A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 167

Chapter 167

” 1 the moon ? Or the two the moon ?”

Last night , cleaning is that within the bosom around for kkomul asks . But how much of two hours to take not sure you can eopgie anything even answer that will be was not .

” Then three months ?”

This cleaning is more earlier a little more smaller voice asked .

” Well …. ”

” Four months ?”

This time it is almost whispering level . Sejin will strive smiled her on the forehead mouth was fit .

” As much as possible as soon as I’ll . Now tomorrow , bother not as if all could have .”

” Lie .”

” Really .”

It is confirmed not do am the future as long as the possibility is always open that law . Seolpit smiled and let’s say , geujeseoya cleaning is a little relaxed smile was built .

” Well , I Homes holding wedding invitations Turning manifest ?”

“…… Yeah . And prepare it .”

So the answer, and the cleaning is in the bosom embraced . Her tiny body felt even lighter today . Suddenly the tears flow would like but , found endured .

But some just do not calm the sobs of my ears heard digging . Washing was the cry of .

Toadak Toddak –

But now I gon be that And all going to her like tapping that will ‘m taking the Following .

Today at night , a little slower if flowed to .


East dawn before the bluish dawn , the diary by angry spirit body body based capture while underground visited the passageway .

TT Day After ppuninde , that hell is speechless very befitting the spectacle unfolds there .

Earnest, out popped started snakes and one of the clamping bars madeul , and mucus in the lurching of unknown biological …… there batori is himself a struggle and there was .

” Already the world many chicks passage ‘m derived .”

To squint at this glance looked she the guys cried Immortal said .

” Cub passage of half the other and the world resulted in a small passage to be savor , the remaining half of the monster comes pouring the gates of hell away is .”

She is now the deadline is that the end of a little stretching you only .

Without answering the passage toward walked .

What you need to do is simple .

Soaring from the bottom to reflux strange beings , and in them by tight blockage like this passage the genus , hejipgo only listen to jump to .

Simple but imagined than the courage required because one even drinking shall drink – to feel heard .

” Hey , are you listening ?”

Batori of voice only looked briefly had stumbled .

” Uh .”

” Real as planned, you ‘re thinking ? If you are , even if successful destruction is unchanged because . The passage , closing , is the world’s remaining the remnants to be processed can not . And if you failed it say just one gaejukeum merely ”

“…… Bugger do , only one asked . Batori . You and your limbs are two down do not jump into beggars ?”

This passage ln the past , or the other world , a dimension toward the door there . There if I in the past going as batori also home to return may have been emitter .


Batori will last until the end of worry seemed lips gently asked sesame . But that struggle end came words , the puck has mind lifting was prestigious .

” It ‘ll stay here .”

” Ow .”

My smile is like not like not seemed , she eyes narrowed standing open , said .

“…… Yes persuaded because the absolute not . The guys picked swallowed hometown is the hometown ‘ll not .”

“It’s a good choice .”

Batori also to cooperate haeteuni , now taking cases no . Be tremendous will also not . Therefore, there is no reason to hesitate .

I immediately took a wolf form . And gazes beyond the pathway .

Passages like exploding as something continually put my spit was . Human is also a flesh similar to , alone, lurching even with microorganisms similar to , live for something .

The gore scene was also acting and afraid .

But I had to give up my courage .

” I have to survive ,” just have to now that one .

“I’ll go .”

Count also something need not be .

As time goes by , I only eat my guts .

Only a single shallow leap , I pathway Down plunged .

” Well , I , I ! Wait ……”

Such as the back of batori Nolan ‘s voice was heard .

But soon all the sound was gone, and I fell into a gap of nausea without any color .


Mulkeong one of mucus discomfort is also the first time only to be well , two hours Over no feeling there was . It seemed as if all the senses were extinguished .

I rolled my eyes .

I heard that the crack was originally the scenery of the great nature , but the whole son-in-law is a little black . Spotty shining stars also much just because the darkness getting eaten Catch Manda .

