She has experienced the battle of Changping and has witnessed the killing of hundreds of thousands of people. She once led the Daqin Iron Ride and competed with the Six Kingdoms. She has seen three cents in the world, and the mountains and rivers are broken. I have also heard the sound of the dragon in the middle. She looked at the prosperous world and she was drunk in the present, how is the ancient female emperor? She wore a fresh dress and also had a feather fan towel. I have worked as a farmer and I have been a teacher. No one knows that such a person has lived for two thousand years. Well, it’s a relatively easy and tidy history, because personal reasons may not be completely in line with history, and it can stand the test. But I will try my best to find the information to write. The first time I wrote this article, I still hope to write something interesting, haha. Finally, change into a cautious.

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