My Taoist Career Jin San

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Since I was born, I have been "a hundred ghosts", and I am destined to be a Taoist. Soul, devil, snake spirit, hungry ghost tomb... This is a small matter. The Miaojiang martial arts, the mysterious corpse in the southern part of Sichuan, and the legend of the "not old village chief" that is widely spread but not closed? Taoism, Xuanxueshan, medicine, life, Bu, and phase in turn open the mysterious veil... The Taoist origins pass the millennium, not necessarily all legends, I am a Taoist who opened a mysterious and unknown Taoist world for you! ------------------------------------------------ Later here Will become the address, the content is here. Thanks to many friends who come to Tianya and other places, I hope that you will spend a minute to help register an account, click on the chapter, and there is a “recommended ticket” under the cover. Every registered user has one ticket every day. I hope everyone can do it every day. Vote, thank you for your support!

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