Transformed into the DC World

By Xiang Jing Jing De Dun He

Two hundred and eightieth seventh chapter romantic ways

Two hundred and eightieth seventh chapter romantic ways

Thea think this disparity magic really dizzy head, but simply in order to concentrate all forces against Superman, even gave up his biggest advantage, sparring with entities and Superman! This is crazy!

But a simple comparison of physical damage, Thea significantly weaker than a few people, even if looks thin little Super Girl can be picked up a stone, crackled in the disparity magic burst Bash.

But with respect to diversification means physical attack power is not high Thea, the power of a strong but somewhat immature Super Girl, Superman and Diana are fully demonstrated the destructive power of the two!

Less than a minute, a little excitement Superman has been interrupted by the parallax magic festival two limbs, Diana and his attack rhythm almost, but Sven relatively few, large gleaming sword, the disparity magic wings and body of the crustacean cut to pieces.

Thea these abnormal stimulus is enough to choke, skip to the beginning of the distant open book disparity endless supply of energy to draw yellow, lines on the books began to clear up visible to the naked eye. Superman glimpse disparity magic flaws whole body to fight the enemy to fly, and Diana from the air landing, parallax magic sword embedded in the head, after flying leaps.

Superman and super woman four straight heat rays hit the magic disparity body, dignified living millions of years fallen guardian, a testament did not even explain it was blown Jifen.

World War finally came to an end one way or another, face tough Superman Super Girl and whispered a few words to explain, and not all talk, leave it alone.

Super Girl Samsam small and greeted a few people also flew toward the other side.

Thea began Shoulong scattered energy of fear, the guardian of the structure of life is really very special, that the use of the Eye of Horus, Thea did not find any physical wreckage, which is good news, as big as a worm, she did not interest dig three feet to find piecemeal.

When Amanda arrived with a large force, is seen after collecting yellow energy and Diana Qiqi Fei go Thea.

"How are gone?" Amanda black face came on the scene a little bit speechless, is said to own this place used to be at the foot of the city's central square to the waterfront with ... once the shops, busy now like to Afghanistan as only to find javelin general inquiry legislation in place Batman.

Batman is also very silent, some people fly away, bat-wing fighter took the night went to the rear, he also wants to go ah, but was beaten in general with the nearby wasteland, even a one-meter high building will not find to his fingers gun simply useless, very helpless blocked a Amanda was strong.

"Fly away!" Batman snappily responded sentence, he determined to go back to the ground can study a flight equipment, and next time these good team demolition of goods, but also afterwards on foot ah!

Not to mention all over the floor and prepared to search the battlefield Amanda Batman against 11 Road home.

Thea with Diana came to the Star City.

I know she does not like to be disturbed, or Diana bit arrogant character, Thea to add two Invisibility, no one else walking in the streets.

"There was a kid I often come to the playground ...""There bald Did you see that? I kid brother took me trouble in his backyard, he chased after us well far from it ..."

"There's Playground want to try that?"

Both Man walking in the streets of Star City, unmanned attention undisturbed, Thea kept introduces some of his own past, from childhood to the youth, spoke of the interesting Diana laughed.

"Playground? I really have not played ..." Thea's proposal for Diana a little eager, but still a bit reserved.

"Come on, come on, your dress, but I'm afraid not." Thea would like pulling her to buy a ticket, but realized that she was a shield of armor sword, you will not be mistaken for crazy ah, with Invisibility play the game, always feel the atmosphere right.

"Fool! I had not had time to just left Paradise Island." Diana style of thousands of white Thea look, a turn of work has changed a black skirt, at the foot of the double pointed heels, waist skirt she looked down and pointed shoes set off a straight and long legs.

Thea speechless ... this guy saying one myself mature, but it is still not very common sense. This is not a model T station and playground, you can play dress like you!

But in order to look her some good fit, Thea originally come up with casual clothes put away, also put on a similar dress dress, the two looked at each other, a great one kind of momentary feeling of titans, can see each other enjoy each other's eyes out no cover.

For their beauty in the playground caused many tourists eyebrows, even the staff could not help Fufei when the package handed two, two is not a fool, right ... so gorgeous dress to the playground?

They did not care about other people's eyes, Diana is not care, Thea is purely a thick skin.

Many adults with children to play, Wood looked at them a high-heeled dress playing a variety of recreational facilities, if the average person is no problem, but why the two color values ​​surprisingly high.

Diana, who is full of classical beauty of Greece, which is the contemporary United States and even Europe is also invisible. Thea Not to mention, she has tried convergence of breath, but still by Vaillant fear Eye of Horus revealing a trace of atmosphere, it is kind of dangerous intoxication charm.

"Here, try this!" Thea said as he handed a small cake of Diana, Diana, now is not the original time and space, an ice cream he sent the young women.

Diana took, a little lick, nice eyebrows wrinkled up "too sweet ..."

"There? Have you?" Thea Chuaizhuo understand the fool, a perfect place in Diana licked bite.

"Oh, dare

Take advantage of me! "Slapstick between two tiny few, that wire alienation gone, like back to the Paradise Island in general.

What a roller coaster like bumper cars full of children playing the game they did not get involved, holding hands and walking in the midst of the crowd, and occasionally a few to see two women dressed, would like to start the Maozei, have been distributed among the invisible Thea momentum shaken until the two women out of the good far realized his gaffe, they did not dare look back, far ducked."These years have you been doing? ... back off Paradise Island you do?" They chose a bench, leaning to each other, Thea put their hands together and Diana's hand, compared some, Diana's slender fingers while efforts are deft and delicate Thea.

It can be said simply say that Diana was even better, either appearance or stature are worthy of the gods blessed, she is the embodiment of strength and beauty of this world, in her brilliant shine, even Thea is repeated from the aesthetic sublimation It looks, it is still poor compared to a chip.

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