I’m Scattering IQ to the Protagonist Sòng Jūn Shí Lǐ

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System: You are the only human who meets the binding requirements of this system, please be sure to bind with me! Su Shi: I have the money, the appearance, the power, the life, the Soviet Union, why do you want to bind with you? System: Because you haven't talked about love yet. Su Shi: ... I feel a little pain in my knee. Su Shi binds a system, and there is only one task, that is, for the brainless male anchor to spread the IQ, the man without the IQ state has a special liking for the female host, and the male owner with the IQ state is entangled with him, he thinks It seems that there is something wrong with it. Su Shi: System, do these men have something in common? System: Yes, they are both male owners. Su Shi: ... suddenly didn't want to talk. The man who just recharged the IQ: Don't talk, kiss me. Su Shi: ... suddenly I don't want to do the task. [Edible Guide] 1, the main subject of this article; 2, 1v1, all-round Su bombing days by vs all-round unpredictable attack; 3, this article Su Shuang, Su Shuang, Su fried days cool! My Amami New Text: "Star Trek Card" My essays: "Deep Pets [Rebirth]" My essays: "My Maps I am the Master [Starcraft]" : "Liu Wen on the standings of the leaderboard [fast wear]" Lily of the base friend: "The girl next door to Emma will play too much, I am so scared"

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