It is a landscape resembling the universe .

Ah , even cosmic in nature that contains Was going ?

My mind became blurry and my mind became blurred .

Breath , resting in what , I’m moving Guernsey , living Guernsey or dead what the gauge is not did .

To play the mighty are turbid stream me, it tipped over , and over rose chimileo .

Black turbid stream into the hidden of guys pulse showing the angwang felt .

Those guys thanks to me here on purpose suddenly emerged .

They have been the way back , so go , turbid stream of the traveling direction to the other side of the bow was fixed .

So two hours flowing again flowed .

Sun Is minutes , a wonder of time , Is the day , you wonder months , it or one wonder years .

Bizarre experience in the reason is dull disturbed again come back not only seemed .

‘ That …’

Some just do not , or quite a long two hours passed , me away like a black hole caused huge gaps appearance revealed .

As a black hole again kkulreong and strange beings tohaenaego there .

Suddenly eyes flashing was floating . It was instinct .

Nogon and had a weak body in a lively round head hot the mitt .

That changes noticed does , in a black hole coming out , there are a path to leave me stuck . Expected out of the cold yet sick .

So it turned to Penel .

[ Take the penil form ! Forward 12 during the time of sinsal Wolf , a penril ……]

At the moment the eye level changed and the vision became very clear .

My waist Dunn okjoe Mark bullion than the dust had decreases .

Even a black hole , like just a little bit larger , like cotton candy I felt .

So I literally swallowed up .

The black hole collapsed like a sketch and sucked into my mouth .

[ Afford to be without the presence in the body long Dame …….]

This figure should be yieotdamyeon day , it tremendous will no solved .

However, there are many people who have already left the earth . The batori help the guys processing to back back to climb .

‘ I feel a little sick …’

But the body did not move .

Indigestion . Or dying gonna .

Without any movement , I thought the emptiness was rich . Ever receding who refused 1 kinds of possibility in mind seuchyeotda .

Have you ever , in the future , I die missing something Maybe .

It seemed like something , and I was so persuaded that I stopped the voyage .

Now my body wraps cold and also hot for stars to feel , inside kkulreong This is yalgut are all the ones with the characters disappear .

Memories are then flashed .

Kid ever Mother’s hand holding a house on his way back to the scene …… together from him 15 years while the memory is not .

It is obvious in some way . The properties occur before , it exists even without yes died also , not like ghosting eunikka lived, but the last 5 year memory too is clear .

Gimyurin the meeting , the Hazel Lynn met , the cleaning is met , the gimyu hands meet , the main jihyeok meet meet …… meeting with a fate jeomcheoldoen , So sharpen bitnatdeon life .

Geujeseoya objectives and the decision of conscious sleep over was suspended .

Clear to the cleaning go back promise haeteuni where the stop should be .

And above all , still I need two days one more not Is . What Whether one success make ” post-processing ” the must surely be .

Hair than ever before violently turned .

Whereabouts are you myoyeon future or .

La-dimensional predator called , batori even to enemies can not exist .

And finally , the legendary monster ” Leviathan ” is the Eucharist which is to take time .

As in , the answers found

Who had a sense of the eye tteuni me away dim light showed .

I am that the side towards the interference of the forces devoted to baljanggu struck .

” Woo-hoo !”

The nausea was . That far into the past toward a passage there , the world is a gap , deterrence is me and coercion .

To withstand for this tight bite the Leviathan was .

[ Skills ‘ superlative resistance , the works . I refuse provision and restraint of the world for a moment .]

Only dialogue box that came up floating well , the joints twisted body is burning just like .

Nevertheless, I did not give up .

I continued to run out of space toward that color .

All scales Get lost and snow away from the world into darkness until muldeulgo finally , finally .

I have chanyeon sun light touches can be had .

* * *

Eyes shine .

The first sight to see was the bright sun and the lush greenery . For five minutes I stood up blankly , grasping the reality , I hurriedly raised my body .

