A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 172 – Epilogue 2 – END

Chapter 172 – Epilogue 2 – END

Height is most greatly shifted , the atmosphere and the face also , and Kim Se-jin like this part sparsely peek days as clearly different .

But he by nature because of physique and the outer surface greatly that changes had said . In fact , now even remember blurred his first impression also the day over the more that changes geolro remember .

Yes . Now the world ‘ characteristics ‘ of wonders disappear did .

Of course property is vanished by far the characteristics raised pile all up to those wholesale disappearance story no longer is . For example, the body that changed by using the characteristics is intact .

But no matter how even consider the past in , myoyeon the rest of Kim Se-jin’s ” first impression ” is that a man is similar . Just a fleeting hope created one network may be but , far too familiar .

At that time, Lee Hye-rin asked his head with his head .

” Cleansing ?”

” Oh , yes ?”

” What do you look like ?”

” Ah ……. Anything not …….”

So cleaning could not concentrate on the party . Strive attention is also trying to remind , but suddenly glanced glance look at is . He other girls looked bright even laugh when my heart to ahrit comes numb .

Smile spilled the coming two men annoying . Party beautifully timely melody also just the nerves seem jarring only .

Eventually she was a decision only make was . But the courage najil not a cup full of champagne into the mouth off put . It is not enough and one more cup . Still lacking two glasses more .

Sudden congestion ( 暴sake ) to the surrounding people strange to countenance looked at do not .

Now to me significant presence , only that men do just .


” My brother . Have you washed Trang sister what any one was ?”

The infant eventually asked the manager . From earlier hilkkeum distance to yusejeong no more than negligible number of it did not was due .

However, the manager , Kim Yun- jae, shook his head with a grim face .

” No . No work eopeotneunde . Today the first time I saw .”

Of course, children as sheet unconvinced did . Eun campaign yet, even at this glance glance look at there , why nothing happened did not make assertions could Would . Pilhi two of one person is what a wrong you will …….

” Or what any wrong deonga was .”

” Nothing happened because there was no . …… ah . Earlier to greet you just only his head yeoseo lift SiO ?”

” Aww ? Only nod it did ? Arrogant ?!”

Infant hwadeuljjak surprise of the Transactions of the eight threads wooak pulled .

The moment the campaign defines the gaze even more it is true . This time, it seems to sting skin with eyes .

” So what , I should be there is 90 degrees Aya night gotta ?”

” No …… 90 Figure Until , if not 60 degrees gon can this.I had .”

” SiO ? …… No but . Campaign affection so in a narrow woman is not going to not .”

” Uh , Uh-huh ! This namjeongne is now not a sound , congratulations !”

The infant hurriedly closed his mouth . Then perhaps even did hear want around hilkkeum looked around .

” Bummer .”

It figured , campaigning affection terrifying to gaze at this reporting shoot it . Even bite your lips tight !

“… Let’s run away once .”

” What ? Why ?”

” I’m still your brother lose can because yes .”

” No , what ….”

After all infants the Transactions leads hastily to the party go away began .

“· · · · · Ah .

And they are rapidly disappearing figure , campaigning Chung in vain watching can just could not .

The next four janman more drink containers able to be there to seemed .

” Ha ………”

She only Rigi ethic and is taken unless the in resentment and deep a sigh spewing .


That night .

Alone, the party came out campaigning Jung firmly hagoseo decided to Lilia went . Now really , really no more than stand can not was due .

Perhaps even that he is dead , if the last to hope becomes thruster And there just was just wait geotinde , right now today, too Kim Se-jin as the man appeared . But the longer Why indeed euran Incorporated .

And Lilia is great for gyeolgi have come affection campaign seureowotda perplexing .

Whilst all the truth I know iteoteumyeonseo also Sejin Mr. said, meaning that hamgu but Lilia , but the campaign definition crying machine mix you what hear is the end all the truth to give us decided .

Lilia also campaigning defined by the end he was ‘ from Earth were saved ” is convinced gained was due .

Lilia has all that without acceleration told .

He ever came across in the world , we find watching for gyeondyeonaego had been burdened patience and ascetic way , and it allows that even the reason .

Dare say the Son also classified lacking without his heavy truth before the campaign Chung whole body weighed down , dare anyone say you could could .

” If that man really Sejin if Mr. , the earth is His gratitude and rewarded haejun getjiyo it . The nature of collecting that fall , remember to have killed an ordinary as a man happy to live can help .”

Lilia has its own a Kim Se-jin finding efforts have continued . But – of the sources it says – and that a similar impression of the man was not . However , if it returns before the character is created as the words of the definition of the duty, the story is different . No , maybe the Earth is directly a new body by making him sikyeoteul saenghwan possibility not ruled out not oughta .

” So , now do I ? That man is what if the Kim Se-jin ? I ……”

” As a person Sejin Mr. right , even if , again if not . Tough two days to be going .”

” No , that’s what ! Mean fart need ! Learn to hear a little bit Tell me !”

Campaign sterling hardly composure maintained can could , Lilia is that she ‘s ansseureop watching the horses were .

