A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 172 – Epilogue 1

Chapter 172 – Epilogue 1

The burning sun bask down midsummer noon , three times to walk whenever one of the drops of sweat flowing worst of the weather . Hot air impregnated moisture and tired without distance glistening sun is quite seureopgikkaji resent it .

Tea was that without Only Only malgi a heaven below , I have a brick to lay down the sweat wiped .

” Hey Kim !”

But a short break for a while . The bell- specific ringing A loud voice rang . The workplace Kim countless many . But he called Kim who , I too well know .

” Yes Yes . I will go .”

I had no choice but to walk to the boss . He is a truck piled rebar me to carry it said . Verbiage without , trucks piled on dozens of rebar at one time holding transferred . The public look spirited or as charyeok part yigeonman sight , the board nogada people familiar seems even eye not did .

” Also it forces ranikka buried .”

The captain was satisfied and knocked my shoulders . As a light to the contact surface is open up a moment feel Parc awarded .

Nogada is difficult . To be honest . Especially in summer its a fucking equals more is deep . Sweat is endlessly flowing sticky catching stop , smell the dirt -filled than the drain kwikwi and it is reverse .

“I mean it ~”

But what can I do . Heads have through their shop eopeuni overly Thyssen any power to leverage can only .

” You indeed , when the wrong ride, I too ~ no wrong did you ride . At least 20 years just before the plane was born lifelong eating flesh of money to earn messes would .”

” Articles you mean ?”

” Article whether any mercenaries . What Either way .”

The principal at the end of salput laughed . I’m just a nogada plate other than the people day to day a little bit more get to be satisfied only . From the beginning , it is not the ignorant power enough to do knight or mercenary .

” But is it still memory ?”

The principal passing words asked . I head nodded .

I do not know who I am . There is nothing to remember before waking up from the room . Just my body Busan offshore up drifting to change a coincidence someone is found to the hospital bringing went , some kind of questioning and counseling at the end of the new identity issues received only .

Usually, if a bit special when reported , but bullion incident , ” its me ” after the more or sum of the plight of people groups neolryeot much also reported there was .

” Only ahswipgu . That is the force something special the day when it looks like .”

” So great thing absolutely do not regret not no need is .”

” Power is the second to hit too much by sincere Yeah . I even daughter introduced to give you want to fix .”

“…… nogada dreamed glad to introduce do something .”

The horse did so but hump . Have you any pictures ryeona demonstrate wants for nothing with moxibustion I have ,

” Geungkka it means . Just to this was the end . Ha ha ha ha ha .”

· · · · Fucking captain . I laughed, though .

” Ha . Ha . Ha .”

” But I have seen people while you get the best body well , power is also eokse . In nogada plate rot is just a pity es .”

” Who writes a person whose identity is unclear like me ?”

Plain on the face normal kidney . There is no fingerprint inquiry . Iris Recognition may not . I suddenly appeared as if I were a person who was not original .

” But says …… Ah , yes . This time at guard companies new to old one try support . Reporting force geomyeon pull you unconditionally because the election .”

” That’s what I said until …”

” Weeks 5 days Mon. 300 inde ?”

” Where , memoranda Are ?”

Note 5 to the day 300 if you deserve . Holiday other Alba can also be that it was , but why , more than anything one with hojeoksang the age of 25 years old. I everytime million nogada plate to prewar can eopji Is .

” Here .”

Captain is handing out leaflets had scratched the ipkkori creep raised twist .

” Weeks 5 days Mon. 300. If , Trying out the weekend ppuninde you okay ?”

” Heoheo . Changchanghan house front body Blocking tsunami . Later suit to wear when I tell her intent once Boma to ask .”

” Need not . Bona Mana H to resemble that I like .”

” What is this crazy ? You ‘ll be surprised …”

Daughter deulmeok street party suddenly became berserk H. riot , just smiled and sent flowing .


” Our security company is different from mercenaries ! We are more loyal than money …”

As the interviewer looks big big -house interview yirapsigo a discipline closely held . Yell , scream , and another scream .

Other interviewees to have very good if eaten the body pareureu shaking , but , strangely , I by a scary did . It was rather cute because the chick seemed to be ridiculous .

“You know !”

” Yes !”

” Answer More significantly !”

” Yes to Eek !”

Geujeseoya house is satisfactory put your head reports the nod say was .

” First , that the guard to the body permitting Iran jangttaeng thing is mistaken . Yes I’ll give . Hey , you .”

The man pointed to me . An example for me that’ll give it eotgie I gotten , the house has gotten two of one lucky also Sucks not be had emitter .

” Yes .”

” Come out .”

” Yes .”

” Run to me once .”

I went ahead as the company said . And he rolled his foot toward his waist . I pagodeun moment he my waist hold as raise instance , but ……

” Coming , coming eoeok !”

The body remembers something like this does , I have a house at the waist hold himself entirely lifted back on the floor, he thrusts out .

Boom ! On the ground Gene neolbeureo house is a pupil loose while he passed out , then it followed the silence was .

” Huh ..”

” Crazy .”

Maybe house is the company best one yeotneunji interview was watching the other also employees wear cake beolryeotda .

So I succeeded in getting a job even though I was a temporary worker .


On the fifth day of the week , 300 was a red dog . A whopping one months during the end of the day even break without work and the site even roll salary is 220. than I really ever but still expect out of two days in fun continued . Wonak body strong and sleep little bottles there was it was one of the reasons .

The throw from eggs lawmakers haejun guard never was , a sudden event stage up to intruding males one paper never was , the girl group attended chasing Bloody fans – as writing a stalker called Read – a naejun chase never had .

