Transformed into the DC World

By Xiang Jing Jing De Dun He

Three hundred and thirtieth chapters ma'am

Three hundred and thirtieth chapters ma'am

"It was an epoch-making invention pieces!" Thea led the deputy minister to go inside, rigid face with a trace of excitement.

No wonder he was excited, in order to allow them to make this "epoch-making" products, Thea It was a marvelous time, Gideon took the reverse derivation of the finished product, reduced to a very low-level version, Thea is down instructions to let them study, and later continued by suggesting that technique "inspire" them and let them think it is a collective wisdom, this has been in front of the product.

Of course, part of which ultimately results in this red house laboratory products among civilizations wanted to change things for their own planet, it involves many disciplines, and this is the reason can be found Thea obviously alien technology shares also insisted on the red house , something good looking, rare talent, cutting-edge talents in all areas of the country can converge together, she personally can not this prestige.

"This product is priced at $ 1.001 million units ... is not too expensive, many civilians can not afford." I do not know what the deputy minister remembered asking out loud.

"Not expensive, for the rich, it is the price of a car, can save your life, how can something too expensive. As for the civilian population can be made simple version or send or sell to major hospitals, all settlements, even after the same can be like teller machines erected in the streets of the city, just a slightly higher fee to complete the treatment. "

Thea casual explained, in fact, she does not care about the money, the basic information of each machine will scan the patient in the software, this information will eventually import artificial intelligence, developed with Felicity before facial recognition software, the West Ya can grasp the hands of the country and even the world's information, most of the staff, this is a priceless thing.

Eye in the sky will be full of global agents, little sign of trouble they can immediately get the message. Luther is on the whole earth orbit launch hundreds of satellites, Bruce Wayne less satellite, but his space-based observation tower, one of the top one hundred satellites. Thea compared to their already far behind on intelligence information, the sky fight, but she would fight on the ground!

"This is the list of persons participating in the experiment." Deputy Minister handed her a paper.

Thea readily took, it does not matter flipped "Huh? ..."

Staring at the document entrained photos, this is a young man, to describe some extent, even a handsome young man, his eyes sweeping Thea register the name "Roy Harper"

"This man has a problem?" Deputy Minister saw her expression change in a moment, a little nervous asked.

Thea looked in, because the applicant has a great maternal abdominal tumor, only this time the opportunity to apply for free treatment, the agreement mentioned are experimental in nature, a certain risk, but also guarantees will assume all subsequent treatment cost.

"That's him right, the fastest time mother arranged for him to start the operation." Thea and not vice minister say, close the data are handed back to him.Until vice minister left, Thea was thoughtfully exhaled breath, Roy Harper is an important member of the Green Arrow team, code-named "arsenal", involved a lot of action Justice League and Teen Titans, which also Bale, the most critical is the original space-time, but his wife Thea, Thea late to take "red arrow" code name also because of this man.

Thea alone watching the sky, perhaps it's atmosphere, beyond the universe really have those rules supreme presence, but so what! Thea such as iron will, she will not shake anything, she wanted very simple and very direct, sum up, the day is Yao Fei taught Oliver words in purgatory on the island "to survive, survive!"

In recent years she studied hard to practice hard, non-stop to get ahead, they fear being abandoned by the world, afraid of their own destiny can only be decided by the sky a few guys wearing a cloak.

"The fate of the dog feces!" Thea light curse loudly, then deputy minister informed her ready.

"Go ahead." They stood on high, Thea gently nodded, indicating the beginning.

Two female nurses helped a woman walked into the hospital accommodation, wearing a red pullover Roy Harper a little nervous waiting at the door.

Thea did not meet up to the meaning, for she did not care about the safety of the patient, and then a big medical malpractice, her magic able to pull back, she just wanted to look at this is to push against the original version of the medical cabin to have much effect.

Extravehicular medical staff quickly complete body scan, because the old woman had not recorded health data, can only live operation, the staff determined the surgical plan by scanning result in extravehicular, after entered into the computer.

Medical cabin door closed, the old woman caught in anesthesia among only a few mechanical arm started work, cesarean section, excision, hemostasis, suture. Originally a least tens of thousands of dollars to spend, even skilled doctors have a few hours to do the surgery, finished less than ten minutes, the patient's signs completely unaffected.

"So soon?" Still outdoor stroll donkey mill as Roy Harper really was terrified at this rate, the staff showed him the body mass index excised tumor and patient.

Roy Harper not entirely convinced that if these data are true, his mother can go home in the afternoon, he was afraid to take these large groups of the poor they do human trials, either too poor to, he was not this application does volunteer medical staff Haoshuodaishuo, he must look for his stay in the field, waiting for the mother's wake.

"Miss Quinn, it appears that the experiment was a success!" Deputy Minister very excited, although this is the crystallization of the "collective wisdom", but as a director, he can go down in history.

"Experimental stop, tomorrow I will arrange for staff to submit an application to the federal government, one month after the sale." If only Star City market, and Moira say, walking programs on the line, this is the mother and collusion can

Afraid place. But now the national market, it needs the approval of the federal government.

Three days later."Miss Quinn, said that the two FBI agents want to see you ..." Miss assistant a little nervous of the two men entered the office cited Thea, two officers and a woman, a man it is a very stout middle-aged African-American, Caucasian woman is very young, and even about the same age and Thea.

They come up with documents that stayed out, "We're the FBI, my name is ..."

Thea sweep, rising from a chair, hand press a few times on the table empty office, a projection appeared in the room "numbering 332,589, I'll look up ..."

As she enters the document number, projections show the other information immediately, but the number owner is a white, middle-aged Thea said, pointing projection Negro "This is a real talent FBI agent, right, who are you? Or who are you to say? "

Middle-aged and young black woman in the eye silent, Thea see their identity is false, it was so blatant hack into the FBI, now disguise was exposed, middle-aged man can do is come up with a document.

"I come from D.E.O paranormal investigation bureau, I was Secretary Hank Henshaw."

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