A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 170

Chapter 170

I approached and stood mother strange seemed the snow circle he knocked .

But I am no nonsense not been filled . Neck -mail Come , chest stand beokcha , and more than anything you said to me about how much they know they do not know because .

So while we have each other , just look at it was .

The wind blowing from somewhere rang the leaves .

Mother’s long fine the hair in the wind a result , depending flowed .

” There …?”

In the end, the mother opened her mouth first .

But his voice to hear the moment bear seoitgiga hard enough knee hudeul ticks of the bridge railing had to hold said . Mother that me still deoni see hope , within gentle smile gave built .

” What are you doing ?”

“· · · · · Ah .

Mother is you ask .

So you have to answer .

Sore throat , but Tome , the vocal cords to the limit squeezed squeeze .

“… You are beautiful .”

Just willing to want to say was , no longer , a little more detail , my sincere platter .

But I did not . I could not .

Syllable to syllable, every time you fall in the throat and a tear flows , why horse autumn can Would .

Then my horse a little strange misunderstanding seemed , mother embarrassed laugh build .

” Whoops …… thankful yisijiman said , that , got married .”

“…… too bad .”

By the words barely squeeze squeezing standing head clasped bow .

The groaning said let out the eyes wiped .

Mother geujeseoya little worried young to face me came .

” Are you okay ? Me , do not be sad no need ……”

Doing this anyhow not be .

Two hours , even through memorable so , your every corner remember it .

Loving voice , delicate face , which heudeureo hair …… all in the mind , the heart in deep should put one says ……

“It ‘s not sad … I’m delighted .”

Moment of somewhere the bushes buseuseu – stumbled baseurak . Mother tha gaze glance turned . I am that a series of clues that what what means , to desperate enough to know there .

” Oh Well …… Our little as I ?”

Just a little bit of life to extend to , soon to be coming from the spray time make order , my mother laughed he say .

But his laughter ln worry and grief deepen had soaked the Following .

“… Why ?”

Jimjit bluntly replied . Laughing tears will heulreul like .

My mother still smiles lost not less than gave answers .

” The husband syeoseoyo resemble .”

As at the end of what is the answer that you remember najil do .

” No . I’m dead . While the mission .”

I wanted to see my father’s face if I could . However, only one never face to face not him , me now sees handeul would you why .

But the mother gieoko father’s pictures showed .

As the photo Let , I like inertia horses pull Saturdays can just could not .

” And … the real you .”

” Yeah ? Really damatjyo ?”

Tears busy indeed heart explode just like .

So roughly anything they say was a babble .

” Yeah …… Naughty ‘s man . Me and only son to leave .”

Son , son , son .

Only two letters , my ears are those which the new all singing beautifully echoed .

” Not lively attend yot ! How I’m pretty . Youngteuk and , handsome , charming many …… my husband did exactly alike .”

Really , Really Well .

Mother laughed .

” Right ?”

However, the mother laugh it was the last .

Therefore , I had to leave .

” Time is already so …… Iman , need to go to that I think .”

I did not want to leave .

I go you die , tell wanted . But she also those already in fact, even know there was .

So now ran , me in the bushes hiding the live -spewing him to kill ripped do .

But why is should not that , I’m well aware there was .

However , and I want to say still left over only .

” Finally ,”

No longer say with tears suppose flow .

If so , let’s just pour it .

” The seconds Sorry ”

Tears shed confessed .

” I really , really … love you .”

So , I left my mother .

* * *

The day after to me the problem occurred .

Sleep ohjil did .

Undercoating much slept it because , Or heart in Goi containing your face and voice who between map forget not know is , that fear it because .

Anyway nasty insomnia discarded hanging , deep deep inside the bottom towards LOST and time spent . Leviathan is deep in the sea more there is growth groups faster , lonely even help can not been selected .

Back 10 two years flowed 1,999 two years have been .

Kwenghan eyes I need two days there for Lilia went .

50 years during the leaders of landscaping that has Lilia is too mild and were righteous afford another calmly and changes were .

“…… responsible person Ginny lot , Sejin ‘s in the words so doeeotneyo .”

Lily laughed at the horse .

But the people mannani schedule of partial free will regain able Putting .

” Boil here Merman thing going to come looking ?”

Without words , I handed two scales of Leviathan, which I had previously torn . Lilia took it and hung her head .

” This is … ah ?”

” Yes . The diary maybe it was written geda . One is you have a can again give me , the other one is 10 years after El to Las jugeora delivered .”

El Ras are two scales mediated the Eucharist the Leviathan in the Han River should summon it . And there, Kim Se-jin is a Leviathan varying abilities to get ‘ll .

” But , as a person so close in distance to coexist be that going ?”

“…… probably not be geda .”

The deterrent of the world is not a negligible kind .

‘ Like there ‘ it is ‘ some sort of reason ‘ in ‘ as the world ‘ in the present number , ” can “. Error before finding the error , not because laws .

However , such a presence close at a distance of each other, the presence , if confirmed , only a strong presence only survive will be .

” I do not . That ‘s the time I’m still the Leviathan is not gonna .”

However, the current Kim Se – jin does not become Levi – tan . So even the world that gap , the error notice not emitter .

” But , from the beginning the scales much tteuteoseo give not that going ? Growing would be growing .”

