Yu Ren

By E Mei

002 slow-moving beauty

002 slow-moving beauty

Yang Mei reluctantly said: "Uncle Niu listened to the evaluation of Miss, it is estimated that it will be sad to eat." The "name flower" which is useless in Baikoukou is also quite a lot in Baijiazhuang. The uncle is the Baijiazhuang flower. The big boss of the smith, the favorite is to cultivate rare flower species, these famous flowers are his life roots.

It is a pity that Bai Hao has never had a good impression of the famous flowers that need to be carefully served. She prefers breeds that are well-bred and have practical value. This spirit is also carried out in her attitude towards people and things.

"That can save a few meals." Bai Yu is seeking truth from facts.

Yang Mei was defeated by the young lady who had a good hatred. She suddenly remembered the things that the husband had told me before, so she said: "Xiang Gong said that the teeth have recently come to a batch of goods, many novelties, and asked the lady if she wants to go to the teeth. Take a look at the reconciliation."

After the operation of the white house's dental line was on the track, all of them were handed over to Yang Mei's husband, Bai Bai, and the management of the land. The white crickets rarely asked, as long as the money paid in each month is constantly increasing, proving that Bai Shanglu did Well, it is enough. On the contrary, Bai Shanglu often pursues her report on the dental affairs, and reminds her to reconcile her.

Bai Hao is still interested in the "new novels" that Bai Shanglu said, and he is full of food and drink. It is suitable for going out to bully male and female females. The activity is a bit of bones: "I have not gone out for a few days, so I will go there this afternoon. The teeth are good. Bai Pingzi does not mean that there is a Huang's woman in the east of the city. It looks good and has a good embroidered work? We just took the opportunity to get her back!"

"Miss, the selling deeds in your hands are almost more than the silver tickets. What do you do with so many people?" Yang Mei reluctantly said that although she and her family have been redeemed, but the invalid deeds are still stated. Staying in the hands of the day, it is said to be reserved for commemoration, she does not understand what this is a strange hobby.

"I am happy!" Bai Hao lazily fell on the ship's board and turned over, looked down at the lake, naughtyly took up his own hair and stroked the water, and the circle of cockroaches quickly attracted a few The bold fish rushed to chase the "food", and the white cockroaches watched the stupid fish being swayed by their own hair and laughing happily.

On the ship's board, the girl with smooth curves is covered in thin clothes. The graceful girl's posture, Yangmei can't help but see the gods even if she is the same woman. I don't think of the one that I have seen in the tooth row. The hard-to-find sheep fat white jade flying fairy statue, only feels that the girl's posture is all beautiful, compared to the jade like more agility, it is a vivid and perfect living treasure.

It’s just like this pair of good skins, I don’t know how many men are willing to bow down to the skirt, but unfortunately it’s such a weird temper. Where do men dare to marry such a woman, oh!

Seeing that Miss is going to be jealous this year, she is replaced by a woman next to her. She has such a wealth of family wealth. The matchmaker has already swarmed and slammed the threshold of the White House. What is it like her? Until now, no one dares to come to the door to raise a family, even the beggars around her are a hundred times better than her hundred times!The most important thing is the attitude of the lady! In the face of such a dilemma, I am not ashamed to be proud of it. I still have a slap in the face with three people in the past three days. I don’t know how to converge.

Bai Hao sat quietly and watched the white squatting on the boat board to play with water, so that leisurely and leisurely life, 15 years ago, she could not dream! And all the changes are due to the girl in front of me...

Bai Hao abandoned the distant memories, stood up and planned to leave, and suddenly remembered something. He turned back and said: "Go out in the afternoon, remember to bring the White Thirteen."

"Know it, I didn't go out when I went out, and I went out with the emperor." Bai Yu casually continued his own fish-selling game, and he snorted. These people around are said to be serving their servants. In fact, everyone loves to tell her how to be a master.

It must be that he is too approachable, gentle and low-key! The white scorpion breathed a sigh of relief against the reflection of the water in the water. The calm water of the mirror suddenly rippled up, and the beautiful reflections became disorganized and distorted.

"In the near future, some people may be unfavorable to the generals in the north of the town. He has a lot of sergeants along with his martial arts. It is difficult to protect others from moving to your side." Bai Hao had to explain the words a little more, and let the white eyes be more than one.

The people in the court, can't help but want to move the big brother?

The white scorpion sat up and took the puddle that Yang Mei handed over, dried the hair, and some depressed sighed.


In the middle of the day, the city of Beiguan City is full of traffic, and the bustling streets are full of merchants from the south to the north. There is a sudden flash of camel ringing in the south of the city, piercing the vocal vocals, and pleasingly adding to the noisy Beiguan City. A few minutes.

The residents of the city and the merchants who often traveled to Beiguan City heard the camel ringing sounds in front of them, and unconsciously looked in the direction of the camel ringing. Far away, a team of four white camels and eight black horses surrounded an ebony carriage to the east of the city. Each camel sat on a beautiful dress.

The knights of the black horse are eight strong men dressed in brown clothes and with wooden sticks on their waists. The background of the white house is complicated. In addition to the white lady of the white name of the village, the white doll is up to the young man who is a few years old. Everyone has a martial arts. The master is not a minority, but it is not revealed.

The name of the serial number is the elite guard of the White House. The white lady's old lady is afraid of her daughter's accident all the time, so as long as she leaves the manor, she will follow a string of guards when she goes.

There are more than a dozen people in the Bai family, and they are all looking forward to each other.

Full of clothing, change clothes to say what is the name of the door, the rivers and lakes heroes will not be suspected.

Next to the team was a white horse. The white horse was a handsome young man dressed as a scribe. He was the emperor of Yang Mei, and he was also a big manager of the White House.This kind of arranging, needless to say, the people in Beiguan City know that the car is definitely a white lady, no doubt!

The ebony carriage that Bailu was sitting on was also very famous. It was made by dozens of skilled craftsmen for half a year under her personal guidance. The appearance looked unpretentious. It is said that the interior is comparable to the Queen’s princess. Driving, but it is only said that only the white lady is lucky to use this car.

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