My Taoist Career

By Jin San

Chapter 28—The Old Village Chief (3) (for the first furnace incense plus)

Chapter 28—The Old Village Chief (3) (for the first furnace incense plus)

The fish farming in the river was quickly implemented under the active labor of everyone, and part of the river became a fish farm.

The benefits of raising fish in this way are quite numerous. The technicians once said that the meat of this fish does not have the astringency of the fish that is raised in the fish pond, and it can maintain a certain degree of deliciousness of the river fish.

Everyone is full of hope, waiting for the harvest of the fish farm, harvested, and will be able to exchange for wealth.

Although the land is not very smooth, but by the waterway, the boat can be transported out by the boat.

Everyone is jealous. This includes the old village chief. He has no children, no wife, and a wife. He passed away three years ago. He is now only working on his work. He hopes to do his work. Name, not for profit, is simple and wants to do things for everyone.

Spring is coming to the autumn, and it will be almost a year after a blink of an eye. The fish farm will be harvested soon.

Everyone is very excited, but this time there is a person to pour cold water on the old village chief.

This person is an old man in the village. The main thing to do is to manage the sacrifices in the village. I heard that there are many things about knowing the gods and ghosts, and there are many rules.

As the place was liberated, new ideas gradually spread, and the villagers gradually refused to respect the old man, thinking that he was superstitious. However, no one said anything. After all, the villagers still pay attention to the sacrifices of their ancestors. This work has to be presided over by him.

On this day, he went to the door to find the old village chief.

"I feel that I should do a sacrifice to the activities of the river god. After all, I would like to ask for food under the hands of the river god. I have to say something." He said to the old village chief.

The old village chief frowned. As a village cadre, he was very opposed to this set of labor and wealth. He accepted new ideas and new education and thought that this was a bad habit that could not be tolerated.

However, after all, this is the old man who presided over the sacrificial work in the village. I still have to respect it. So the old village chief euphemistically refused: "I feel it, now the village is poor, the sacrifices are lived, the live pigs are thrown down the river, everyone I can't afford it. In the future, when the village is rich, you can engage in such activities, and it is not bad to draw a dragon boat."

The old man is an understanding person. Knowing this is actually a refusal. This ritual activity is impossible. If you are not good, others will think that he is taking the opportunity to make a living, sighing and sighing. The old man said to the old village chief: "The river god is not satisfied, it is to take away human life, and maybe the harvest will be recovered. Forget it, let it be."

This kind of statement makes the old village chief feel a little bit angry. This is definitely using feudal superstition to intimidate, but the old village chief still presses the anger and respects the old man out of the door. No matter what, the old village chief is a man and a man. He is not willing to get angry with an old man.

In fact, whether the sacrifice is bad, I don't want to comment. After all, there are always people who like to do things to the extreme, extreme, against one thing, and even with all negation.

Up to now, in fact, such sacrificial activities have been encouraged to protect folk culture and so on. Some sacrifices have also become a means of attracting tourists.What is the reason for this ritual re-emergence? This is not the focus of the discussion. The point is that the old village chief refused the request for sacrifice. He believed that it was a party member, and he should adhere to some principles, and the sacrifice was indeed a waste of extravagance. This poor The mountain village can't afford it.

The season of harvest is getting closer and closer. No matter how strong the old village chief is, there are still some drums in my heart. Just like you don’t believe a person any more. When he said something in front of him, you still have a heart. Some shadows.

On this day, the old village chief decided to go to the fishery to see it. He drove his own boat and patrolled several people who were busy on the fishery. One of these people was still the old village chief’s nephew. The recent blood relatives in the village.

The atmosphere of the tour was very pleasant. After all, this is a good weather with good weather. After all, watching the fish jump from the water from time to time, who is not happy?

However, when the patrol was visited to the edge of the fishery, the weather suddenly sank and the wind blew.

The people in the village are experienced. In this case, they usually go to the beach. This is a big wind. This kind of boat is easy to be out of control. Now at the edge of the fishery, although there is still a certain distance from the center of the river, Danger.

Just when everyone was rushing to the beach, the wind suddenly increased, and it was not controlled by manpower. The water surface began to calm down. The fish that had just jumped out of the water from time to time began to sink.

"Don't panic, come slowly." The old village chief rowed his own boat, still calmly commanding everyone.

This is a small village in the Sichuan area. Because of the numerous mountains, the wind is no big and big. In this case, everyone has lived here for many years, and it is not the first time to meet. Although the wind is so strange in the autumn, the old village As soon as I shouted, everyone quickly calmed down.

One of the younger generations was jokingly said: "Old village chief, let us play, see who is going to the shore first."

The old village chief is happy to promise, but I don’t want this wind to suddenly become a little bigger, and just a little unsettled water surface has begun to churn and become very violent, this is the situation that this river has never been. .

The old village chief’s heart ‘ 噔 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 心 心 心 心 心 心 忽 忽 忽

But what is said at this time is too late, the old village chief has his own insistence on the bottom of his heart, although he began to doubt, but only dubious, but no matter what, under his own eyes, can not be killed, he desperately resists this wind The influence, while shouting: "Guest

Force planning, which first to the shore, ask people to help! ”

But contrary to expectations, in the face of nature, manpower is ridiculous. In less than two minutes, these ships were brought to the center of the river by wind and water, and they kept spinning in the middle of the river.

What is going on in the middle of the river? Everyone is scared and scared! After all, the wind has never been before, the best experience is not to scratch, let the wind flow with the boat, as long as the boat does not turn, the wind always stops.This kind of swirling, strictly speaking, only one possibility, that is the huge vortex!

At this time, the heavy rain suddenly poured down, accompanied by lightning, like the anger of the old days, people feel more flustered.

At this time, the old village chief had completely believed in the saying of the river god, because in a blink of an eye, their ship was swirling in the river for 10 minutes. At this time, some villagers saw the violent weather and thought about the fishery. Or relatives who came to the fishery to patrol the river and yelled on the shore.

In a short while, people are accumulating more and more people in the whole village are dispatched. Everyone is talking about it, and there are activists who are ready to take the rope, hoping to throw it to the people who swirl in the middle of the river.

Is this possible? This river is not a big river, but the old village chief and the people are at least 50 meters away from the shore. Where can they be thrown in the past? Swim in the past? More unlikely, in this weather, how can people swim past?

The house leaked to the night rain. At this time, a sharp-eyed person suddenly found out: "Is that awkward?"

People noticed that the surface of the water began to bubble, and with the boiling water, the people who swirled on the ship had already had some despair, because they had already noticed the bubbling of the water surface. Can you pay attention? Just bubbling around their boat.

'Boom' was stunned and thundered. The water suddenly stopped bubbling, and the wind stopped temporarily. Everything was like a magical big hand, holding the lifeblood of the storm, letting it stop, even the rain was small. It is.

People were pleasantly surprised. Well, the tension was only temporary, and the people on board were saved.

But life is like a tragic comedy. This short surprise has not yet made people feel a sigh of relief. A more shocking situation has arisen. Because it is less than two miles from the boat, suddenly there is a big wave. The waves are not the normal tumbling of the water surface, but there is something huge that lingers in the lower reaches of the water.

"Go!" The old man in the village shouted.

"Is angry with the river god, the river god came to death!" Suddenly a voice broke out in the crowd. It was the sacrifice of the old man. He shouted as he shouted.

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