Yu Ren

By E Mei

001 Non-human life

001 Non-human life

If you knew when you were three years old, you would hang up at the age of eighteen. How would you spend this short life?

Bai Yu said: "I want to enjoy the world's happy and rich, to collect the world's handsome men and women, so arrogant and so arrogant!"


"This is where people live!"

"This is clearly the day of the gods..."

The white sucking nose smelled the fresh water vapor and sighed with satisfaction.

On a hot summer day, when someone was smothered by the sinister sun, she couldn’t keep her skin down. She was lying alone on a small boat to enjoy the cold.

The huge green lotus leaf on the top of the head is like a layer of Luoyang umbrella, which separates the fierce sunshine. The small boat is as comfortable as the cradle as the lake clears, and the little girl who sings at the distance when picking the water chestnut and the lotus flower in the distance. The wind filled with fragrance was floating in a burst.

Lying under the body is a boat board paved with agarwood, the neck under the pillow is the top tribute goose down pillow of the 藕 藕 ,, a small Hetian sapphire double ear 螭 螭 香 香 袅袅 袅袅 袅袅 袅袅 袅袅 袅袅 袅袅 缕缕 缕缕 缕缕 缕缕.

The spice in the furnace was specially prepared for her by the gods of the world. The scent is very light, but it has the effect of deworming and licking. It is thousands of times better than what wormwood is, and of course it is thousands of times more expensive.

As for the value of these things on the ship, it is enough for five ordinary people to eat and drink.

The white cockroach satisfactorily stretched out a big lazy waist, followed by a new half-opened new lotus, the white petal petals set off the bright yellow light green flower heart, and the beautiful color saw the spirit of the people.

Just as the white spirit was infinitely good, there was a discordant snoring in the ear: "Miss, you dressed like this, how is it better if you are seen?"

Not far from the end of the boat, there was another lotus leaf. Another small boat was on the boat. Two beautiful young women were sitting on the boat, one wearing a white-necked narrow-sleeved short-brown cyan dress, and the other was a neat gray-purple short-sleeved dress.

The woman who is talking is the young woman wearing a skirt. She frowns and looks at the white singer who wears only a soft single dress. The face does not dare to agree. What is the difference between wearing a thin shirt and wearing it? This look makes the man see, what the festival is innocent!

Bai Hao turned a small white eye and refused to respond to this question. The weather was hot and dead. She only wore a little thinner on her own site, and did not reveal anything that should not be revealed. She said that she seemed to be open on the street. Same as streaking?

The young woman in the skirt said that she couldn’t listen to the advice. One of her mouths wanted to continue to persuade. The young woman in the same boat was impatient. She said coldly: "Whoever wants to see his eyeballs dug down, Yangmei, what are you?" ?"

Bai Hao turned his head and laughed. "White, you haven't been a killer for many years. How do you still remember these killings? You are so fierce, your family is not being bullied by you? Hehe...you What did you bring to me?"Yang Mei was obviously shocked by the bloody words of Bai Yan, and she did not dare to say anything more. Her time with the day is not long, but she knows that Bai Yu is definitely not a normal woman in the IKEA room. She has seen the white 芍 芍 就 就 就 就 就 把 把 把 伸 伸 伸 伸 伸 伸 伸 芍 芍 芍 芍 芍 芍 芍 芍 芍 芍 芍 芍a daughter-in-law!

Miss is right! It’s really pitiful to be a white-faced husband. It’s so good luck like a family, and she is such a talented and gentle wife.

The white singer slammed a food box on the board, and the foot fell to the white boat. The boat was only slightly sunk, and even did not sway from side to side.

"Osmanthus jujube soup, and iced melons that have just been sent to the city in the morning." The white enamel opened the food box, revealing a white porcelain bowl with a white, floating ice and small powder in the bowl of red soup. Huang Guihua, Juss is braving the cold.

On the boat there, Yangmei took a jade white melon from the ice bucket, wiped the drops of water on the dried melon, and placed it in an ebony dish and cut it into pieces on a white hand.

Bai Hao unceremoniously finished drinking the thirst-quenching drink, and greeted Yangmei and Bai Yudao: "I can't eat this melon alone, you can accompany me."

Serving the young lady to eat and drink enough, Bai Yu and Yang Mei will pack the melon skin dishes. Yang Mei looks at the green leaf powder, and suddenly sighs: "It’s a pity that I am late, I can be as early as a few months. I saw the beauty of the peach blossoms in the east."

Baijiazhuang is on the Baili Mountain in the south of Beiguan City. It covers a large area. From the time when Baijia moved here ten years ago, it has recruited a large number of skilled craftsmen. According to the soil environment, several areas are divided and different flowers and trees are planted. Every season, you can see a lot of flowers blooming. Just like the lotus lake at the moment, there are the peach blossom valley in the east, Xuemeipo in the north, Jufangping, maple forest in the west, etc., and there are nearly a hundred people who care for these flowers and trees on weekdays. Sometimes you have to hire someone to help.

Such a big project and daily expenses, just because of the white saying "like", it is no wonder that her reputation for extravagance is so loud.

"Oh, I clearly remember that you said that you love plum more." Bai Yan remembered the origin of the name Yang Mei and sneered.

Yangmei did not have a formal name, so she was called Yang Erniang according to her family's ranking. After she sold her body to Bai's family, she became a waiter in the white house. In order to show her loyalty, some people also want to please the lady, especially for her name, because she Like plum, Bai Yan gave her the name Yangmei, but also very kindly said: "Sour is right for you."

Yang Mei stood on the head of this fruit that was not elegant. She regretted the intestines in countless times, but she still asked for the name of the white pheasant. She had to knock down the teeth and swallow it.

The name Yangmei blinked at her.

For several years, she gradually got used to it, until she married someone to redeem her body and did not change her name back."Yeah, but wait for the plum blossoms to open, and say that you have to wait for the first half of the year. Meishouxun snow is three points white, but the snow is losing a piece of plum... I really want to go to the winter soon." Yang Mei thinks of the legendary north of Baijiazhuang The beauty of Xuemeipo Merlin suddenly made a great sigh of poetry and began to toss a schoolbag.

"But I think the peaches are much more delicious than the sour plums." The white enamel thinks of the sweet and juicy peaches, and the eyes are bright, so the love house and the black land decide that the peach blossoms are more pleasing than the plum blossoms.

"I don't like the taste of lotus seeds, but the lotus roots are delicious! The lotus leaves can also be used for cooking. It is much more useful than Yao Huang, Wei Zi, Mo Ju, and Shizhang Beads!" I have completely scorned the famous peony and chrysanthemum varieties that are valuable in the eyes of the world.

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