” If he Sejin Mr. unless I rather would , yes , even if the problem Lots of 0.600 years closer lived people remember if you are looking for , then before the same mind and keep I ? Even those minutes of past lives are ” bahamuteu ‘ as the present itself that became elevated . maybe God differ from the bar not syeotdeon be hers . ”

─ the memories you’re looking back , he had us like ants are seen Will . Lily added bitterly .

Campaign Jung bear no also refuted to be could . Force, albeit insisting want to Articles were .

However throat Mare ‘s voice does not spill out did .

Head ahjjilhage hurts the most surreal stories rather realistic than the more like reality , the heart like a dagger kkothineun of Lilia words scare was . I was afraid .

In the end, she sat on the floor without enduring the tsunami of emotions that seemed to overwhelm her body . And , and for a long time it is beating kkeokkkeok moan like tears shed .

* * * *

8 Mon 19 days .

Initially despair was only . But it strives to give spirit to grab quite a long time he watched . Experience triangulation days years , but it is actually one the moon .

Someone look stalker called to selling interest was obsessed , so the day pimalri is followed Days did .

Every night to sleep instance, he as usual, came to laugh and dankkum , his memories while regaining ago that children to women with heart deprived of a nightmare at the same time dreamed .

So die as afflicted with the end stand can not authentic behavior benefit greatly with it , just today .

HA to Mr. and asked for him to dokdae was promoted . He is engaged in enter business , I was a big shareholder of monster enter was possible .

8 Mon 19 days , the afternoon 5 City 47 minutes .

He and meet the promised 6 which until 13 minutes remained .

Anxiety is a nail while to pull ask somewhat diffuse and , anxiety legs trembling hagenama weak thus eliminated .

And cell phone LCD is 6:00 to have marked time .

The door to the office was opened .

Moments really surprise surprise , I involuntarily jumped happening fell .

” Good morning .”

” Oh , Yes . Hi Hase Job !”

Oh , your voice is too big . A stupid mistake makes the momentous mind come alive . But here if I knocked it should be …… desperate to mental exercised a chair and pointed .

“· · · · ·?”

” Oh , sit down . Come on .”

He looked up , yet puzzled in place and sat down . Soon the room flowing 3 second silence endure can not , I have tea and refreshments placed in longer serve the desk and walked .

” Would you like some tea ?”

” Yes ? No ….”

” Enjoy .”

I put it down to the bargain . Help it can not , now, the heart rate is to say , not a normal act hageodeunyo impossible .

” Oh … Yes , anything .”

Tea and refreshments distance hilkkeum him the damn observe . In the neck and was in a cold sweat now in the spine it flowed .

Now the situation is in fact one was the determination process .

People remember that even if changes in the body Bain habits disappear but , with him for a long time together lived I am His All things desperately to remember …….

Moment , the eerie electricity pareureu rose .

A teacup grip posture , refreshments Eating appearance .

I was convinced .

The man , a Kim Se-jin .

” That , perhaps the name I did brighten ?”

“… It is Kim Yoon Jae .”

Of course the name is different . But this man is Kim Se – jin . Me toward obliquely only waist cotton posture , it is awkward when a thumbnail is the scratching habit , occasional hair swept turning up actions .

Report itjani I involuntarily emotional standing bukbatchyeo truly fit ssaengttung ask fell .

” Can not you see me ?”

” Yes ?”

It is a bewildered face . I want to cuddle because it is so cute . But why it is not that you , too well aware of it .

” Me , Do not you ? Me . Am yusejeong .”

“…… Ah , Yes . Me , nerf I . On TV many do attend .”

“…… it well ?”

My vision became blurred . Maybe in the eyes of tears Rimed would think be stolen can not . The hand strength got loose .

But subsequently the hair stuck to the screws been destroyed released , yihuen any conversation went comes to mind displaced still is . Perhaps like an idiot crying ” me stile know ” only as repeatedly asked geolro be estimated as well .

After all, the spirit chill Nani He Lost was no . That’s why knowing more sad , alone, remains the bleak cried . Really top of my lungs heuneukkyeotda .


Campaign sterling tungtung buun to face more monsters the meeting was convened . Heart in siwonhi openly talk can that person , too guild out there was because .

” Complicated situation, stuffing …… that people Sejin that Mr thing certain are you ?”

” Yes . Almost ‘m sure . What happens is happened me find out I but .”

In response to Kim Yong-lin’s question, Jae-jeong answered calmly . Cool cry came to mind is a bit tattered comfort seemed .

” Well , what Why ? Continue to face are beggars . Anyway cleaned you ssaengpan do not know any man enough to pick up could know . So , first courted love looking at gradually remember not survive I will not ?”

In the present situation, it was the answer of Yi Hye Rin who is the most clear .

But the problem is , that in the end something enlightenment gained people yusejeong as is was not the point .

“······ Hmmm .

” Uh …”

Kim Yoo Rin and Hazel Lin . That both thought Locked seemed somewhat serious in the face chin touching sweep in distress fell .

It campaign Chung hurriedly the table Cow knocked . The betrayal of the body purpuric trembling .