The important thing here was to save the group .

As things funny right after a dream that the birthday not party to the girls my phone number and asked . And my Where the mind is aware heard but do not know , the manager not neunyaneun Will the proposal handed . It was a pretty girl named ” infant ” .

” No idea . Anyway …”

” Tell daepyonim ‘re asking February 350 degree drill can shes .”

“… Why is the manager’s salary so high ?”

” Nothing good can be the same , more For what I tell daepyonim he asked me .”

Yet the film floats started this group know what a breath that …… but resulted say danbake gave to understand .

“You are my uncle .”

Then you have to catch this line .

” Anyway soon going to quit had a little thing called , what . Anyway . 1 years gulreodo 250 in inde freezing , the older you think . Yes . You know ? I like men matter .”

” A couple is calling flesh ?”

” Yes ?”

” I am .”

Suddenly the question a moment to remember Anna wallet took out must check was .

“I’m 25 years old .”

” Foot . What self- age is OK, yeah ?”

Roughly smile went porridge .


Anyway, so in the guard what the group as a manager a turnover paper , staggering 2 two years passed .

That while still doing so not thing it was not . Driving talent that seemed a license as soon follow the company , the entire admiring the best drivers were . Another lucky indeed jotgedo come to ask broadcasting jokjok the jackpot burst .

And then , thanks to 2 years only mounting president and the manager to the promotion said .

Work was still busy, but began to live a satisfying life with an increasing salary .

” My brother . Today me and the party wanna come ?”

Then one day .

Infant solo album, the eumbang after returning to the road , children have to see the blush Arabic numerals asked .

” What party suddenly ?”

” Today awful important party ‘ve got . Fortune well I got invited .”

” What is it ?”

” Yusejeong sister ‘s birthday party .”

“…… yusejeong ?”

It is a familiar name . No , if you are not familiar, you are not a person . She is the most famous woman in Korea .

Infants are very much excited it seemed his eyes sparkling naemyeo Light said .

” Yeah . You know ? Coincidental change entertainment once I had ! Then the birthday party friggin He , go inconceivable muleotdeoni invitation ‘ve given ! So one more ‘ve got ? ‘re going ? Me as beggar gajul brother ?”

” Hmmm .”

To worry Chuck , but the answer is already fixed it .

” You garamyeon gayaji .”

Rampage smokes the infant is look cute , smile Excel smashed .

* * *

There was a party on the ship of TM ‘s proud cruise line . Colorful lights around the specialty delicacies , luxury melody and courteous to waiters . Attend the guests have all the wonders that are the last two All parties are , at best a person’s birthday to have been ready .

Dawn the next successor and Dawn & TM of matap tapjang , yusejeong . She fully this magnificent place for a birthday a 3 10 001 social status and the wealth with a woman .

” So now it cleaned Ido soon if enabled thirty ?”

” And , geureoneyo ?”

Of Hazel Lynn at the end of the campaign sterling jimjit amazing and clapping hit . Yoo Whang Song interrupted the gap .

” You are forty and soon .”

Sudden surprise Hazel Lynn the forehead narrows .

“… You are forty .”

” Our family is at the age ‘m not .”

” So ttajimyeon I ‘m not ?”

” Elves do not live long enough .”

“120 Until flock without a living .”

Elf life human 1.5 times is about . But the US’s called Race reputation beautifully , life fulfilling that moment, the elves aging human anti peninsula filled affects . Wrinkles caught elves much things can not die , that joke is for nothing that it is not .

” Eojjeorago 40 vs. ”

“…… gobble gobble loud oh exalted .”

Baeksong oil and Hazel Lynn each other, gazing stare at the nerve beolinda .

Kkachil and only to attract a two person storyteller also , however far away to observe those who just lofty talk share social leaders fear a little to look bichyeojil was only .

” At the age they’re the first problem we trampled ‘s Captain . Hazel Lynn sister Trang nayicha also by no smells , Elf also be India , but because humans .”

Yihyerin the huhut smiled beside the food ravenously thread who ride the gimyurin attracted . Hwadeuljjak surprised devastated the Fellowship for Field seemed chest knocking coughed .

“…… Keck . ‘s , there, suddenly , why he have to talk with me .”

” Because I’m so worried about Sure . Marriage is not know , love is when you going ? Age is getting old but I thorns .”

Seureopjiman complaints bear to refute the arguments do not trample the end without her saw heulgyeo . Then give hyeokyi the throat and heomheom said .

” But the chief is still beautiful , you ‘ll be fine .”

“…… What ? Excuse me . Who ‘s my husband you ?”

” No , just …”

” I except even eye not told many a time said ”

Yihyerin is the main jihyeok amount of balls grasping tightly to himself was fixed .

Eun campaign that the two look looked cozy and also sad past recalled . Then suddenly familiar with the gicheok feel the gaze turned .

There is why knowing a familiar man was . This party is the first time a seems maenghan eyes around , looking around with a man .

Campaign Eun something possessed seemed to face the pace moved .

Some just do not , he caught seemed closer been time .

” Brother ~”

Someone approached and grabbed his hand . Campaign sterling startled surprised back a couple of footsteps receded . Two people found her in that unusual mood .

” Uh , wash your sister !”

The woman greeted with pleasure . ” That ‘ a resemblance man just Light the nod was .

” Uh , uh …”

” What happened ?”

” Oh , no . It’s not . Just …. ”

” What ? Why suddenly the honorific mention ……… ”

” That , nothing not . Bar , to interrupt. I’m sorry .”

But the campaign Chung dare yet also the question does , however chideut away from them it must distanced said .

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