A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 169

Chapter 169

Vampire Life is normal in modern 2 -fold or higher . In addition, blood is more noble a life expectancy increasing , El , like Las altogether bulno and longevity that features vampires also exist . In that sense, Lilia did not want to believe that Kim Se-jin was a human .

“You are human and you have lived so long …?”

She is somewhat understood not going was the face . In fact, he alone had .

The same time that the shared thing the world live truly important yeoseo elements , the time the ark changed Kim Se-jin is a sudden he called the human consciousness and the ego loses eunikka was obvious .

“…… so long lived did not . In fact, that was waking time is 50 years am or so .”

I was tired of waiting . It was so brittle that I could not bear it .

Even the middle yen worst diseases ‘ Insomnia ‘ to also suffer hast …… whopping 2 years up to sleep, not like how deoraet did .

Then the surface recall now how far dyeotna dogs , truly marvelous and yet his is proud .

After all that , thanks to the Leviathan growth of 95% to achieved . Now 70 years only more over , complete the Eucharist to be able to be emitter .

” Lilia , ask want it itdanda .”

Knee kkuleun she looked down salput laughed . That light also acts she the body pathetic trembled . Only one single magic frantically strung beaten just been standing rises .

“What’s the answer ?”

” Yes , Yes . Anything coming I ask …….”

Wotdeon pointed to just before than infinitely softer voice answers . Original and Lilia similar yeoseo voice, Kim Se-jin is the puck was satisfactory .

” Have you , as a home to go back do you want ?”

Maybe it was a nonsense . Him while absently that Lilia has , within it neutered and shook his head .

” No . No . That Hell is now back can not ……”

” What if I could go back ?”

” Yes ?”

Frank words , now we want to over load and El Las prematurely if I sweep the crack as future fast open days there will be . Batori the end mattana 100 years jinaseoya opened ‘d been one .

However , a lot of selfish yigetjiman think , that if you later dear people meet not let be maps might . They ‘ Kim Se-jin , of the existence forget Map know .

What to 600 in the year close to the time waited , another wait did .

Only them again meet to eotdeonga not .

The past back to life guharyeoneun reason , ‘ because ( 利己) a for Ita ( 利他)’.

Tremendously to be without just that only .

Therefore , we will never act to mislead the future .

” What did you hear? ”

” More cases later ‘ll explain . First , I’m from the future, it came for Hyun Aya Lily .”

” A sudden strange …… coming , what , kkya !”

Long end to it without Leviathan forms taken . Lilia’s surprise – embarrassment – panic The three- stage change was pretty spectacular .

But one overlooked point , in recent years his petite so beoryeotdaneun blow it .

The river full fills even rateul hat inde around the cramped underwater caves make the art can eurya you . For the shape a sea monster is infinitely unaware huge jideoni , the cave ceiling and the floor abuts a goengyeon the vibrations produced .

” Ah !”

As soon as Lilia throws her giggle , she falls out . Sejin is hurriedly human form , but taken , the cave life is already exhausted seemed to greatly vibrate and buseuseu down flow was started .

” Also , they ran away …… kkyaah evil !”

Kuguugu Palace ! Within undersea cave clattering collapse .

Kim grabbed her screaming shoulder and used a momentary transition .

Eyes tteuni Nosferatu clan is staying place , the cliff was down .

” Coming ……”

Lilia is eyelid pareureu flicker around the eyes just closed there .

Sejin has her head stroking gives said .

” Now , where to stay haryeom . Load of snow to avoid it can have , inside the carved city jieodo fall, not as hadanda hard .”

Geujeseoya Lilia has an eye left , his on my lips emerged a soft smile soul out while watched .

” Come along .”

Sejin is one on the wall hand against the magic was cast . Magic is flowing in the path weeks Lulu look – Invigorating the pathway fly .

” Space is given in . Building is guys are more ‘ll better .”

