A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 171

Chapter 171

Billions of people are de higher bulge of the ugly presence blankly looked at . Visually , or radio waves through .

Above all, overwhelming and huge fear in front of dugoseoneun heunhideul the end before Joe refers Even phenomena could . Such as looting and violence and rape , etc. are not committed did means .

Just all in despair wet as a pupil him , just look at it was . Military and knights and wizards never be accepted but , just upright standing one day what to do journal bees do not know him .

[ Currently first generation of migrants to testify the existence ” Dimension predators ‘ that this fact was discovered , the presence of ‘ nebulae predators , rather than lower , but prices far many of the world destroy this came revealed .]

This in situations news faithfully act was performed .

Their blood is spewing a heart that carries one of the pieces yeoteuna information , but the battle a little desperate Survey ( 弔詞) day was only .

” The situation is ? That a bastard total offensive peobueul two hours Are ?”

Commander Kim Hyun-seok’s whole body and blood as jitmul is covered in a while to load Knight asked .

” In the cracks flooded with monsters , that guy because of congestion monsters blocking is only eurodo beokchap .”

“· · · · · Ha .”

Kim Hyun-seok is low the chimeum shed . In fact, he had guessed was the foundation . It has to be in yiragon be just another of the monster congestion beat or , a predator watching it is just that .

But that even otherwise have had .

Strive wires ohdeon keep troops in the guy blows at once he came out and leavin , half or more articles already he is showing an overwhelming brute force crazy out there . Five days during sleep sleep not military and articles fatigue is the pole reached , fleeing soldiers simsimchi not appear .

There is no more desperate situation .

” But keep the front line .”

However, Kim Hyun-seok will never give up be could . Knights and armies are the psychological marginal lines of citizens . Boil that we have if mulreoseon country , no further world is no longer to existence can not . They ever for us has done generosity and love pay off any order , retreat may have no will .

” Yes . I see .”

Load articles my head and nodded and went back .

Kim Hyun-seok is the neck finish Raising completely invisible unless the guy looked gwaensiri sword saw squeeze grab .

But to be in it just it was only .

He first reduced the lack of power .

The time is noon, but the sun is still in the heukun go light losing less .

Korea best articles yourself Dori is no deplorable, and the sky looked to be when .

Something that oddly only be shaping can not two days took place .

“…… That what .”

First start of someone bemused eulpjorim , that was only . Nobody him interested not was . But he indifference not give up without my next article elbow knocked .

The mind and body exhausted its articles are annoyed be even afford to do , for a long time the afflicted eventually he point the place looked .

And this time its articles the same behavioral self next to the articles was .

So the Knights gaze gradually into the sky and went up .

Two hours passed to the next person or stabbed to do was , the end of the camera to the lens that the existence captured .

Town densely valance the thundercloud any bets hechyeo to put turbulent gale in , mysterious , life appearance revealed .

Integrity and noble blue wings tteurimyeo disturbed , dense and aloof as eyes of the world watching bent , gangmaeng also firmly contained in Agaricus predators aims .

Knights and soldiers and citizens that the present congestion gauge can could .

But strangely guessed it was .

That there is , indeed legendary eseona in hearing looked for the shape deflate resemblance was .

” What ….”

Articles are now in the situation to do rejoice , the last remaining until desired throw and release what also worried before , that there is less awakened not by a predator was assaulted .

The sprint coined processing remarkable pressure and the noise of the world while was eogeureo .

The time axis twisting current rather than past arrives just the same moment , for the tail of the predator back clutching wrapped in Agaricus mana particles collected .

Moments that during archaeological harimanchi act unprecedented predators hurriedly hands moving in bahamuteu tail rattling .

But already one foot in late was a response .

Special effects without the camp shooting of the black breath of a predator ‘s head and went away .

” What ….”

” Huh …?”

Stars have done it even if wound one to haeteotneunde filled , Knights of the tongue blank’ve predator neck up looking mouth bread beolryeotda .

── !

