those outsiders who saw this scene simply felt incredible. This is the Zhenbei Army! The heroes of the country are invincible, and the military discipline is strict! How can you do this kind of help? !

Bai Hao listened to Li Xiucai’s question and wanted to laugh. It’s really enough for the dog’s blood. This kind of chaotic world, actually someone actually ran out to ask her Wang Fa? !

There must be Wang Fa here, what else is she mixed!

The most important thing is, when this shit Li Xiucai abused his wife, why not say Wang Fa?

She turned and walked to Li Xiucai, and smiled and said: "You don't know, in Beiguan City, Miss Ben is Wang Fa?!"

I did not expect that one day I could say this classic "word of words" in public! Really not ordinary!

Especially this is still a full ten truth!

In order to thank Li Xiucai for letting her have a chance to speak, she decided that it would be difficult for him to beat him today!

In addition to a limited number of foreigners on the scene, everyone felt that this was of course very good, even including Li Xiucai, who was beaten on the ground.

He seems to finally recognize the situation, picking up the silver ingots and squatting on the ground, and dare not say more than half a word.

The two northern soldiers of the town went forward, and they looked like a spring breeze, and they were polite and white, and said: "Why should such a person come to work, Miss Bai, and say to our brothers, people still Not directly sent to the house?"

Bai Hao smiled and nodded, said: "Next time, next time you must ask a few military lords to help!" But the heart said: When the street grabs such a prestige and interesting things, let you do what I have fun?

The two soldiers chatted with Bai Shanglu and Bai Thirteen around her, and agreed to leave the party at a certain place someday. From beginning to end, I didn't see Li Xiucai on the ground.

Bai Hao let Bai Shanglu hand over his wife's book to Huang's collection, and he applied his own deeds to the next destination, leaving the crowd watching Li Xiucai, who could not climb on the ground. Point, there are many arguments.

Merchants A Road: "Seeing no, seeing no, the four sorrows around Miss Bai, oh, that water spirit... They should be close to the age of marriage, so I have to go back to the calculator to be a good friend... ..."

A few foreigners were shocked. Miss Bai slammed the evil slaves into the streets and robbed the women. They only care about the hustle and bustle of others, but they also thought about the hustle and bustle of others... and, oh, a small sedan Going back, is it still a good friend? What is this white house?

Merchant B: "Hey, you are a virtue, you just dare to think about the shackles around Miss Bai, give you a rough and make the woman almost the same!"

Merchants C: "Compared with Miss Bai, her domes are more beautiful..."Everyone started to say: "Be out of heart, crazy, Miss Bai’s idea is also dare to fight?! Such a fierce woman broke into the door, and where are you standing? A poor service, the calculation of the top of the disk is light, Just killing you is also a white death!" Merchant C automatically silenced the crowd's incredible gaze.

Passing the woman A: "Hey, Huang's scorpion is so good that he can make Miss Bai look at her eyes. How can Miss Bai not look at the shackles? She wants to buy 俺, that is, she is willing to slap the two silvers." ”

Passerby E said: "You don't look in the mirror, just like the respect of your mother-in-law, the barrel-like body, and the thick needles of the needles, unless Miss Bai blinks. You are up! Don't you post it!"

The woman A was furious and furious, and she fought the smugglers and chased the passerby B... There was a sudden jump in the dog on the street, and it was very lively.


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