” Strange idea of Do not . I Warning !”

” My , I mwoseun strange to think haetdagu So ……?”

Hazelin slipped away from the definition of duty and picked up his cell phone . It was a very very suspicious activity, so Yoo-jeong snatched it quickly .

” I do . I just do Sejin who remember how to get back did you think .”

So say the gimyurin back of the hands, the sweat is songgol songgol was maethyeo .


Yuseojeong narrowed to Mijang and tried to shoot them .

It was then .

” Hey ! I found it !”

Batori that the door said rough copies have been attacked .

“I found it !”

“… What is it ?”

Attention to focus batori is triumphantly smiled declared .

” Quite unusual ability that mine was the guy I caught ? That guy is a dimension gone mana flow to be tracked can itneunde ……”

” Have you , Transactions I ? Rosen in Enterprise Manager that man ?”

The moment the face of the bartender stones like a stone .

“…… needles that what you thought ?”

The conference gathered all salposi laughter jieotgo , campaigning Jung directly approached the batori hand so tight was held .

” Thank you , convinced you for .”

* * *

In the convenience store to daily form the Sao road , Transactions of the apartment parking lot full of movers used to watch while the pace and stopped .

The apartment , nowadays contains advanced two neighbors significantly been increased . Why it is , but Hazel Lynn and gimyurin , share and jihyeok yihyerin , and Kim, Sun – Ho and the Los del , including more of the monsters that lesson the apartment jerk move came a meaning .

Of course, complaints Me not . Loans up to receive the mountain of the house price ceiling Giro value rises when non for capital appreciation reap so very satisfied as well . Thanks every day hesil hesil laughing attend .

Transactions are sky tall accumulated a moving look at , less attention more over posted .

Mostly a point without saeparatge clear summer sky , true and beautiful .

A few years ago it is that darkness covered rusting perish was true I heard .

” Low in the sky to keep order , bahamuteu is their sacrifice will .”

At that time , someone’s loud voice tickled my ears .

Head dolrini was yusejeong . Oh , that woman also came Directors did . In the press he said Helong apex Dunn shoutin what the enemy is .

“The barmum ?”

” Yes .”

“… haha .”

Yoonja just laughed . Anyway, all the memories without the things only . Clearly it bwatgin you would , no actually it hwimalryeoseo remember missing iltende will , mind is like a hundred jitjang saehayatda . Indeed frustrating and also lonely a day .

The bitter smiling to him , campaigning sterling slowly walked over and asked .

” Yunjae said , where do you live ?”

” Oh , Yes . Geureondeyo .”

” That’s a coincidence . I’m here ‘ve been moved .”

Eun campaign to heel in a moving pointing banggeut laughed .

“· · · Really ?”

” Yes . Yes .”

She herself musimhi see Transactions . No , I firmly vowed to look at Kim Se-jin .

He was in the past raised piled all the memories lost now more over the Kim Se-jin , not even , I him not to give up do that . So what to be even wrote back to him to regain that .

And today, the campaign Jung him feasting the first -th masterpiece (?) The order , mother’s until the power has been borrowed . Anyway soon the mother – in – law rewarded minute yieoteunikka , called rationalization and susomun the end of the crypt to find the mother – in – law husband be a man ever was a kid together taken ” only ” pictures taken will .

” Hvar , heuheum .”

She was into the apology for an apology , and again , a real chuck his front gone framed went down tree . Tukung – perhaps even the broken ARM, chest georinda excited .

So a 3 seconds approximately jimjit and moreusoe saw there , also he before the end has come .

” Excuse me . Is this ……”

He framed juseom juseom deoni picked up within La drilled looked at .

The moment my heart sank down . Please , please …

However , his eyes were meaningful only for a moment , and he was only glancing at his head once again and he was just passing the frame again .

But washing with it were satisfied . The wonder and dignity that came to his face for a while , that is enough . The possibilities are certain .

“…… incidents into gilin would think , with Shall we ?”

” Yes ? Ah , something .”

He looked up gave nod .

THRUM – up to the elevator , kkikhae Trying 10 early in mere two hours too happy .

Hands holding ‘d like , greedy to let . Just alongside Walk Walking .

” But the movers like that anyhow outside even leave it do ?”

” Yes .”

His the end cleaning is framed , precisely those in brightly smiling one man pointed .

” I …… this only if doegeodeunyo .”

It does not matter if he does not regain his memory .

Then a wait that was plagued you more than life, more new, beautiful and joyful memories , with masks build that dont .

So that , even though you to wait comparison too humble to not insignificant but patience , this time I have to Pina efforts ‘ll wait .

” Come in ~”

“· · · · · · Oh , yes .

His the profile shyly looked at two fists tight tweaks .

Fear is not even scared born does . You and your future, optimism and just laugh as well .

Now the sky is blue gaeyeotda .

As Fair in bright smiling sun , two times back in the dark dyed one , without us infinite warmth of the sun jugetji transparent .

And so two hours copulate look ,

” One day we were together at did last happy ohgetjiyo find .”

She has him looking like a sunburst sunny smile was built .


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