My Taoist Career

By Jin San

Chapter 213 The last road

Chapter 213 The last road

At that moment, the redness of the sky was accompanied by the heat of the bursts, so that the snow falling in the sky turned directly into rain and the rain was transpiration, turning into steam similar to the fog.

Is this the strange thing that is hard to meet for thousands of years? The other side is still on the side of the heavy snow, but the fog is filled with layers of steam. A red figure is accompanied by the sound of Qing Yue.

That is - Suzaku!

Is there really such a thing? I have become a bit of a war on this road. I have always been a bystander, and I am still a spectator, a sad person who must not stop.

I saw so much, I should stop and stop according to my previous character. But every one I love is gone, I am still on the road.

They broke out with the last glorious life. It was like the Suzaku at the moment. I know that it was Taupo. I remembered the strange red light that appeared in the sleeping Tao Ber in the village of Shouhu. It was like a feathery texture.

It was finally confirmed that he had a great relationship with the ancient legendary Suzaku.

"Chengyi, Lagang Temple has a huge secret and inheritance, including a suzuki feather, the heir of this feather is Xiaobai." At this time, Lushan’s body is filled with a layer of pale golden light. He suddenly spoke to me.

As I crawled and looked at Lushan, his look was calm, and the Taupa, who looked at the fog and couldn’t see the figure, looked far away at the holy drum!

It seems to be very difficult to knock on the holy drum. Yang Lan’s hand is raised high, and it has not fallen to the second.

But I don't know, after this second drop, under such tremendous pressure, can we still advance?

"I want to guard Xiaobo, otherwise the fire of Suzaku will burn him. He can't hold on for a long time. Chengyi, guarding him is my battle and Baima, please!" Lushan looked at me and smiled at me.

The wind blows away the mist, and the fog gathers again and it seems to take the road mountain away.

I can only turn my head and watch me can't stop. Now almost every step is a person's life. How can I bear it? How can I still stay?

The distance of less than 20 meters is so difficult. The robes on the body have been worn out, the fingertips, the knees across the sharp stones, but also very painful, but how to cover the distressed?

Baima, please, please? At the moment, my face is full of tension and dryness. It is blood coagulation. Under the starry sky, Lushan’s conversation with me ends. He can’t go to the end. It’s only a heavy burden to deliver and me. How should I Not paying you? Road mountain

"Sister, Hadron let us do our best to help." At this time, I talked like a month.

In the fog, I can't see her expression, I can only see the blurred figure, I can't see the expression and the figure like the snow, but I can hear the sound of the snow.

The golden light flowing on Lushan’s body, mixed with a thriving breath that has been liked, has begun to flow, heading towards Taupo.

Hadron seems to have been stunned by the sound of Suzaku’s screaming."I only have less than a minute, but it is enough to make you die?" The voice of the Hadron was calm and cold, as if he was from the eyes of hell but still a familiar Hadron. He oppressed the fierce hair. ?

However, is it only one minute? I looked at the pale face of the hadron, and I wouldn't shed tears. Even the eyes that are sore in the blood are already numb, but the heart will still hurt!

Is there any secret law he must have? Is it only necessary to use it after it has been used?

At this time, the red phantom in the sky suddenly shrinks and suddenly into a person's body, the mist is suddenly scattered by the snow!

A person full of red mans appeared on the hillside.

"Oh," his eyes are full of some kind of high-pitchedness, and the only thing that looks at the hadron's eyes is a kind of sorrow. He said to the hadron: "Together."

Such a cypress is very strange and proud, but it is not evil. I used to see it once in the lake of ghosts!

But is that the state of the soul now should be in a state of complete prosperity?

Lushan didn't say too much to me just saying that the flame would burn Taupo's power in this world without any cost at all, so that people can understand this by the inheritance of the air!

But can the guardian of Lushan be able to hold it? If you can't keep going, what kind of consequences will Taupo have? Has it used the same trick as the hads?

In the midst of the snow, the white robes of the upper body of the cypresses have disappeared. The only half of the trousers are left in the lower body. The whole person is in the red light. It is full of a kind of evil red feathers. This is me. The first time I saw the complete look, I seem to know it, this is the last time.

When Tao Bai said that the golden light flowing on Lushan had covered him in an instant, Sun Qiang responded to Tao Bai’s smiling smile and then the two men ran into Yang Lan like two meteors.

This time, since Yang Lan’s appearance, he has no way to meet the biggest crisis. He has to rush to take up the holy drum and meet again!

This is a battle where no one else can intervene. The three figures are criss-crossed in the air and people can’t catch their movements.

I just can feel that Yang Lan’s momentum at this time has been suppressed. He is being chased by Hadron and Tauber. He is just stubbornly bearing

The red light of Tauber is terrible. I saw that Yang Lan had to be surrounded by the river of destiny to resist.

In this fight, Lushan has remained unchanged.

Posture, unchanging look, with a gentle and free smile on the face, looking at Tauber is just on him, time seems to flow very quickly, and soon it is faster than Xiao Chenghao’s spelling. It’s almost a minute away. It became an old man with an unusual old age.

That delightful and thriving atmosphere is vitality.

Lushan, what kind of guardian battle are you?

I am silently watching the love of this scene. I feel that Chen Chengyi is so lucky that I have met so many heroes in my life.At this time, I also finally saw that her hand was full of bright red blood. She was still forcing those blood to flow out in the pool of blood. There is a gold silkworm cocoon with four wings. Absorb those blood

I am not stupid, I can see at a glance that it is blood, can you have one's blood? If you use this way to feed the golden silkworm?

And the side of the snow is surrounded by a cockroach bug. Of course I know the worm. It is her life, the horrible worm that is said to have nothing to eat, and the 'head of the worm', like snow. Give it up?

There is a blood hole in her shoulder, but she still looks like a Qinglian in the snowy mountain, or like a fairy in the snow.

"Sister, you give me the golden silkworm grows very fast." When Lushan was old, the face of the moon gradually became pale. She was talking so easily with snow as if she was feeding someone else, not the golden silkworm. she was.

Such as the snow in the eyes revealing distress, she gently embraced the snow, said: "Yes, maybe it is holding on to miss, how much I miss you, how fast it grows."

"Sister, you talk like this, I don't adapt very much, you don't like it." As if the moon seemed to be a little stunned, he leaned his head against the shoulders like snow.

"That occasionally adapt to it. You see that I let it out, it means to take it back or it will be a big mess, but fortunately this is my life, as long as I am not good, it will not be good." Slightly speaking, it seems that it is a very pleasant thing to say that you are not good.

"Alright, I didn't expect that we couldn't be born together, but we can die together. The fate of such a sister is very deep. In the next life, you must be my sister." The sound of the moon became very light, and the bright blood flowing out of the palm of your hand gradually grew. Become bleak

The golden silkworm does not seem to be full, like the moon, some regrets, said: "You can only do this"

As the snow tightly touched her face as she touched her face: "Yes, the fate is deep, I will come to you, but I will still support it for a while. I still need me."

"Well, I will hold it for a while." As the moon has become a little confused, the hand is soft and hangs down. The white gold silkworm turns into a red gold silkworm and flies toward the sky.

As the snow bugs follow closely

‘咚’, a sound of a heavy object, Hadron, squatted on the ground without warning

"You can only do this."

At this time, I am less than 5 meters away from the solitary temple. I only need to work harder and try again.

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