But the predator did not die . The hair even losing a hand and both legs moving and that drastic was defiant .

It was the beginning of a fierce flesh-and-mortar to swing the earth .

Fist and front legs , the tail and the leg to and bizarre the grapple unfolded .

However, the hair loss predators front look mothayeo just randomly arm and a leg just to wield to was only .

Of course, even that was threatening enough . Wings to control difficult Kim Se-jin’s eyes distant fists beaten me away even left bounced off and , in the leg abdomen is also holding said .

That damn what the magic hagetnora response , decided cases black blood, vomit was then .

But predators are formidable did . It’s a magical aura neukkija well as the magic was matdaeeung . But the magic of the magic was not limited to the bar .

The target is the whole world . The purpose is solely destruction as well .

Bahamuteu is hurriedly to him a breath spewing . But the guy in the hand is pibora being blown all over the place spreading you stop to , finally back to yuktanjeon resume can just could not . It is the magic not be used to prevent than to fiercely tackled .

However, the head flies posikjagwa , the body intact bahamuteu .

From the beginning the winner was a clear fight .

It’s two hours Over the judgment lost , finally magic you use laws have forgotten put both arms and hands at random wield the bahamuteu breath cardiac drilled Reeves fell .

To enemies who do not like looked predators so , the beast reminiscent of a bizarre screaming wildly in black and foggy with scattered .

Thereafter , there was a black hole .

There were no screams , no cheers , no shouts , no hymns .

The live broadcast was in progress Reporter also , that the news back to the citizens jeonhadeon also an anchor , with it was watching people even had Nor .

Perhaps here, gathered tens of thousands of the crowd now, I’d rather that dream to think as unrealistic and still was silent .

As implied in bahamuteu it is slowly flew .

Systemic blood cheolcheol naemyeo poured out , his body healed give the East side desperately flew .

And he was a dongnyeok slowly disappear even after a long time or jinaseoya Syndicate ( 決死隊) are the situations grasp can there .

They approached the place where the beings fell in a strange mood .

Guy feet D. dyeotdeon goten great but holes remain well , really anything could .

Then they looked at the sky, feeling that this was reality .

Then , the sky is more different stem the Aurora on the ground that splendor shone .

Day , near the five days the solar beauty , the world never forget never had emitter .

* * *

Finished even after what what not sure , impractical and even tough it was a fight .

So , while the body was full of death and sinking deep into the sea , there was no relief .

I just felt the earth’s beating .

And it ‘s thank you means you know you can there .

In addition, its audit because I was sure life is to live I want to be .

Human beings , beasts , monsters, too . So ‘ Earth ‘ is also the same .

The earth wanted to live . He hoped for his salvation from predators . So I created something that was purposeful . Many experts who claims , ” cracks the characteristics created ‘ is causal is the fact that former opposition will .

Very lean to survive even the possibility to create for the struggling products . ” Whatever one even obtained wanting ‘ is irresponsible spirit to infinity The exercise it directly , was characteristic .

So , I will surely wake up one day .

Deep even within the body ttaseuhage that surround the grace proves .

‘ Gaia ‘ in a favor that fulfill the sentence that all evidence .

Again, just , while deep sleep Lifting will only .

So now soon again we meet may be it .

And then I will be able to love them as ordinary people .

Apparently so doerirago , I believe .

* * * * *

Legends in there ‘ bahamuteu ‘ of the emergence , through world peace regained .

Blight level predators to bahamuteu was defeated , the world in places open cracks have all had disappeared .

But at the same time , there was a slight confusion . ‘ Properties ‘ Abou disappeared was due .

More than anyone , but specially now mediocre existence that few people have the mental noticed filled or a dream hemaemyeo have suffered had .

Of course, the main jihyeok and the yusejeong well , ” the characteristics of the self that defines all that , this was not for those specific problems were not .

While the monsters and mana disappear without left . But the monster’s case is now no longer an external recruitment without survive and multiply, and that extinction of wildlife to Providence must follow was . Of course, the monster disappears, the world is a pretty big hit to get extinct let you do it . But I will live a life that is raised by people .

