My Taoist Career

By Jin San

Chapter 70—Receiving the soul

Chapter 70—Receiving the soul

The worms have entered the cave wall under the arrangement of snow, and they are quiet and quiet, just like falling into sleep again.

At this moment, my heart and my heart's emotions have calmed down. Looking at the bugs, I always have a strange feeling. I feel that these bugs are like the tranquility before the storm.

I glanced at the snow, I want to get some answers, but her look is calm, her eyes are just calmly falling in front, not looking at me at all, I can't see anything.

What the hell is this? At the beginning of the closeness, the later recovery, and now a little bit cold, this is actually just unclear, the feeling of unclear, I can not pull like snow asked, ‘Why are you cold to me?憋 很 is very uncomfortable in my heart, not enough to think outsiders.

I calmed down my thoughts. After all, if Xue has already explained it, or just I am too sensitive, in this case, it is useless to think about it. I started to collect the demon.

I told you before in the snow that the monster of this giant snake was hidden in a deformed fang, so when I used the mental power to explore the body of the snake, it was easy to find the fang.

It’s unimaginable. This big demon has a small fang in the upper jaw. The length is almost the same as the tiger claws worn by him. Compared with its huge body, it is really small, and it doesn’t know more than one tooth. Is it very sleepy on weekdays, very inferior?

I admit that I want more!

The fangs were much better than the tender bones of the young foxes. Just a few times, they entered the unique space. In the quiet and dark space, I suddenly saw a curl. The snake that is sleeping.

It’s really just a small snake. Compared with the huge body outside, it’s a world of difference. How small is it? I feel that if I want to wear a bracelet, this little snake head bites its tail, just right.

The image of the python was originally not very good, but the little snake was still alive, not obvious, not terrifying, nor did it know whether it was because of the special hobby of 'individuals', the soul image that it actually showed was A kind of powder blue, pink and blue color, is not a ferocious appearance, there is a pursuit of childlike heart?

I am too lazy to guess what kind of childlikeness this snake is, or use the old method, mentally caressing the body of this snake, calling: "Wake up, wake up!"

What surprised me is that this snake's remnant soul still has the unique 'essence' of snakes. The spirit is pacified, and the feeling of passing back is actually cold and cold, but it is not gloomy!

Compared with the little fox, this snake's reaction is more 'warning', just after I called it once, it suddenly woke up, suddenly set up the upper half of the body, posing an attacking posture, abnormal Watching me with vigilance.The head shape is still the head of the python, and the face is still the face of the python. It should be scared to me because of this appearance, but I can't help but laugh when the mental power enters it. Is this python a problem? The snake's eye should be cold and narrow. It defines the image of the soul as a 'watery' eye. What is this?

It’s a pity, but unfortunately! How can I get a cute fox? Even if it’s a silly tiger, it’s ten times more than it’s?

It is estimated that my smirk has provoked the sensitive nerve of the snake. Its face has a humanized annoyed, embarrassed expression, just for a moment, its appearance has changed and become a real狰狞 狰狞 蝮 。.

Estimated for the so-called 'powerfulness', its body began to expand more and more, after all, this is a hanging and hanging 'thinking world' 'spiritual space' is not limited by physical space, it is only the soul Sufficiently supported, it just wants to grow into a train and is not afraid to break it.

I narrowed my eyes, and I was sensitive. I felt that the integrity of this remnant soul was higher than that of the young fox and the stupid tiger. At the same time, I also sighed in my heart. See how this "smart" and the tender fox are more "smart". When the stupid tiger followed me, was it a complete 'two goods'?

But at the same time, I also drank a sentence: "Enough, don't change, just follow me, just go, don't follow me, continue to sleep here, you become an aircraft carrier and can't scare me!"

I am talking about the facts. If you want to deal with it, you have to deal with it. There are too many ways.

That sells the snake to listen to me so much, and the eyes are smashed twice. It is estimated that I don’t understand the meaning of the aircraft carrier. Then I took another look and didn't know what I was thinking.

At this time, once again, I was full of food and drink, and the silly tiger that was sleeping suddenly suddenly screamed twice. The selling snake suddenly stunned, and then the huge body played like a tender fox. The trick, which broke the balloon, suddenly turned into a small snake, close to the color of pink and blue, and the round eyes.

In the end, what is the ‘bad taste’ of the realm, I am helplessly watching this selling snake, I found that it is better not to interfere with the ‘other’s hobby.

Like the tender fox, the snake climbed to my feet and then circled my feet for two laps. Then it climbed my arm lazily and slipped to my wrist. It was like a Bracelet-like, coiled over my wrist.

I am covered with black lines. What is this? 'A dream come true'?

With the body of the giant python that sold the snake, the heart-felt brother asked me excitedly at once: "Is it smooth?"

I helplessly raise my wrists and sell the cute snakes, so that Cheng Xinge saw its image. Chengxin brother looked at me with a glance at the neurotic disease. Seriously said: "Chengyi, even if you and snow are not There is a result, you can't go further and further in the other direction? What is this? Black crystal

Pink blue bracelet? ”

I looked at him helplessly and said: "Can you not be nonsense? Didn't you see that this is a spirit?""Psychic, you say it is" Chengxin brother is very unacceptable to look at the body of the snake that is already dry, but still scary, and look at what he said on the wrist, 'black crystal powder blue bracelet', on the expression It’s crazy to write.

Put away the fangs, the things in this demon hole have been solved, we don't want to be more delayed here, and quickly left the demon hole.

Chengxin brother is having a heated discussion with me. Who should belong to this big demon soul? I am too lazy to think about it. I said directly: "This thing, just like choosing jade, you have to close your eyes and let them pick themselves. Well, I have a stupid tiger, four big demon souls, just one of you."

"In any case, the tender fox is mine." Cheng Xin brother helped the glasses, and the eyes flashed again.

I suddenly got a goose bump and said: "I know who robbed you of the poison!"

On the other hand, the topic discussed by Wu Laojiao and Lao Zhang is even more nonsense.

"This is absolutely impossible. I have been active in the old woods for so many years. I have never seen snakes eat and spit bones. Isn’t it all swallowed, and then there is no residue? I guess this is definitely A different kind of thing to come to the snake house as a guest, this snake invites people to eat, and the rest."

"Just drag the scorpion? Also invite people to eat, please eat, do you dare to go? You said that this person has developed so old years, from the previous wear of leaves into the present, this snake becomes a demon, it does not Let others have an elegant whole meal? Eat meat and bones? People are demon, people have IQ, do you know?"

I and Guan Xinge looked at each other and saw such a scene unconsciously in the brain. The tender fox went to the big snake house to be a guest, the big snake one bite, one bite! The tender fox eats a bite of meat gracefully and wipes his mouth!

Otherwise, the snake is surrounded by a napkin, with an elegant smile, a stream of water, a bite of meat?

How do you think, how strange, so sloppy, we walked out of this mountain, then, according to my thoughts, should go straight to the next big demon's tomb, to grab the demon, but do not want to be here, someone has waited Looking at us, looking at people, I can hardly believe my eyes.

Yes, waiting for me, there is a dragon, there is a strange old man, looking at me gloomyly, but I can't think of it. In this old forest of ice and snow, there is still a month like them. There is also Huaihuai!

If the moon looks like snow, it will always shed tears, very sad.

As for Huaihuai, I looked at him. He shrugged at me and said: "No way, got caught, buddy!"

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