Yu Ren

By E Mei

003 A married woman

003 A married woman

In addition to comfort, the white scented car is not as luxurious as the outsiders, and the most special one is the small mechanism that adds a lot of shockproof when the axle and the body are made. There are many chic in the car. Designed to make it comfortable to work or rest in the car.

For example, there is an ice trough in front of the carriage and under the driver's chair. There is a vent hole on the upper side of the ice trough. When the carriage is moving, the wind is poured into the car from the air holes, and the cold air of the ice bucket is blown through the compartment, and the person sits inside. At least, I couldn’t feel the heat outside the car. Even the driver who drove the car felt refreshed.

At this moment, Bai Hao was sitting in the car without sitting down. He looked through a pile of thick sales deeds and muttered in his mouth: "Plus these are a total of 8,690, even today. A total of eight hundred and seven hundred. There are still 1,300...and three more years...should be more than enough..."

The carriage quickly reached the destination of the east of the city, and the white merchants and white thirteen immediately jumped off the horse. Four of the guards stepped forward to help the white camel, and the other three From the white thirteen, I ran to the small alley in front of me and knocked on the wooden door of a broken grass house.

Near the mouth of the carriage, there was a bunch of people watching the crowd, and the well-informed person guessed: "Hey? Isn't this the Li Xiucai family? Miss Mo Feibai has taken a fancy to his wife Huang?"

The four rafts next to the car have already been busy, one of them took out a weird wooden frame from the camel saddle bag and turned it into a chair. The other took out the silk umbrella and the other was under the carriage. Once pulled, a small wooden ladder was pulled out.

The last one pulled the door open and reached for the white horse to get off the bus.

Everyone's eyes are involuntarily concentrated in the door, and even some people can't help but make a sound of swallowing water. The whole North Guancheng people know that Miss Bai is a rare beauty in the world!

A small white hand emerged from the ebony door, and then a green silk sleeve. The hand in the sun is like a translucent sheep white jade. It is delicate and can't see a trace of pores. It is weak and boneless. On the pink satin sleeves, it is exquisite and unobtrusive.

Suddenly, the surrounding area was so quiet that it was audible. Everyone did not consciously hold their breath and waited for the owner of the hand to show up. Even the voice of the white 13 was far away and ethereal.

Finally, the body is graceful, a white embroidered silk silk white dress with a white squat under the support of the squatting down the wooden ladder in front of the door, stepping off the car, she stepped on the ground and slowly stood up straight The body looked up, and the black hair of the waterfall was rolled up. There was no jewelery, and a beautiful little face was exposed in front of everyone.

The white pheasant, which is less than fifteen years old, still looks a little childish. The eyebrows are a bright red cinnabar, and the jade girl in front of the Guanyin in the legend of the Ten Ten is not as good as the world.

Bai Hao couldn't adapt to the violent sunshine outside the car for a while, and blinked slightly and then slowly opened. The people around him only felt that the dark and clear eyes seemed to be staring at themselves.Holding her big white fruit and fruit, she took her to the prepared chair and sat down, and took out the fan and gently shook it. A few of them are regressive, and their temperament and clothing materials are not as good as those of the Beijing city. They are more and more generous, and there are so many people around them, but they are calm and calm. It seems that the chickens and puppies standing next to each other are worthless.

However, everyone will not be as openly as they are in the downtown area.

It’s a little bit that I don’t mind being surrounded by people in this situation. It’s rare that I look so beautiful, but I’m afraid of people watching it? Standing out is the merit of beautifying the environment. Coupled with the fact that she has never done a good job of not keeping a name, today is going to be such a big thing, the more people look, the better!

She is only concerned about one thing at the moment. I don't know if the pretty capable Huang Shi in Bai Pingzi's mouth is really so good. Otherwise, she will run out of the big sun and "get in person" will be too bad.

This is a big event concerning her face and reputation. Everyone knows that she wants to grab only handsome men and women!

Over there, the white thirteen door slammed for a while, and the wooden door finally opened before the collapse. A thin, sloppy, yellow-skinned scholar opened the door and gathered so many people at the door, and immediately ate. Amazed, not waiting for him to speak, he was dragged to the front of the carriage by the white thirteen hand.

The scholar looked up and saw that the white scorpion, just like the fairy under the umbrella, suddenly straightened his eyes and was a little disappointed.

Bai Shanglu took two steps to block his line of sight. He looked at the scholar and looked up and down. His eyes showed a bit of disdain. He took out a deed from his arms: "You are Li Duanfang? Is Huang's wife?"

Li Xiucai looked at the young scribe who was glamorous and handsome in front of her. She was secretly saying: It was a slave, but it was such a big shelf, hehe!

But I didn’t dare to be slow, and said: "Yes, yes..."

Bai Shanglu nodded and said: "My family wants to buy your wife Huang Shi as a beggar. The price is 12 or two. This is a sales contract. You have signed this."

Li Xiucai snorted and ate: "Small, little life, no, I have said that I want to sell my wife."

Bai Shanglu has not yet opened, and next to the white thirteen has already hit a punch in his stomach, Li Xiucai was beaten like a shrimp on the spot, holding his stomach and huddled to the ground, screaming.

"My home owner wants to buy, you don't have to sell it and you have to sell it! Or do you want to drink alcohol without drinking?" White Thirteen has always had an extraordinary passion for playing a fierce beater, and it is no wonder that every time he goes out to grab people, he loves it. Bring him, smells like it!

Some foreigners in the crowd see this situation

They shook their heads and whispered: "There is no reason for this. In the broad daylight, I dare to grab the women!"

However, there are only a few foreigners who are angry, and the locals are all relaxed. Not only are they not angry at all, but they are all excited gestures of watching the show.The white scorpion is quite arrogant, and with his seven-seat "hands-on" dressed around him, the fool will run out to see the courage. Moreover, this little foreigner does not believe that Miss Bai, who is as beautiful as the fairy, will be the wicked person who condones the murder of the city.

The follow-up development was completely out of their expectations. The eyes were not blind, not to mention the drink. The two shackles around her were escorted by two guards and went straight into the straw house of Li Xiucai. A beautiful young woman.

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