Catastrophe since the first two months passed bahamuteu education ( religion ) has arisen . Which Morro Bona clear that the destruction of the crisis empirical help give non- existing in a religious distrust and dissatisfaction , and the timely appearance of bahamuteu followers were to blame .

Traditional religions own , ” Our God is a bahamuteu sent down ─ ” is an excuse though , some except for modern people that the heomumaengrang reliable enough to mongmae did .

So religion is saenggija the church was established , after which the level predators toppled where bahamuteu of the church up to the church was enlarged . There is a sort of a shrine is the world ‘s all over several church members came pilgrimage or the ear was .

It was at the moment the world leading religion of the one who leaps ‘ bahamuteu school .

As the church leader , was Lilia .

And then .

He disappeared .

I do not know where he went .

Another woman is more like so what liver away , or the destruction lever scare others into the world he did that two weeks ……

At least more content knowing who batori think , she daehagiga difficult yet managed to ask never the lining reveal no .

I spent time alone without any object of resentment .

This longing when deep pain that you then first realized . However, I firmly believed that one day I would see him again and I stood firm .

So he does not hold one of year two hours passed .

Finally, more of a monster is a regular meeting the day came . So utmost hagoseo embellished visited .

‘ Regular meeting, every lesson is to attend to . ”

He directly advocated Guild , the only discipline he has not forgotten would ‘ll .

Originally a monthly 17 to one to was his to care every year the deadline given increasing dont .

This time will surely come .

7 at the open because the meeting 6 when 30 minutes went . Boil already all people arriving there . Devastated sister , Hazel Lynn matap week , oil Baeksong lawmakers , shares jihyeok and yihyerin couple , batori and Los del one , and Kim, Sun – Ho and the rest to the new members .

Everyone welcomed me with a welcome face .

There was only one person there .

” Are you here ?”

My sister asked me first . I strive to laugh was built .

” Yes . My sister , nowadays awful I heard busy ? Schedule bet the himdeusyeot would …… for coming . Thank you .”

Not limited monster is now visible immediately have to suppress that at present the future to be herding you into existence as upgraded , devastated sister of articles on one lingering abandoned .

And one showbiz side of the eye focused .

Fixed only entertainment a couple of dogs sikyeotgo success , actor debut also was a success .

So today ‘ gimyurin ‘ that name attendees are more articles in the celebrity more well- known there . Much entertainment side thing , Ltd. is hasidaneun busy said .

Of course, so busy in the midst even still , Oak lovers ‘ of days will continue Know That . Rather it not heroic orcs still atgi survived was due . Even they are monsters who congestion situations fleeing some citizens save Jie village to stay in , even in Korea as intelligent.The place beoryeotji hold .

” Having said together , the meeting will come nawayaji .”

” No, ah cleaning . The sister , that person shine anohna to see you all . We have to be careful . The people Donner less so wanted to see did ……”

” Oh . What do you mean ?”

Yihyerin the fun as , but adds , as an article heavy in responsibilities outside of Zelkova margin obtained egen she eaten did the Following .

” Hahat .. Meanwhile, Seo Hye Rin sister , loves sineura busy line, I thought .”

Yihyerin and share jihyeok couple probably nowadays in the Republic of Korea the most famous one couple would . With a fixed- only program two inde one , that in a program featuring gold is much that the goose bumps ……

” Love the outdoors enough to be you know -”

Something of a misunderstanding possessed with a horse and , yihyerin is the main jihyeok the shoulder to the head leaned .

Then Hazel Lynn that the two workable complaints seemed heulgyeo lines reported as lamenting went recite .

” But …… today ryeona anohsi ? Full swing busy matap work with my outta came .”

Hazel Lynn current world best of matap as tapju reigned there .

Articles and unlike the monster even disappear largest utility to demonstrate the magic , decline, let alone the development of the development was continued . The magicians who were tugging between the destructive magic that deals with monsters and the practical magic that helped the public were now completely biased toward practical use .