Roughly 1 10 000 extent of the Nosferatu stay can be as long as a space released Kim Se-jin was instantly diary wide trying out , suddenly suspicious contains an Lilia glanced seen . Bemused as the face around the streets looked appearance to eorisuk mate I still have to believe so early would like .

“…… boil him before .”

His low voice densely rang .

” Me like to perform a little away jakkuna .”

” Yes ?”

Lilia The head was puzzled .

” That’s another what …… Hey , I go hell what what the situation even understand doegeodeunyo not . We met not a day out andoeeot ……”

Saying even ended before , Kim Se-jin is the transition moment were used .

Reversed landscape is now about mangmang above was uninhabited .

” Wow !”

” The nature Kill . The future you now as an unruly ah nyeoteo .”

” Unruly spells …… No , No . I’m a Nosferatu elect a leader to be a body, so time wasting when you can not , more than For what we really met if the day only andwaet …… kkyaak ! ”

Sejin shot an air wave without words . The waves pushed into the sea missing Lilia is around for struggling shouted .

” Me , me swim not just mean ! Help me !”

” Kkeolkkeol . Care ohgeora up .”

Eopu – eopu – mouth is watering out spitting hands and feet are vigorously the muljanggu beating , Lilia is kkoreuk kkoreuk sinking was .

” Help me ! Help me !”

” Do not be . It is the training part ……”

” I beg you to save me , you bastard !


Now angry that laws have forgotten give thought , Kim Se-jin is , I involuntarily a molar asked kkwakkkae .

* * *

Occasional to Earth that has two weeks Nosferatu clan as a base to guide for the city of drinks passed to the exception , Kim Se-jin and Lilia is a half years, a little more than the time together on a desert island and stayed .

Meanwhile indeed many rehabilitation (?) This training took place . Magic and swim teach , the food of the importance gave remind , in the future were the things by giving heard of Lilia struggled with mental modifications .

As a result Lilia is the future we saw that the weak party laid a character , albeit similarly equipped was .

And this in about dwaetdago thought Kim Se-jin is just 200 two days are the day to say goodbye handed .

” Do not go now .”

” Yes ?”

” Why , do not go ?”

” Oh , no !”

In the meantime quite that harsh Is it because , Lilia is joy and sorrow between the face looked up eagerly nodded . Of course, the joy one is even bigger .

Kim Se-jin is on my lips a smile laden holding said .

” Yes . Now you’re looking at did Marge is free . However, said , Have you even load the bases Knowing just as magical message , let me tell .”

” Yeah …… Yes ? So that’s why ……?”

” It should be two days itdanda .”

Lord said he lost the treasure that controls the vampire instinct . But damn aging caused by fierce dementia not do over , so rare a gwimul just lost re not . At least someone has stolen is something rather than words are . And the thief who steals it is probably saying … what do you do .

” Yes . I know .”

Lilia is just a Kim Se-jin quickly sends want in hopes replied .

” And ,”

Perfect !

” Ahh .”

That attitude is resent to the ttakbam one time who beat Kim Se-jin is , yibeoneya words diary netda off . Lilia is meolttung meolttung one eye it will look more narrowly doemuleotda .

“· · · Is this ?”

” In the past, I have less in the future the group . Other for the clan that prophecy mungttunggeuryeoseo haneunge explain better geya . The more well ‘ll believe it .”

” Ah , so this future happen is things ……”

” Yes . The report in the form and adapted also loaded coy peek jugeora passed .”

Lilia is a diary hwek snatched line dajjagojja Rather wet opening haetgie , Kim Se-jin was scuttled her hands chaetda hold .

” Great !”

And I’m not as open – called unspoken pressures contained in the eyes look stare .

Lilia has its meaning and understanding put his head kkeutteok lines and diary products in were captured .

” Yeah . Well , Omar went . Later let . The late before a one degree further Omar found .”

Flashing ! Kim Se-jin is the blue light is gone away .

Alone remaining Lilia is head around for looked a son-in-law closely salpin until the diary Opened .


