A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 168

Chapter 168

Non- unloaded that gun Easy was one . Waiting in the spread of water vapor pull together the thunder do form , just the next day the rain fell .

” Oh , there you are !”

Jureuk jureuk jangdaebi the pouring gray sky down , to shade the rain naemyeo shed the inn we entered example house are amazing as the face was welcomed .

” You , the receiver ‘s the Amsterdam !”

Gaejung me the first horse walked a man particularly unusual reaction showed . He typically fight came in the next seat was occupied .

” Haha . Mastermind , soup a bowl address .”

First of soup a bowl was . The man asked with his face that he was curious to die .

” I gonna not ?”

” Just to sinryeongnim present to ask just that .”

The two eyes of a man flutter .

” And sinryeongnim dialogue divided that five words ?”

” Well , similar .”

” It sucks insane !”

Kkeolkkeol smiled sideopjaneun dialogue to share there ordered soup a table top came up .

Indeed than the last two times the rich was sheep .

” Oh , it’ll be delicious .”

” I next towns also drought sidalrineunde , ever When will the rain or rilji know can cow could ?”

I laughed at the man ‘s question, putting rice in his mouth .

” Maybe two days after all will .”

” Two days dwira …… Oh , indeed . The tongseongmyeong squeezes not . I called Ishikawa Town Hao . You can ……”

“My sister ~ I should have brought ingredients ~”

Then A Fresh Girl and resonant voice in his ear sliced switch . Glance looked aetdoen was a girl . The man in the eye has noticed , the Sneaky smile to his side prickly stabbed .

” Seeing eye ‘s the Amsterdam . We towns leading belonged beauty . Age is still young, long , but when jeojjeum marriageable age also fully chatji .”


The best there than beauty … the threshold is too high what in plain Very little better all around . Age injira era but geureongeo .

I prey laughed his head shook .

” I’m keepers are .”

” Sao is also not eotneunde framework ?”

“…… large . Home Returning framework will .”

” SiO ? Only ahswipgu . Heomheom . Hey mastermind , I’m here, this house haves same soup a bowl address .”

However mastermind is my half of the level of a soup stand to bring the man had bruises . It was a word to pay back from the foreign price .

I looked at them with a smile and I felt strange eyes .

Head dolrini just entered ” towns best Beauty ‘ is the here and stare staring there .

” Suck !”

Snow Gardenia facing shy seemed hurriedly head turn .

But soon it slips eyeballs rolled the squint is , yet again, the eye unit encountered .

“…! Uh , my sister me twenty Could getdeu go .”

Eventually she left the house as if she was running away .

” Huh .”

Hmm . Definitely my looks for value is the all time ‘re alike that .

Useless pride hair swept handed .

But towns people than looks somehow the rain was predicted to wear more interested in it seemed .

What just not many residents in the inn came flocking .

Geusae rumors whether putting heolrebeoltteok other ‘s cities some people came . They are all ‘ non ‘ in respect asked .

“…… That side is probably three days after the fall will be like .”

” We , our cities are Would you like De ?!”

” Do not worry now because you ‘ll be off soon .”

That day, after the sudden the spirit spokesman for the landscaping and the time spent .

A naive people with stay had to atmospheres puck was fun .

So in cities repose saw me, he adores the ahnakne also some looks .

In the village the most beautiful, the girl also that in included but , as a cleaning together, and snow in higher elevated atmospheres … a day of wandering that roving visitors to excuse all declined .

And this week past , back to sleep take you two hours came .

” Now go Oh it ?”

” Yes . 3 months after the re ‘ll find five .”

“3 as months …… unfortunately sucks Fused . You have dont say through was a partner . This way local people are too high naive .”

” Haha . I rather so that was good . Ishikawa Town Ong .”

Nod to nod it was .

” I visibility . Also come .”

Men , of Ishi town courteous goodbye , etc. Back leaving suddenly affection all the towns left .


Sunlight swallow up deep sea in your eyes shine . Already three two months last will .

The first, an info window, looked to turn . Leviathan’s growth is at best point was only .

A sigh filled with disappointment comes out by itself . Together that the breath fierce undersea storms occurred sleep up was dense . Surprise surprise hurriedly waterway grasping the human form taken .

To land up the stretch turn , to stretch hagoseo back then in the cities he visited .