In that respect, Dawn & TM Mantou became the world’s best certified .

Rather it not Bangbae wizard heritage …… is not , he finally left the twenty- eight documentaries most of it was practical magic was due .

Thanks to the accomplishment of the vast expanse until the end , the name of the suddenly disappeared Bangbae-dong wizard has now remained an immortal legend that will never come to the magic system forever .

As in the process batori a slight little complaint Tire to say was . All self to mind the magic was helter-skelter sloppy ones , saying only .

At that time, Yu Yong Song pulled out the robe hem of Hasselin .

” Hey , and campaign finance some Give me .”

“…… I you crazy . Cats have to vote to give money . And already elected ‘re Fused ”

” Ya no need . Constituency is that one horak horak give out ? At least the Samsun have gotta .”

” But still a lot ‘ll rest not ?”

” I am by-referred 1 years behind again be elections .”

The most unusual course was Yu-Song Song . She has a whopping two lawmakers were . Moreover, one day from getting bigger Actinidia spilling its ambition finally to hide can not be as alarming becomes not , blue for giwatjip eager little eyes staring at nothing were frequent .

” Hey . I have today taken an interview react Why ?”

The batori is for them at all are not interested seemed , only cell phones looked next to the trail asked .

” I recommend . Praise one color !”

” Hush .”

Of Los del powerful answer very briefly meet one seemed to twang sheds .

It was very hard to anticipate the course for this one year . Batori and Los Dell , so that ‘ batori ” The Vampire of unity at the forefront eunikka been .

Initially, Emilia and the batori look alternates who was active but batori , of Los Del help batori the image making exquisite example eaten anymore at all only as batori working there . Peace and reconciliation that the goddess , the truth, to know that person , as if a vampire at all understand you can not name .

” Preferred Mr. today what one did not have ?”

” Oh , I am doing . Baby looking ‘ll Apart ‘s hanryang .”

And Kim, Sun – Ho is …… all things quit fraternal twins birth . Son and daughter appropriately .

” Preferred Mr. Arabidopsis huge cuddly , once Let’s go .”

” Yes .”

I laughed leisurely at Lee’s words .

That free conversation began . The waiters brought out precious food and expensive alcohol, and the members made efforts so that there was no chance for conversation .

New section , TM ‘s career , in the early morning succession so ……

However, the first except that no one that the person to talk to was .

All all for also caring was , still hopes and expectations had remained partly because he . Perhaps even he was not would , to that hope it said .

That section are high sideopjan one sisikolkol to talk , sharing the time spent .

One hour , two hours , three hours , four hours … Even though time passed, they did not give up expectation .

But suddenly it ends at midnight over a day went past .

Now the regular meeting day is over .

Therefore, the possibility of meeting with him , ‘ Today ‘ was cut off .

Sections are sad strive hidden while , another between the wishing remarks , it leaving broke .

Tears went to , themselves for views and the house has returned .

However , I finally poured tears in the coldness that I felt in an empty house .

At the end of the day , his absence was a fatal affliction .

All good things , things that did not do well , became stupid and stuck in my chest .

Thy face , your name back again and doenoe want .

He no it can not shop too goerowotda .

I buried my face in bed and wept .

Cry tired and fell asleep .

He is no one unprecedented as if to leave , since the original was not as faded away .

But he initially unprecedented someone ahnigie , if Nonetheless already bust in jeoljeolhi stuck his appearance hardly be forgotten can eopgie , only a day to send even goerowotda .

Tomorrow come not like the fear suffered .

But just that right he backs his words and believed .

Now tomorrow unintentionally dwaetjiman , but sometime if you came back to give pardon was .

Cheeks even one vs. something and , uh Bubba distance him giving a hug .

I endured a day imagining such a happy future .

I swallowed two days .

I survived three days .

like that

In the blooming spring ,

In the summer when the clear wind blows ,

The leaves become mature in autumn ,

And the snow passes the winter that covers the world .

Ever not do I seemed then that’s yet again came .

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