The Lilia stand to see three of years two hours aimlessly passed .

At this point, as the existence of Lee gradually spread to the people , Lily finally grasped the position of Rod . Loads United Kingdom , London Underground was .

Kim Se-jin, who received the coordinates , arrived at the place where the road was occupied by using the momentary transition .

At home just passed atmospheres weakened that loaded the sleeping potion by raising the drinking straight deep sleep picked out , Kim Se-jin is harimanchi impractical easily load the treasure deprive can there .

A noble bloodstone that shines red , ear bloodstone ( 鬼 血 石).

What they use is , but do not know , Anyway vampire to load the generations passed down coming down the noble went solid .

Kwah !

Kim Se – jin broke it without hesitation .

From the people to rule for tools , no matter it is a rarity , even if not there should be shall .


The time continues flowed .

Mana concentrations from day to day becomes darker anomalies occur and , of Lee Kye-in immigration to the draping becomes revealed district is a big confusion and transformation at the same time suffered .

Monster is a case of haunting it to solve for ‘ articles ‘ and ‘ Wizard ‘ that occupations are newly arisen . The world ‘s first matap and the Knights of the United States was founded , this be outdone behind the world in countries Templars and the matap organized .

In its transition into , the sahoesang not adapt unable Lee Kye-in to multiple crimes caused .

The riots of Mine, which are not known at the end , and the disappearances of the suspected vampires .

Those crimes to solve for this time ‘ mercenaries ‘ of the occupational groups arose .

1990 years , it bear not the world countries are negotiated under the priority of mine against ‘ cheoksal command ” to fell . Thousands of millions have been shot dead without the opportunity of edification .

Back to five two years passed , now eyes a distant anger spear is now a vampire aimed . Verge ” of a vampire war ” is beginning to .

So the world is me and we used to know as the future went by .

And , one of the autumn days of 2010 .

I came to a city ​​in Gangwon Province .

Must Meet wanted the people to reunite is intended .

Meanwhile Meet wanted a lot has been put up . Have you gotten what saenggilkka distance to watch it not failed .

Maybe this time to meet is not whether know . This meeting is what the butterfly effect and cause if you do not know it …….

But I have one kinds to lead Hope walked .

My mother died when on the verge of , obviously some strange men and the conversation he shared was .

But El Lars and his mother a conversation share the need there was . Mother killed and naseoneun to batori allegedly turning to bother the batori to the pattern that had let inde guys , deliberately to back kkongmuni caught do not never gonna .

Remember in the imprinted Day , Mother’s date immediately before the day , with the shop had gone that when remember .

I came to the bridge where I last greeted my mother .

Soon , if the mother was younger enemy out with ‘d come .

And yet, little me wash can not hurt ‘d hug upon .

” Ah ….”

Old French cry any degree sterile line, I thought , but I think even the tears flowed .

My heart is getting tense now that I can hear my blurred faces and voices again .

But tight bite tears swallowed .

It was then .

Me away from bright smile build cap ( 母子) is shown . Another too resemble those on the look , it strives hold true, who had tears like a waterfall flowed . The leg strength released sit hesitate fell . It was a mental sense of urgency that I felt for the first time in my life .

” Sejin Oh , Mom . Wait a company danyeowaya to …….”

I heard a clear voice . That moment strive truly sikideon heart again fell apart . Neck Mare bear to say you can not , bent his knees hardly cause build could could .

” We Sejin is alone fit can not ?”

Mother to two days , saying me first to return .

So now soon the child alone in the house ‘d go back .

And my mother will leave me forever .

” Yes !”

In the meantime , the child vigorously answered and ran toward the house .

The mother of a child behind in vain looked .

I wiped the tears as I watched the scene . This is surely the last opportunities to be because , anyway be stopped is not .

I put the ground with both hands . Force force stood up . Tears covered in a face wipe , neurit neurit walked .

So seeing ancient times was , you toward .

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