TT 3 two months After only ppunyiji , me adore handadeon girl is different with someone making a living charin had been left . My husband was a well- known farmer who was steadfast in his old age . Somehow knowing that I face but her , I smiled and gave congratulations .

Ishihara town is glad, and me, was welcomed . I did not ask for rain this time . But the harvest help can neunyago could have asked . Willingly it gave example . At least I had the confidence to work better than cows .

But at first , I was quite tired . Rather than force the technology important yieotgie work .

But the goblin handy whether due to rapidly grow , three days After , when the ground leading the farmers are all of the cities to work domatahseo was awesome .

So the harvest lend a hand saw 1 week are indeed like a fleeting flow , back to sleep, listen to the time came .

This time, than more unfortunate farewell handing the sea back .

That is, since a full 3 months , the seasons change , when each of the cities visited .

Residents me glad and gave welcomed , in cities is always a fun two days took place .

It was a simple life that I liked a lot .

But I and their time are different , and as time has passed, sad things have become frequent .

Three years later , Lee Seo Eup, who gave me the first word , died of tuberculosis .

Two years later his wife died .

1 years after often on his way in the inn mastermind is on bottle hanging lingering anxiety suffered . Naturally, the main gate closed the door .

They have 6 years , I have 3 the moon a little more than it was one .

Geujjeum two hours heureuni now with them together to match it became impossible . All grow old do me suspiciously . This will . Some of me in spirit was treated , it handled the demons that even the author was .

So that the towns completely to leave had .

Since the one in cities not stay without aimlessly was wandering .

Flowers several times, the defendant was , the rainy season is a couple of times a world syeoteumyeo ever , eyes a couple of times a Granite settled water .

A time to flow that a business had three , all the things contemplated and gatda alive .

I met Dasan Jeong Yak-Yong in a coincidental opportunity .

He really listened , as the Son of the face shown .

The politics of the siege began to drive the country into a defeat . Carry no cities each cities generous this Absolutely becomes yabak , the vagrant customer to storm FIG oxidative was increased .

The Gojong to the throne ohreuja Gojong of Daewongun the yihaeung was ruling .

He is the consort kin seized and , the political seclusion Spreading the utmost momentum ups began .

But his ambition has not lasted long .

The Ganghwa Island in the waters Name not know the USS one the chuck approached .

‘ Lucky Yoho ( Baiyun楊號) ” was .

At best one in the fleet with humiliating been devastated Joseon ‘ Ganghwa Treaty , the bore .

The gapsinnyeon radical the coup took place . But wotdeon a breath youths snow while also dissolve before the lives lost or the escape was .

The peasant movement dynamics and frustrated , eulsa neukyak is being publicized spectacle watched .

3 Mon 1 days , the country has lost people’s one and bitterness are like ripples spreading the saw .

I have seen young people in the country that were abused by the greed of imperialism .

Yet the sun of tomorrow rose and time still passed .

1440 the year reached not exactly 500 for years two hours past today , a free 5 -year ahead 1940 years 8 Mon 15 a day .

” Sake … because .”

Rigid of the roadside it is you recently emerging like Western-style pubs were . I did not drink the spirit for 100 years . Instant interesting is the East , then towards the footsteps moved .

Jingle –

I opened the door and the bell rang . In the bar quite a lot of people were , big keys and profoundly cultivated beard is also something that ‘s more than look . Danbake gaze was focused .

Roughly Fedora carefully written press bar side sit fine spirits were . Quietly and sip there , suddenly a little long in the seat beside that one man on the snow came .

Olgotge straight stretches eyebrows and strengthen the bitten lips , and that the distance overlooking seem Shaped by eyes .

Only the outer somewhere overwhelmed man but jeongjak the one that There is seotureum was yeokryeok .

Bags in dimly coming out of gunpowder and perfume , stretching the clock , and confirm that anxious look .

He must have been a man before taking his position .

The staff told him the most expensive liquor was passed .

At first , he embarrassed yieoteuna countenance , usually at this view and the head nod bow .

I therefore cease not to say walked .

” What’s your name ?”

The man in the Korean bewilderment seemed the body flinch , but trembled , within eotda give the answer .

” As yuhyeongjin Hao .”