Am I a human being ?

It is human .

Is the info window on ?

It turns on .

” Huh ….”

A sigh of relief comes out by itself .

So the ego to stand holding the surrounding landscape verify afford occurred .


But I lost a moment .

There were no high-rise buildings . There was no road . There were no modern buildings .

Instead , there was a smell of stonewalling houses and thatched houses , fort and towers , wagons and cattle .

So , now, look the scenery is perfect ‘ Shipbuilding ‘ was .

” · · · · · · · There was a reason why I did not write in the diary .

I try to sing my own words .

It is hard to even gauge what year . Leviathan as an adult to grow by 500 ~ 600 years much needed ‘d haeteuni thought , estimated to hold 550 years that the former consider .

Then one time well when half nyeonssik sleeping even 1000 days close to be awake ‘m .

” Hmm .”

Keep Hmm . Hmm . Hmm . The crotch popped out .

Again once properly consider .

500 is in still Leviathan the Eucharist to be able to be it . Eucharistic if Leviathan , batori have said ‘ dimension predators ” that guys addition to the relative number of dont .

I was ready to wait anyway . Than expected a lot more for a long time to wait but .

Suddenly his head contains a low distant places looked .

A bismuth sea sunshine accept a gem finely hanging rolling was .

That officer is sure of the East Sea . It means that the bed is over there .

“· · · · · · Wait for something .”

Let’s wait a little .

Endured endured another lasting look , suddenly affordable two years is dont .

* * * *

Leviathan is a once asleep 3 months for about high asleep , a time wakes up a week is enough stay awake was . Most of the time the Sea of Japan from the bottom and fall asleep , awake , the time of the Joseon visited .

As a result Hunminjeongeum is that cangjie a historic moment , a disturbance distressing , the Horan humiliation …… that all the things with the naked eye view can be had .

The outward by being trampled Granite and , in modern times have imagined to be without the absurd suffering of the people watching several times a fist full whether rats know .

But even if it did not happen, things that were going to turn back to history were not punished .

I affected need to work with some limited iteunikka .

So wait in two hours passed .

1 years of waking up in time TT 3 in week , but just , but the remaining two years too frequently .

It was hard to keep sane .

Sometimes the longing have as rose tea .

Sometimes sexual desire problems were .

Sometimes hardly stand can not anger was tight .

Day, the day bittersweet , it has been two months supernatant is afraid .

So sometimes I went down to the village where people live .

Curiously some pronunciation and words only fictitious differences might as well , the conversation smoothly you could .

” Lord , give me a bowl of rice .”

I suddenly missed the curb and found the cast . 188cm about that weighed the top of my lungs orders do around the eyes were focused . Blankly food waiting there , me curious bodeon look in his eyes was the man said .

” Backbone is truly sucks you like a pole .”

” Haha . Thank you .”

“Are you in college ?”

” Not . Just plain the people .”

” Hmm .”

A man holding overgrown beard was patting his head nodded .

At that time, ordered rice soup came out .

I have that little in the pot containing infinitely small amount blankly than prey laughed .

” But nowadays people the situation is more one Fak see ?”

” Otherwise . Nowadays sinryeongnim the furnace did the Tong rain not make aneuni .”

” Bee ?”

” Yes . More usually much drought is prolonged , so , worry Sr. worried .”

Man anxious to face a sigh comfortably rest within .

Then I looked colonized laughed .

” Rain …… Non , non malyijiyo . Rain likely today to make going .”

“… Moora ?”

His head was puzzled man soon to ridicule the mouth Roasting band doemuleotda .

” Have you , shaman Io ?”

” Well , like you .”

” Huh .”

The man laughed . But this time, the man was not alone . Everyone in the main room laughed .

“It’s a funny person .”

” Handsome thing works fine with Wen ……”

The people who rush into each other a word .

” Haha , one place I can see .”

But I’m just a dark smile build was only .

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