” Two dogs is limited . It also proper to term dugoseo two times . As more than absorbs , past me in the future , I abandoned the fairy tale than it be I ‘ll .”

” Ah …… I see . Sejin who in the words you ‘ll .”

” Yes .”

I am Good for satisfied smile smiled .


Campaign affection youngest articles seoim received the news propagation ride passed . Following the Goblin to help dead alive gimyurin the Ebon Knights inside the friction strife was accused , a senior Knight officially been promoted . In addition, Kim Se-jin is taken care of cheokcheok chuck moving ” Goblin line ” of the potion on furniture presented .

In the deep sea , only the senses of eyes and ears were developed extensively, so I saw and heard all the news . Leviathan is their even-aging film can be in existence because neulneunda was worried there was .

However, soon to come , that day , the waiting Knitted eyes not wait 20 years .

Many worries and the troubles of ttwari ranged .

Naturally , people will be able to stop them .

And if found stop even , my dear people, like old stay can that be .

The years spent pouring physical age ttajimyeon batori even funny , mental age , even racking cleaned the child only . She no matter the age of place so mature La ahnakne handeul , I back her love may wonder .

Deep the inside and LOST , such a thought quite long for a time was .

And then finally the ocean and what I am sure the sea you do not know the borders have been around , hardly withstand beogeowo to land emerged ran out .

Simple and small as shown headed .

Many people were . But senses are dramatically been improved it because , their every thought and emotions are ” was read .

Shake hands with the wrong people hands in prayer tree crushed it was . So long only the sea remained a force regulating Jean strange attributable .

If the articles if , not human if mana or characteristics to adjust to the way power adjustable may have been to .

But I am not .

This is the body itself , the human rather than the present because the force ……

So bear them teumbaguni in barge courage born did .

Finally back in the deep ocean contains escape , just ears and eyes only the world were contemplating .

Then one day .

The summoning spell my consciousness was told to dig .

The recall response eyes tteuni was the Han River .

Me away Kim Se-jin and campaign passions have gimyurin together when the restaurant was .

Blankly look at , suddenly the spirit noticed . This is why is should not .

Cough –

Soon the roar shouted my .

People screaming and yelling spreading ring , some just do not gimyurin is the restaurant windows said cracking seeds emerged ran .

She is in as expected gatabuta to the top of the head from the sword placed implants .

Her character , ‘ Purpose ‘ was felt .

It did not hurt at all .

Well past the gimyurin personality of Leviathan jamjaeul be had reasons , ” summoned Leviathan is the refurbishment the power to relieve ‘ the poor causal was not . Just her to attack , stun want the Leviathan ‘ party ‘ to the result that phenomenon beoleojyeoteul well .

The parietal beaten I am pleased was stunning , very long time , very short to danjam alcohol was .

So 10 minutes past the eyes tteuni , as darkness can call you mubang dark the navy me were welcomed .

This is a deep sea , a space that has been so frustrating in my life .

But I laugh burst .

Now really much left eunikka did .

This awful loneliness also , samuchin even nostalgia .

Now the end is how much left eunikka did .

· · · However .

This all is waiting for the end of the back , I have what I had to do .

* * *

The sound of the cracks greatly swaying .

The whole body was thrilled with joy .

Something extraneous invades the ocean .

The eyes stand open for optical devices did Saturday .

Now finally the eons in time is freed my time to look to you .

Of the heart quiver is the spine of crazy moments .

Eyelid up any scene Just as Consul emerged .

– I’ll go .

A long time ago , I was leaving the time axis .

You do Leaving , yitorok long time for a grueling loneliness hit the Secretary whether thou know .

But I then anything might hold , want to know not do without score I went away .

Since batori is as promised and humans together to guys to combat began .

However , from the passage sotguchin black slime it is eventually the soil through over again up went well . Finally on the ground right Peer him aloof presence dare mueora to molding can wonder . Disgusting sons ? No , rather, more scummy representation is needed .

Together indeed glad this road , there is still in the film wake up not less than one day was jisae .

The next day , mucus evaporated and one arm of existence was revealed .

Black skin , that in the reflected blue blood .

Being inspired by the freedom of the body, the hand wields . Tremendously to be no , and he was replaced and articles and of the army , more than half were collapsing .

However, there are those more thing that bees did .

There is at most provided with a food claim hand Throwing within , the floor mean absolutely debris eating the imbecility ahnigie .

That’s obvious ‘ arrogance ‘ was .

One more day passed . This time , the mucus was covering the right arm .

But it was again no motion to take no .

Mucus in the covered mug is , perhaps crafty smiles building dont .

But , this time I also like that the guy looked up dark smile is meogeumeot .

He’s his own arrogance and pride and the pride ourselves to ruin the drove that knew Will .

Finally , the next day .

A guy two legs freedom gained its time .

Ancient and was looking forward the dialogue box came up .


[ Leviathan has finished growing .]

[ Conditions complete – ‘ the eokgeop the years to patience , this weapon is easily Just as ‘;

[ Of changhae for , bahamuteu (Baham? T) to evolve .]

[ Condition completed – ‘ Gaia’s request ‘]

[ Skills [???] have been lifted its own power, ” Godhead ” to be upgraded .]


Now , that eokgeop of the years past at last .

Expedition ( 出征) the time approached it .

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