Yuhyeongjin , yuhyeongjin …… Johnny gopssip , something you least once heard enemy that would like a name .

Head gyawoottung and asked .

” Have you a son are you ?”

The man was worried and answered .

“…… itso .”

” May I ask your name ? ”

” Suddenly, Wen son of the name How Soi ask .”

” Would not it be worth a drink ?”

He janeun tamtak to face he said .

” · · · · The Jewish people .”

The flash of light flashes at the moment .

Judaism .

Define campaign grandfather Interest , Dawn founder .

And , yujeonghyeok . Father of Judea . He as an independent activist liberation 5 years ago, a bomb terrorism held to five years of prison at the end of the new the year saw not a life to finish .

Perhaps dawn of the society to the righteous that different ‘ yuhyeongjin the ‘ reckons .

” Then what prompted you Who are you ?”

He asked with suspicious eyes . In his belt, his hand better go get , pistols even attempted at home , but I want to .

” You as a person .”

So saying , goods in saet yellow lumps netda off . Currency flows hassle with and the spot currency often have I attended , this occurs when a letter just I hope .

Tangjin said that he did not know the spirit .

“The same person …?”

” I have come to you deliberately .”

” Deliberately me ?”

” Yes . My test and pay by the close family if hungry it’s What does good . Take the child to education spend .”

I handed four 500 grams of gold . Yujeonghyeok of snow in dismay heard the water .

” Golden . Who say even golden . Sijiyo take it .”

” This , why do not you tell me this …”

” Janseupnikka said . Called education .”

Hyeokyi well spit gulp swallow . But there was no greed in his eyes . But there was only the desperation to think about the family to leave .

” What do you , go take that you do .”

Again, let’s say he hesitated hesitated, while the gold hands stretched .

” Dah !”

His hand on gold touched when , roughly grasped grabs .

” Never you need to write should be . The group even if you designed , exclusively for families to spend .”

This is something that must be a business fund of the Jewish future in the future .

Yujeonghyeok has me bemused eyes look at , soon to head nodded .

” Okay .”


Surprising the figures standing meeting , staying No. Gorontalo back .

I poured the imported liquor into the cup and sat on the table and spread a diary .

Each time you miss , I’m me, forget it like every time I saw stretched diary . Oils are more caught , tear marks also are sharp .

” Indeed a lot of waiting ……”

500 in the year close to two years past , now finally the Lilia meet to this day is coming .

Seal is five years after liberation .

Lilia is best initially sought places electrolytic lift know it .

Pounding – Pounding –

For a long time , my heart ran .

* * * *

Finally , five years passed in the poverty of the coming of the liberation , and the tearing .

And today is the 1950 years 6 Mon 20 days , 6.25 of the war to the outbreak 5 days ago .

I Lilia have pre gave me the Gangwon undersea caves the footsteps moved . She ‘s Nosferatu as a leader , the first passage and crossed the residence and navigation had made .

And it looked too . Struggling to put again the head gyawoottung and the caves look around , such as curved elderly silhouettes . Me the Robe Peeling back the woman to look sun will shine back .

She’s such back quietly approached the shoulder Messenger tapped .

” Goodbye .”

” Woah ! Gracehobiack!”

The moment her a robe heumul heumul melting , Lilia is something passionate in abusive cried my back and fell into myself .


I was embarrassed for a while . Was the original character of Lilia …? The face is definitely Lilia …

Then I think they know moreuneunji , face punish put forward , she continues to rage did Saturday .

“stpem Fabohac racehobiack!”

“… in Korean to .”


” A Korean me to .”

Geujeseoya horses know they seemed Lilia is take a deep breath once hagoseo .

” Fuck , who are you sick ?”

I have a moment to say lost .

But age is heoturu ate it not . Sudden even one not panic, but then why do inference can be as much grown .

Yes . 70 years is around two women , perfect blood hearty thou .

I do not think that tenacity will change in ten years . Then myeoneseon these dynamics also changed sufficiently is likely .

” Lags ! Lags behind !”

The heart also gadadeumgi ago , Lilia is a nail aggressively wield .

But lightly to avoid standing hands straight stretches her a mogaji was grab .

It therefrom 5 bun back .

” I’m sorry ….”

She nuntaeng this is swollen while on the floor, the knee should bow was .

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